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The Roar of the Lion

"The Lion is roaring, can you hear him? The Lion is near, do you fear Him? He’s coming! The Lion of the tribe of Judah! Awake, O Sleepers! The Son of God, the Son of David, He’s been given all power over His Church. All things are under His feet, all things are in subjection to Him. Are you under His subjection? Are you heeding “the Voice?” Are you hearing what thus saith The Spirit of the Lord? His voice isn't quiet anymore. He is roaring like a lion! Can you stand at His sound? " Joe Pinto

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                By God’s grace and the fear of the Lord, we will always respect and honor the vision that God has given us. That is why we made a statement before God that consists of never changing anything - not cover, not content - in order to please man or publishers, and also never to sell anything that God has freely given us. Concerning the publishing of the books, we decided to self-publish them using Amazon. This was the most reasonable way, therefore, it is on their site, but it’s not us sending, selling or profiting. For policy reasons, this is how it had to be done. It has been priced by Amazon at the cheapest possible rates and available on Amazon, but we have become our own customers, buying them all at publisher rates. This is the cheapest way to be the best stewards and get the most out of it so we can give them all away. Thousands of books, yearly, are being sent out, freely. No shipping. No handling fees. We are gladly sending them out as a gift to the Body of Christ, to those who are hungry and thirsty. There is no profit at all. If you feel the Holy Spirit leading you, please make your donation of any amount. If not, we will gladly send it to you anyway. We just want the unchangeable not watered down TRUTH out. Jesus is coming and the Bride has to make herself ready! The Gospel is never for sale! Buy Truth. Without money. Without cost.

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