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Forget The Past Revival - By Marlene Roessiger

Marlene Henrique Roessiger · Friday, April 15, 2016
"Forget the revival from the past. Forget the revival from the book of Acts. Keep your eyes on my Spirit or you will miss it."
God clearly told me that we, for so long, have been focusing on the HOW. For example, when people think about revival they think: UNITY! We all need to be TOGETHER! One mind, one spirit, one accord! Has God commanded us to do so? No. The only thing He said was:
STAY IN JERUSALEM until YOU HAVE RECEIVED POWER FROM ON HIGH! He never told them: Go to this PLACE. Be this WAY. Make sure you gather all of them. Make sure you are all in one spirit. He just said: STAY IN JERUSALEM until...
The word UNTIL requires obedience...just wait on the PROMISE! Keep your eyes on the promise! It happened that way that they were in ONE place! And with ONE accord! It is such spiritual pride to think that the Holy Spirit will be poured out if we DO THIS, if we ARE at this certain PLACE! It is not about HOW, it is not about WHEN, it is not about WHERE! It is about HIS PROMISE!
God showed me that the next revival is NOT going to be like it was before! Our religious mindset has kept us stuck on the upper room experience! This is HOW it is going to happen! And God is crashing, breaking, smashing this religious box that we put the Holy Spirit in. So guess what? I 100% believe that there is no next move of God! He is already moving!
We have our eyes on the corporate revival of the nineteen hundreds or even of the Book of Acts and don't be surprised: God is doing a new thing! No man can schedule the "suddenly's" of God! If you think God will do the same thing and in the same way He did in the past, you are DEAD wrong!
The promise already came, and it is already here! Now, it is up to us to believe and let it out! I believe on that cross Jesus released everything on this World! The water that came out of His side, HIS SPIRIT BEING POURED ON THE SOIL, THE EARTH! And He said: IT IS FINISHED! He fulfilled on that cross ALL PROPHECIES and DID ALL THAT HE PROMISED!
Was Peter wrong when He said: " THIS IS THAT?" Is THAT what already came and we are still praying for it? Think about it.
We are missing out big time still looking for something that has been here already, but we have not recognized it. We have not seen it because we are blind due to our CARNAL MINDSET!
Another thing God showed me: WHY TONGUES OF FIRE? Because today like never before we are seeing PREACHERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ALL OVER THE LAND! God is bringing back THE TRUTH and the Truth and the SPIRIT can not walk separately! So, there is no true revival without the TRUTH of the Word. Now, how can you receive tongues of fire over your head if we are people that are fighting the Truth?
The Holy Spirit has already been released thousands of years ago! But what we are all expecting will NOT be manifested through the prayer movement or through the worship movement but through people that OBEY HIM, He is the One behind the voice of the PREACHERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! Sons and daughters will have dreams, will PROPHECY, all flesh will be CONSUMED by it! The Holy Spirit has been manifested in Himself back then and He has never stopped but we are still seeking for the dove to show up at our meetings. It has to COME when, where, and how we want.
What I see then? I see individuals being consumed by the tongues of fire (that are already here). Remnants! People, individuals from everywhere, every nation and tribe, being consumed by someone that has been here since the beginning. This sweet Holy Cute Spirit in the form of a gentle dove is the most deceitful picture of Him! All the mainstream churches like to represent it as a dove but they ignore it as a TONGUE OF FIRE!!!! Is it not interesting?
Brethren, keep your eyes on the promise: THE PROMISE IS HIM! He is already here. May God bring awareness for those who are hungry and thristy! The promise is for you and for those to come...Stay away from methods, manmade agendas, from the HOWS, from the NOWS...He is not going to do them, He is already doing it...but we are not seeing because we have our eyes on what our leaders are telling us to look at!
All that we have seen so far in our days is just few drops...and to call that revival is like spitting on Jesus's face...His blood was the price for us to have it ALL...If you really want to see a revival read the Book of Acts...THE WORD, THE TRUTH, TONGUES OF FIRE turning the city upside down in one day, through ONE MESSAGE...through simple men...
All they did was to OBEY...Obey God's Word, letter by letter, no compromise...Many were there but surely some left...Stay in Jerusalem...He promised back then and the promise is already here...120 received the promise plus me!
We have our eyes on corporate revival and God has His eyes on individuals, unknown men and women, unexpected place, crazy people, weird tongues of fire...Ha!
Marlene Roessiger
" And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power...but you will receive POWER when He comes on YOU..." Acts 1:8

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