Here is an End-Time Church dream with revelatory interpretation. January 7th, 2024: This following dream is a 3-segment vision, representing three types of churches. THE CARNAL, THE RELIGIOUS, AND THE REMNANT!    

The first part of the dream: GROUP ONE: THE CARNAL. This group represented a huge crowd of people. This was the biggest group. They all looked the same. I was taken way high up and saw an aerial view, and God said that this is the carnal church. No Holy Spirit, just strange fire and entertainment. Their fire is not Jesus Himself, no apostolic, no casting out demons, but pastors petting demons. Just a pastoral church filled with traditions. Man-pleasing and carnally minded. They do not have the Spirit nor the Truth. They preach from the Bible, but they are cherry-pickers. They pick the parts they like. Just say a prayer, come to my church, and just keep bringing the money, and we will grow bigger and bigger with a great network, stage lights, and strategies in how to grow in numbers of empty vessels and not growing in maturity in Christ.

The lust of the world is drawing people. This is the work of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Just believe so you will not go to hell. Among these people, there is no cross. The cross represents true worship, “If any man wants to follow Me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow Me,” says the Lord. They are a carnal and worldly church, doing all the pagan worldly things because they are gathered together by man and by the spirit of this age. Man’s wisdom and flesh! This is the church that is not on the rock. Many saw the manifestation of this church in 2020 when they started to bow down to Baal. The cross is everything. The cross is true worship. If we take the cross out, there is no power and no transformation. There will be no place for this multitude of people. 

This is the great falling away church. They are the biggest group in my dream. They don’t have Truth (the Word). They read from a bible, but they don’t have the Word in them. Many don’t even know the difference. It is the leadership of Saul, which means looking good to people and filled with charisma, entertainment, and carnality. They don’t kill Agag, which represents demons and doctrines of demons! Everything that is against the cross, we must kill. They only have grace preaching and man-pleasing. It is Jezebel church. I just need to lay it out exactly how God showed me. 

The second part of the dream: GROUP TWO: THE RELIGIOUS. This second group of people was almost as big as the first, but they were all in different sects. All the small groups turned it into a big group as a whole. They think they are the remnant. They think they are the few, but they are different sects. But God put it all together and said this. They are against the first group, and some of these sects demonize the third group (which is explained below) and they hate the first group. They don’t have the Spirit. There were groups within the group. Because of their pride, they thought they were the ones who were not deceived but they were the blind leading the blind and were very divisive. Matthew 15:12-14 says that every plant that is not planted by Him, says the Lord, shall be rooted up (verse 13).

One of these groups was trying to bring back the law or mix grace and the law. They are doctrine-led, having no Spirit of God. They hold on to their own way. They all have a form of godliness, but they all deny the power. They were all wearing the same colors of clothes in each little group, but then the other group in the big group looked different. They were all together but separated into groupings but all the same spirit of religion and division. One of the groups was holding signs. God showed me this is all about a movement from the religious system. Some were preaching hate and condemnation. They have the letter, but they don't have the Spirit. They don’t even have the gifts of the Spirit, only the knowledge of good and bad. Which tree is that? The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They are led by the written word only, but the written word tells us that only the sons of God are led by the Spirit! The Word of God tells us “not to be led by the letter only" because the letter kills. But the word they follow is out of their own doctrines. This group was scattered, meaning there were so many different breeds, denominations, divisions, and religions, but they were holding the same book, the bible: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Calvinists, Oneness doctrine, and on and on. There was a group I saw somewhere labeled “cessationist.” But all were one as God showed but separated.

They are rooted in pride. They were a huge amount of people in my dream as a whole, but they all had their own way. When I saw this group, God showed me one of those posters on social media where you have those two lines of people, one going to eternity and one going to the abyss. This was what brought me to this understanding. It was the main part. One line had a few people following it (eternity), and the other (the abyss) had a mass crowd following it. All of those who post that poster think they are the ones in the eternity line - which has only a few people following…  Then I heard this: “But most of those who post and share that poster are the ones who are part of the second big crowd as well and don’t realize it.”

Thank the Lord for this revelation because all that is being said above explains the deception. They are under the spirit of pride and religion. This whole prophetic picture is the glue to the whole dream. That is the self-righteous spirit, the religious spirit with no fruit of the Spirit. They demonize those who are speaking in tongues or believing in the gifts and in the baptism in the Holy Spirit because they don’t have it. They are against faith. They are very works-minded, relying on self and the works of their own hands. All of them think in their own mind that they hold the Truth, and they are the ones in this poster who think they are following the line to eternity but who are really in the huge mass line to the abyss with the first group, the carnal and worldly one. That is what God showed me, and God showed they are also part of the large mass as well in their own delusion. 

Most don’t even have a body of believers around them. They are mavericks with a few connections with others with the same spirit. That is why they have been deceived by the devil, thinking they are one of the few. But they are just small in grouping and part of the delusion. Network religious webs! There also have large groups that have the Bible and have a form of godliness, but they deny the power. This is, He said, the book of Jude deception, dead at the roots. Clouds without water. They are carnal dividers, not bringing the correct division that is of Christ and spiritual righteous division that Jesus came to do: to divide unto Him, in the Spirit and Truth. Their division is divisive and scatters sheep.

The third part of the dream: GROUP THREE: THE REMNANT. This third group in the dream meant this: One place. One Spirit. One doctrine. They are all free. They were a very small group of people. They don’t worship their idols. They are picking up their cross. God is saying, “These are My remnant. They are choosing Me! They are preaching love and Truth, mercy and grace!” It is not easy! But they are those with the Spirit of God, preaching love for the cross and for the Spirit. Preaching fleeing Babylon and coming out from among them, clinging to their first love and being transformed from glory, preaching against sin with the hope and the glory in them. When they preach the cross, the Spirit is drawing man to Him by His Spirit. They are the ones being transformed.

They are the ones not drawing people to a denomination or to a doctrine. They are not drawing people to works or organizations. They are lively stones fitly joined together by the Spirit of God! His Spirit is saying: “This is what My son is doing in the Earth!” says God. There were very few people. They are the remnant. They were spread out. There were very few around, like the narrow way in the two separate line poster. These are what God calls the remnant. Those spoken about in the end times. Those who will not bow their knee to Baal. The second group bows to religion, and they are full of hate and jealousy and the spirit of Cain. And but the third group, thank God He showed this: it was us. Sometimes, we know the enemy will play with our minds or make us look at the wrong thing or hear some of the wrong voices, making us question ourselves, but Glory filled the room when I woke up from the dream. 

The third group had flags and were worshipping. They were from God. The flags were representing His Spirit. They were repenting as God was delivering them, and they were in the fire of God, baptized and born again. They were really worshiping with all their hearts, obeying the Word, picking up their cross, and being transformed by the Word and by the Holy Spirit and fire! Then I heard this in the dream: “This is My bride, My Church. They worship in Spirit and in the Truth.” 

Shane Roessiger



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