The world is waiting… Israel was waiting, and your people in Egypt were waiting. The Gentiles were waiting; all throughout the Bible, we see your people, the lost, but really, the world was waiting; the Bible says creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Creation has always been waiting for God to raise up a son or a daughter or a messenger or a prophet or an apostle in their generation to bring them into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Right now, just like all of Israel waited for Jesus, just like they waited for Moses in Egypt, all the prophets, Joseph, David, Jonah, Nehemiah, the list goes on, and now us! The Gentiles didn’t know they were groaning and waiting, but God showed up and moved, but He moved in man! He moved in Paul! He moved in Jesus. Now He moves in us. We are this generation’s move of God! God rose up David. Israel was waiting for their king, and they thought they had it in Saul, but they were waiting on David because that’s who God anointed and called. Now you are anointed and called to the Nations. This is why we live! The religious system is waiting on their David to save them from the spirit of Saul. They are waiting on their Moses to save them from the spirit of pharaoh that is ruling and reigning in the church. They are waiting for an apostle to come forth and pull them out.

They are waiting for a modern-day Moses to confront the spirits and say, “Let my people go!”

Do you know that people are waiting on you and don’t even know it? Creation doesn't realize they are waiting on something. That void inside that they cannot fulfill is the groaning for God, but God will answer it by sending His sons. He sent His Son; now the Son is sending His brothers! His Sisters. Whoever receives you, receives me (Matthew 10:40)! Recently, there was this lady who had been crying out to God for a long time for help, for an answer, and said that she had a vision of a white car, that it would show up. That day, we pulled up to her house in a white car. She was groaning and waiting, and God answered by sending us, His sons and daughters, and God brought freedom and deliverance. She was waiting and groaning for help. And God manifested sons and daughters to her aid to manifest Christ. See, God is manifesting us to the world because we are manifesting Him to the world. He is sending us because they will see Him. We have been raised up for such a time as this. God raises us up for things like this. There are people like that women who are waiting for a touch, for help, healing, deliverance, for that encouragement they need, that correction, or that adjustment, that salvation message. It is a divine appointment they are waiting for. When God formed you, He predestined you for these moments. Before she even ever had any problems, He was raising us up as a solution. Just like the lamb was slain before man fell (Revelation 13:8), the solution was decided before the problem began. So are we being raised up as a solution for people who don’t even have a problem yet, who don’t know they need saving yet, or deliverance, or healing, because God knows the end before the beginning, and He sets us apart beforehand to get us ready for what He already knows is needed!

People will say, “The world is not waiting for a man.” Well, read it for yourself! “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.” Romans 8:19-23

How can they receive unless they have a preacher or a messenger. It's not us, but it’s Christ in us, the hope of glory! The hope of the nations! The hope of the nations lives inside of you now! What they are hoping for is not just up in heaven. It’s inside of you. Because the kingdom of God is not by observation but within! Within who? Within You! Within man. It said do not look here nor there because it’s inside of us! The hope of the nations is within. We have to believe that because Jesus said in John 14:12 that the same glory that my Father gives to me, I give to them, and greater works shall they do because I go to the Father. And now, the Son who is seated with the Father is seated in us. Now, John 14:23 says that He and the Father will make His abode in us. For the Spirit of your Father speaks in you (Matthew 10:20)! It’s not us, but Him, but Him in us! You’re going to be the answer to someone’s prayers, the solution to someone’s problems, but it’s not going to be you. But God is going to send you, because of Christ in you, the hope of glory. It's about what’s in you! The nations are going to break you open and find Hope! Glory! Freedom, Power, Anointing! The thing that they are hoping for, they will find in us. God has wrought in us treasure for the nations! Hope is in you! You don’t have hope? Then you’re an unbeliever. Because Christ is in you is the hope of the nations! He’s even the hope of Glory, and that’s inside of you. Do you want to see the Manifest Glory of God? Look inside of you! Silver and gold I have not, but Glory do I have to give to you! You don’t see it because you don’t believe it, but when you believe it, you will see it! Let faith be your eye solvent. Blessed are those that see not yet believe (John 20:29) for they shall see! 

You have to stop living for yourself and see the bigger picture! Inside of you is the hope of the nations. Stop waiting for a move of God. You are the move of God. Revival is in you! You’re someone’s answer tomorrow. The word that you are receiving right now will bear fruit for someone else to eat tomorrow. All this time, you’re being raised up for such a time as this. “I heard The Voice of The Lord, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here I am; send me” (Isaiah 6:8). Who will I send forth as an arrow to the nations, as the hope of a dying nation? Here I am, Lord! That's why you’re here! That’s what you’re being raised up for! To be sent out as an arrow in his quiver to be sent out, to be shot to the nations. You are being equipped, raised up, and resurrected from the dead of your sin, to be sent out to bind up the broken hearted, to preach the Gospel, to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to cleanse the lepers, heal the sick, and cast out demons (Isaiah 61:1-3). These signs shall follow those who believe! It’s going to be through you that these things shall be done because it’s Christ in you. Salvation is in you! You’re waiting for Him, but they’re waiting for you! He will refresh those who refresh the nations!

Someone asked, “God, how do I have glory in me for you? How can I give you glory?” 

God is so appalled at that! We’ve been ignorant of His Word for too long. Now, it’s time to give to the glory that is inside of us. Do you not know who you are, Beloved? Do you not know that you are now the temple of God? The Holy of Holies, the Tabernacle, the Tent, the Ark of Covenant, for the same Spirit that dwelt in those places, now dwells in you! Do you not know that you are now God’s house? For the glory that rose Jesus from the dead dwells inside of us! Don’t tell God you have nothing to give Him because He gave you everything! Now, pick up your bed, and put on faith, and walk through the valley of the shadow of death because you are a city set on a hill. You are a holy nation. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You may not feel like it, but since when are your feelings greater than the Word of God? For God is greater than the heart, greater than your feelings. You may not see it, but you have to believe it! Or else you're calling the Word of God a lie! Why? Because you keep looking at your flesh, your mistakes, and your mishaps! Look at the Cross! Look at Christ, for the old man is dead! Passed away. Behold, BEHOLD! You have to behold it! It's your choice to behold. To believe. Behold, all things have become new!

Our confidence is in The Word of God, not in our ability! We can’t be raised up and take on a spirit of pride either because of what we now know because God resists the proud. Even the lost will resist your pride, too. Creation is going to resist you when they see pride because they can’t see Jesus. Why all the pride? Because you have pride in what you know and not in who you know! We need to be like Jesus, who, although being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God but humbled himself. He became all things to all men by becoming a man! He was who He was but still humbled Himself and came to serve, not to be served! You cannot get puffed up and expect the praise of man. Do not be the branch that boasts against those who were broken off or those who are religious and have a form of godliness. For God is able to graft them in again, who were once broken off, that have become afar off. You have not been raised up to boast but to restore. For we are the last days’ spirit of Elijah prophecy that says that in the last days the Spirit of Elijah, the Holy Spirit inside of us, will restore the Father to the sons and the sons back to their Father. Prodigals will come home. You have not been raised up for conflict but for restoration!

God’s like, I’m raising you up for them! Those that I’ve lost. The Lost in the world and the lost sheep of the Church, the bride of Christ. Don’t look at the world and think that you are better. You may be thinking that you’re better than the next son or daughter of God who’s about to enter into the kingdom! How dare you! You haven’t been raised up to be puffed up! You’ve been raised up to raise up others, to pull out others, to set others free. To deliver the lost. Even the religious. It’s very easy to get puffed up because you know what God is really saying, and they don’t because they can’t hear the voice of God.  So because pride has blinded them, you’re going to be their second chance to hear the voice of God again. You’re going to be someone’s second, third, or fourth chance. How many chances did you get when you were in the world? When you didn’t hear God? When you resisted God? When you rebelled against God? And He gave you chance after chance. Sends another prophet, another righteous man. Another son, another daughter. Every time He sends a messenger, He’s giving you another chance. What do I have to give to the nations, Lord? Show them My Glory! Give them Me! 

“What do I have to give to you, Lord?”… “My Glory!” 

People say, “Glory to God! It was all Him!” This is religious. “I just give the glory to God.” This isn’t how you give glory to God. There’s a new way! Manifest It! Manifest the Glory because He put it in you! “This is how I get Glory,” says God. Manifest it to the nations. When they see My Glory, they will give Me Glory! You have no need to do anything except remain silent! For it’s not by might, not by power but by the Glory inside of you! Don’t say Glory to God after everything you do. If it’s God, they will give Him Glory. You don’t need to tell them something they already know and see! The same glory that He gave you, He wants you to release it back! When you say, “Glory to God” all the time, that’s your glory! You’re just trying to make people think that you're humble and trying to make people think that it’s not about you. When it is God’s Glory, people get closer to Him. You think God is this dude that’s like, “I want everyone to praise me because I’m the best!” That’s not it. He wants to manifest so that He can fill man and adopt children! For we were all orphans tossed to and fro by dumb idols. We need to release His Glory as it is in heaven so it can be on earth because it is manifest in us! That’s what makes men glorify Him because they encounter Him. When Jesus was releasing the glory, the power, the anointing, their yokes were broken, the sick were healed, and the captives were set free, and because of the evidence of his power, they gave Him glory and bowed down to God because of the freedom and power of His glory. People are tired of hearing about the Glory of God. They want to experience, encounter, and stand in the presence of His Glory. 

Do you want to glorify God? The Bible says, “Do everything for the glory of God.” Not when you brush your teeth and say, “Glory to God!” No! Live for Him! Everything you do, be led by Him! Release the glory where you are because you are a Glory carrier. It’s when your life is fully Christ. That’s what glorifies Him because He is getting a hold of you, and when He gets a hold of you, He can get a hold of them. Because now, you can become the vessel that He has ordained you to be so that when people open the vessel, the oil of gladness pours out, and the anointing breaks their yoke. God has a plan. When He says give this up and do this, or stop going there or here, stop focusing on that and trust Him because he has a plan and a hope. That hope is inside of you, but you have to wear the coat of the promise. What is the promise?  That the world is waiting for you! It doesn’t say the son of God! It says the sons! Daughters! He is the first fruit of many brethren. It’s no longer the only Son of God. It’s the sons of God because now the Son has multiplied Himself!  Like a seed. God put one seed in the garden and made many fruit. Out of that fruit came more seed, and the production continues and multiples. Now we are called to be fruitful and multiply! You're called to reproduce! Like the world when they say we need or reproduce our own kind because our people are becoming extinct in this world. We need to reproduce. Some countries want to make sure that their culture doesn’t become extinct, so they make laws that if you have a child, you can have this benefit. They will give you this or that. Jesus was the first fruit of many brethren. Now you are the first fruit of many more! See, now this word is going into your spirit, and this word is going to reproduce fruit in your life. And out of that fruit comes seed, and you will have seed to sow into someone else. We asked God to give seed to the sower. He did. He gave you fruit from another, and inside of that fruit is seed that is entering you that will reproduce more fruit and bring more seed to sow into the nations. Abide in the vine. You will produce fruit, and the seed from your fruit will be for you to sow! Be fruitful and multiply with the seed in your fruit!

With everything you have received, you are now called to reproduce and to multiply. One revelation will give birth to more revelation in you. Receive from the sowers, and those seeds will produce manifestation and new revelation for you to sow back into the body, back into creation. Eat the fruit of the revelation that God is giving through someone else, and the seed that’s in the fruit as you eat it is entering your belly and will come out like living waters. Whatever you receive, you can give. Freely we have received; freely we give it! Whatever you didn’t receive, you cannot give. Whatever I have not received from God, I cannot give it to you. God is not the only sower. In the parable of the talents, He said take this talent. In the religious system, it’s like, “Oh, you’re so good at the drums. Sow that!” Talent was actually money in this parable. And investment. Now, we have our talent, our down payment, the Holy Spirit, and He wants us to invest it. You are an investment, and now we are called to multiply the investment. You’re a son, but you are an investment to expand the Kingdom of God. Not in money, but in souls! He is counting on you. He is banking on you. When you put your money in stocks, you believe that this company is going to flourish, but then those stocks double or triple. When you pull out your stock, it will be double or triple depending on how far the business went. That is what God is doing. He did not give you this talent to receive it back without multiplication. He says do not let your light be hidden. Or hidden under a bushel. We cannot be an unprofitable servant and hide the investment He gave us and wait for Him to come back. He said will He find His servants doing! Doing what? Doing what Jesus did. Multiplying God’s Kingdom. Laying down our lives as He did so that we can be a seed and die in the ground so they can live. The creation can come into the glorious liberty of Sons and Daughters of God!

Peter had the revelation when he saw that man at the gate. He said, “Silver and gold I have not, but what I have, I give to you.” What did he have? A talent, a spiritual investment, and he took that talent, that investment, and gave it to the man and multiplied the kingdom of God and bore more fruit, and that man was healed. Now, he was to be fruitful and multiply his healing, his salvation. This is His vineyard, and we are called to expand it! Everything that you get in the Kingdom, you are called to reproduce! The deliverance that you get, you are called to reproduce in someone else. This should motivate you to just submit to God because He wants you to go out and multiply it, reproduce it, and plant it in others. You are struggling to let something go, but God wants you to let it go so you can help someone else let it go! This is not about you. It's about Him and them and Him in Them! If you have a lot of fruit, that means you have a lot of seeds to give. You’ve been delivered? God is calling you, whatever you may be delivered out of, He may be calling you to the jails to reproduce that deliverance that He gave you and set other drug addicts and the captives from the bondage of this world that you have come out of. There’s way more power and Glory when you preach something to someone that you are a testimony of. When you are struggling with something, and you are trying to bring deliverance to someone who needs the same deliverance, you can’t really give something to someone you don’t have. We don’t want to be used by God; we want to be working with Him. We want to be a testimony of the Word of God, not just a mouthpiece! We have many preachers who don’t have a testimony and preach what they have not been delivered from because they have not gone through the process of time. Through the refining, the churning, the shaking, the molding, and the shaping. The tests that you are going through right now are going to be a testimony for someone tomorrow so that they can pass the test and be motivated through your testimony!

Moses was delivered from Egypt and set apart. That’s what he did to those still stuck in Egypt, but he had to come out first before he could go back in. There’s not one that was not set aside by God to be raised up first before delivering others. God sent a forerunner in your life to make the way straight like Abraham was for Lot. Then Abraham, being set apart and raised up, was sent and even sent others for Lot’s deliverance. What was Abraham raised up for? To give birth to the nations by coming in agreement with God through faith. What was Moses raised up for? To set the captives free. He seemed rich and like he had everything as a prince of Egypt, but he was a captive because God didn’t have hold of him yet. If Moses hadn’t been called and set apart, he would have been rich and royal but poor, blind, naked, and still a captive of Egypt (the World) because He wouldn’t have encountered God in the wilderness. We need to encounter God in the wilderness, like Moses, like John, and be transformed so that we can transform the nations and bring all of creation back to His image!

God is raising you up, and it may seem like nothing is happening, but it took thirty years for Jesus to be known. Your family and friends might think you're crazy. Noah seemed crazy, and then it rained. A savior was born, but he wasn’t manifested or revealed yet. He was not seen or known yet. No one may know your name or who you are. It just hasn’t been made manifest yet! You may not be manifesting what God has told you yet, but you have to be raised up and set apart, processed, washed, restored by God, raised up, equipped, and then He will make what has been wrought in you and manifest it for all to see. He has to craft you and produce you and put you on a strong foundation, and even this foundation is raising you up to stand in the last days. When men’s hearts shall fail them for fear of what is coming upon the earth, your heart shall stand firm because you are on a firm foundation of His Word. When the enemy comes in like a flood, He’s going to raise up a standard of righteousness, and now we are the standard in the land because we are His righteousness on the earth. We will be the example, the image of righteousness, and the voice of Truth in the midst of the lies!  

You are worried about the last days, but God is raising you up for it! You will be the beacon of hope. That is why you are going to be here on the earth in its tribulation. When all hope is lost, when Babylon is falling, you will be the voice crying out in the wilderness saying, “Come out of her, my people. Make straight a way for the Lord!” The darkest moment on the earth will be the brightest light for the world to see Christ in you. We are the light of the world. When darkness falls, our light will shine brighter! That’s your time to come out of the wilderness and be the sign of salvation! They will say, “What good can come out of Nazareth?”  What good can come out of (Enter Your City Here)? 

A deliverer shall come out of Zion. And He did. And now deliverers are rising up in every nation, every tribe, every tongue, every skin color!  Deliverers are going to be raised in your city. It’s you! What good can come out of this city, that city? Christ in us, the hope of the nations! For the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestations of the Sons of God. You! That same creature that is waiting, they don’t know that they're waiting, that they're groaning. That's why they turn to drugs and alcohol to fill that void that only Christ in you can fulfill. Some celebrities today cannot quench that void inside of them, even with riches. Some even say that it doesn’t fill that void. The earth has birth pains: “Creation is groaning.” That’s what the Bible says. They are expecting something, and they don’t even know what it is. Drugs, money… and they find out that it’s not it. There is something else that the world is waiting for to save them and fulfill them, but you have to show it to them! They are waiting to enter into the glorious liberty of the children of God, and you are representative of hope and a carrier of freedom and Glory! Stand up, Deliverers! Arise, Prophets. Come forth, apostles, pastors, teachers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers! You are someone’s family tomorrow. Jesus told Peter he had an inheritance 100-fold, mothers, brothers, lands, and so on. You are someone else’s inheritance, ready to be revealed and made manifest! You are a mother and father to an orphan who is waiting for the Glory, waiting to be adopted. So were we once orphans and now are sons ready to be made manifest, to bring in more orphans and produce His Sons and Daughters by His Spirit! Someone is waiting for me right now. I need to keep following Him so I can release and reveal the Glory of God and bring them into the glorious liberty of becoming a child of God. Father, right now, we submit to your process, your fire, and your cross. It’s not about me. It’s about you, and it’s about them. All creation groans and waits, and we will be at their bedside to help them give birth to what they have been groaning about, to what they have been pregnant with. We will come forth so that they can come forth. Come forth, Mighty Man. Come forth, Mighty Women. So that they can come. The world is waiting! For You! Christ in you, the Hope of the Nations!

By Joe Pinto




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