GIVE ME UNCTION - By Marlene Roessiger

Marlene Henrique Roessiger · Thursday, May 5, 2016
GIVE ME UNCTION, By Marlene Roessiger (May 5th, 2016, 2:00 a.m. I can't sleep... He wants to talk...)
“But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” 1 John 2:20
You can pray in tongues, stir yourself in the Holy Ghost, pray under the anointing, preach under the anointing, you can camp under the glory cloud, but there still something greater than that: The Unction.
I long for the days when we won't preach, pray, sing or minister under anything but we will be totally overtaken by the Holy Spirit. It is no longer us being "under" anything but being "overtaken" by Him! That is called UNCTION.
You don't plan on what you going to say or do, you can't even write about it...The unction of the Holy Spirit is manifested when nobody is expecting. We, humans, have no control at all over it because we are controlled by it! On the contrary of the anointing, you can't put demand on it!When It pleases Him, suddenly, something arises from the depth of your spirit. It is not you praying any longer. It is not you declaring prophetic word any longer. It is not you preaching any longer.
Unction is not a felling, at all. It is something totally besides yourself. It is totally detached to your own personality or calling. It is the eagerness of the Holy Spirit in doing something, it is the fervent urgency of the hour in doing something now, not later.
There is no greater moment than when you experience death and the Holy Spirit takes over you! You are taking up in the Spirit and you only know it when it is over. Sometimes, it may last a minute or two, or half hour. It comes and it goes. It may come when nobody is around you. It may be the most "powerful" thing that could have ever happened to you and nobody saw it, nobody heard it. Prayers filled with unction have been said in the secret. The best preaching in the dark. The most beautiful songs sang without sound.
You can never fit the " manifestation " of the unction in your revival agenda or your Sunday Service Schedule. It is unpredictable!O how we need the unction of the Holy Spirit! Many are anointed and carry the oil, but only a few carry the unction...This is the highest level of spirituality: when He wins you completely and you totally disappears.
O why don't You come and overtake us all? We won't resist. Come to conquer and subdue us! We are bond servants to Your will. We don't need to know from where you are coming and to where you are going. We don't need to know how or when. We give up. Just take over! Come and possess us. O how we need Your unction, Holy One!
By Marlene Roessiger

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