The Shadow

Psalm 91 

This message is for you. When God put this message together, He thought of you. He didn’t say, "Today, let’s talk on this." He’s been observing you and watching you. He has many thoughts about you. The Bible says His thoughts about you are more than the sand of the sea. 

We need to be under the shadow of the Most High. When someone stands over you, their shadow covers you. Just like Jesus. He stands over us, and He covers us. We have a covering that is not of this world but is from above! We need to stay under the shadow of our covering. There are many dimensions of covering. He is our covering, but then you have apostolic covering, but it’s really one covering! Then it says that a woman shall not prophesy, shall not speak, unless she has her head covered. “Oh, she wants to prophesy. Go get the apron and put it over her head.” No! That’s old wine. It means to be covered under the Shadow of the Almighty and under the Cover of the Authority that God puts in your life. He put fivefold ministers in your life. He put a husband in your life. As a child, He put a mother and a father in your life to cover you, to protect you, to lead you, to guide you, to counsel you, and to impart wisdom, strength, and understanding that are past your years. People that cover you have already paid the price for the wisdom and revelation. Now, that’s less of a price you have to pay, and you could just freely receive it without having to go through the crushing to receive it. You want an easier process? Turn to those that cover you in the Holy Spirit because they have been through it, they have heard it, and they have done it, so you as a child, a spiritual child, don’t have to go through it or do it again. We need a covering. Some of you are children of a house, but you’re not under the covering yet. Maybe you’re not submitted to the Spirit or certain leaders that God has put in your life, or maybe you’re not submitted to your husband if he’s walking in the Spirit. Maybe you’re not submitted as a child to parents. A man and woman shall leave father and mother when they are of age. Come out from the covering of their parents and cling to their husband, to their wife, to the Spirit, to their covering. A woman leaves the covering of her parents to come under the covering of a husband. So did we. We cast out the bond woman, the covering of the law, that we may be covered, submerged, and overshadowed by that same One that wrote that law with the pen of His finger. Now, we no longer have to be under the shadow of the book but under the shadow of the Almighty Himself! We need to come out from under the shadow of the book and come under the shadow of the Author. He’s the covering, and whoever He places over your life is your covering.

Where is the secret place? Is it the covering of the shoes and clothes in your closet? Or is it the covering of His leadership? We need to get under our covering. We need to prophesy, live, and preach with our heads covered. Why does a man not need a head covering in a marriage? Because the man is the covering over the wife, but in the kingdom, in the Spirit, the man needs a covering as well: leaders, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. But Jesus himself, being the chief part, was the Head of the covering, who is the mantle really. A covering is not just protection. It's the mantle of your master, of your teachers, and of your husband. Oh, you want a mantle? Come under the covering of God's leadership in your life. What’s that leadership? We know it’s Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Though what’s the other leadership according to the Bible? The government of God? My father? My mother? Whoever it is that has a rod and a staff in your life. You might have multiple people that carry rods and staffs. And in this house, we have many in USA and Brazil that carry rods and staffs. Leaders, Jesus himself, husbands, mothers, too, if they have a child, and through submission and obedience to their words, your reward is to take part in their mantle. The reward to submitting to their covering is the mantle itself! Elijah came to Elisha, and he threw his mantle upon Elisha before he even started (1 Kings 19:19). 

He threw his covering upon Elisha, and through the end, his reward was a double portion of Elijah's spirit! The reward of submission is impartation! Elisha came under the covering of the mantle, and in the end, he was left with the mantle. There is a reward for everything that you do. If a man or a woman seeks the Lord, let him know that the Lord is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He’s a rewarder of submission. Some of you have transformation, healing, power, and anointing simply because you have submitted to the mantle to the covering of the House. Some haven’t even preached on this stage and they're casting out demons. Those who are under the covering of the House possess the same anointing that is on the House, and they move in the same power! Stephen wasn’t even an apostle, and he had the same glory and power that was on the Apostle's lives! The reward of his submission was the glory, was the mantle. The power that was on the apostles came upon him, and the glory was so mighty that they stoned him to death, and he was just in charge of distributing food (Acts 6). They went to the apostles, and the apostles were like, "We don’t have time for that! We are dedicated to the Word of the Lord, every word that is proceeding out of His mouth. Though let us find someone under our covering submitted to the house and the mantles, and let’s put the same anointing on their lives." When you submit to the covering and the mantle in the House, it’s like when David was anointed with the horn of oil. You want to be anointed with the horn of oil? The day you submit to the covering that God appointed to you is the day that the horn of oil has anointed you. Stephen had the anointing that was on the apostles but for the purpose that God meant it. We are going to have the same anointing on the leaders in our lives and all comes from Christ to do whatever God calls us to do to carry out and to fulfill it for His house. You can’t take this anointing and run because it will come off you. It comes on you to fulfill the purpose of the vision and the purpose that God sends it and puts it on you. Impartation is different. There was a time that God said separate these two for the work of the ministry, and other times he said to break them apart. Separate Barnabas. If God wants to send you out, He’ll send you out under the covering. This is not snake oil. You cannot take this oil and slither away. This oil is for the purpose of what God intended it for. Some of you have started to carry out that purpose and some not yet. Some are in the process of time, and under the covering, you are receiving deliverance, receiving healing, but you haven’t been established or sent out yet, but some will not get there until you come under the covering, the mantle, the order, and the vision of the house, the Shadow of the Most High. We cannot use this anointing, this oil, for our own purposes. It is only for the purpose of what He sent it out to accomplish. Do you want to abide in Him? You need to get under the Shadow and the Covering of the Most High. If you have ears to hear, you're under the shadow, you're under the protection, you're under the counsel, you're under the word of the Lord that transforms lives. But if you're tuned out, you're not under the covering under which God has placed you. It's His Covering, not man's! He sets some in the House, in Authority, under His Authority!  

We know in Him there is no darkness, but God will hide you under His shadow, and it may be dark. He has you like a seed in the ground. Hidden under the shadow that the evil one might not find you. He is hiding you in the ground like a seed for a reason. He is hiding you for what you are not ready for. Demons don’t know your name yet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know Him! He’s hiding and protecting you. The prodigal son came out from under his covering, and he was exposed to the elements of the world, and he lost his inheritance, and he ended up in the pigpen. In the dirt, in the mud, the elements. He became affected by the things that the Bible said he would protect us from. We have promises of protection and of healing: "No harm shall come nigh unto my dwelling.” So why does it, Lord? Because you have come out from under the shadow of my protection. We can’t have His protection if we don’t come under His Authority. Why am I always sick? Why am I always faced with bad news? I’m not saying every time you have bad news, or you're sick, it’s because you're not under the Covering, but it can be! In this life, you will face tribulations, trials, infirmities, and tests. Job didn’t come out of his covering, but he was affected. He was in a test; a trial! it was not something he brought upon himself. Some of you are bringing things upon your own selves, but Jesus didn’t! Through our own disobedience and rebellion, we can bring things upon ourselves because we are not under the protection of His Shadow! I want to endure whatever God allows to come my way, and I want to learn from it, but not if it is because of my rebellion to the Word of God or to the covering of His counsel or solution or to the protection that He has given me. I don’t want it to be because of my disobedience that I now have trials and tribulations in my life that were not ordained by God. Some of you are in storms that were not ordained by God.

He will not tempt you, but He will test you. He won’t tempt you, but Lord, lead me not into temptation or having to face the devil. When Jesus faced the devil, He was anointed to face the tempter, and God provided a way out because it said He was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the evil one. He didn't face the devil for one year. He went through thirty years under his covering, under protection, and raising up, and equipping under the Shadow of His Father. And when it was time, He didn’t become like the prodigal son. He waited, and when he was sent out, the first thing that He was sent out to do was to face the devil! That might be the first thing you're sent out to do. Some of you are on secret missions, battles, and struggles that no one knows about, but you have been led into it to accomplish what God has sent you to accomplish in you. I don’t want to go into battle. I want to be sent into battle! The moment you choose to sin, disobey, not give ear, rebel, or refuse not to eat, you have entered into a battle that you haven’t been sent to. Some of you are in a battle right now that you’re not even ordained to be in because you have entered through your own rebellion, disobedience, and resistance. And some of you just need to hold on a little longer. Were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego ordained to enter the fire?  Imagine if they were not ordained to be in the fire. Nebuchadnezzar would have had the last laugh. But they were sent and ordained for this trial, and they passed through the fire untouched, unburdened, unaffected, and rewarded because they were under the covering of the Fourth Man. Who is that in the fire? It’s the Shadow of the Most High! You’re in the fire? Get under the shadow. Take the hand of the fourth man and get under His shadow. 

Everyone has a house, a fortress, and a covering. When it’s cold outside, you have a warm house. When it’s hot outside, you have air conditioning. When it’s raining or windy, you have walls all around you. If a hurricane or a cyclone comes right now, we have a fortress to protect us from the elements, disasters, and destruction of the storm. He is my safe place, my Refuge, my Strong Tower. The Covering that Jesus has put in your life is your safe place to be protected and to be covered when the enemy wants to expose you. You have a covering and a garment. It’s Him, it’s His leadership, His Government; it’s the husband, it’s the parents, that God has put in your life. This is your spiritual refuge and protection. When the enemy comes in with a flood of lies, the Truth will protect us. It will be our place of refuge. He is forming Apostolic Houses that will protect you from the flood of the enemy. The flood that comes out from the mouth of the dragon. The Apostolic, the Spirit of God, will be a fortress, a place of refuge, a safe place to protect you from the strong delusions that will come upon many and deceive many because they love not the Truth! He will cover you with the Truth as a buckler to gird your mind! When the enemy comes in with lies, you will have a covering of truth that will protect you from drinking the Kool-Aid. It says that in the last day, the deception will be so great, that if it were possible, even the elect will be deceived. And it says that there will be a great falling away from the Faith because the deception will be so wide and so vast. It already is. They are going to make you think that you’re serving Jesus. If you don’t think you can be deceived, you have already been deceived, says the Bible, because you need a covering, and you cannot cover yourself, but this covering will prevent you from a strong delusion, from drinking the wine of the harlot, from being turned over, and from becoming one of the ones that may be possible to fall away and be deceived. I once was in the storms of this life and the elements of this world, but I found a place of refuge; I found my fortress; I found my Jesus, The Shadow of the Most High. The Shadow of the Most High is Christ on the earth. The Father is God, and the Son is His Shadow. And now we put on Christ, we put on His Shadow, His Covering, and we make no provision for the flesh. He is our fortress and our safe place. We are under the shadow of salvation. He will comfort me with His rod and staff. What is His rod and staff? His Authority, His Leading, His Protection. Arron carried a rod, and Moses carried a staff, and they were comforting those who wished to be comforted in the wilderness by the Leading and the Authority of God given to them to steward! You have people around you that carry staffs and rods to lead you and to guide you. What did he do with his staff? He hit the rock, and out came living water!

This staff, this authority, will feed you and give you drink. Your soul is thirsty, your spirit is hungry, and you must turn to those that carry a rod and a staff, for from their beards... It didn’t just say from the beard of Moses but from the beard of Aaron because Aaron was submitted to Moses, and the other Shadow over Moses covered Aaron! What happened on the mountain with Moses? The Lord passed him by, and He covered him with His right hand (See Exodus 33:22). Who is the Lord of His right hand? Jesus! He said, “I will put thee in a cleft of the Rock. That’s Jesus, the Rock of our Salvation! The covering of the Rock of His Shadow was over Moses, and Arron submitted to Moses and came under the same covering that was on Moses. We submit to Christ. He covers us, and now so when the Father sees us, He sees Jesus. For as He is, so are we. We are hidden in Christ in God, in the Cleft of the Rock. You can come under the same covering that is on the House of God, that same protection, the same voice, the same wisdom, the same understanding, the same impartation, and that is the reward. The impartation. 

There is a Flood of Lies coming upon the earth from the mouth of the beast and now is, and you need to get into the ark and get under the covering so that you may not be washed away with the flood. He will not destroy the earth with a flood again, but He will destroy the wicked with a flood again. Don't be found in the flood of delusion. Be found leaning on your Beloved in the wilderness. The woman in the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved. That's His church under the 12 stars: 12 is the apostolic, who is the woman? It is the bride of Christ, and the 12 stars over her is the covering of the apostolic government of God that He has put over His Church! Jesus being the Chief Apostle, the Corner Stone. This is your word. Ask God how this word applies to you and what context it means in your situation. Where do I need to submit to God? Am I truly submitted to the Holy Spirit? Am I submitted to Godly leadership? Where do you want me, Lord?

If we refuse to be where God wants us then we won’t be protected, and you will be found in the last day, poor, blind, and naked because the Word makes me rich when I’m poor. The Word, the Truth, opens my eyes that I may see. He covers me when I’m naked. Covered in the Shadow of His Son and all the laborers His Son brings with Him. The apostle, the prophet, the teacher, the pastor, the evangelist, the government of God, elders, pillars, my husband, and my parents if I was young. This is His protection for us! Our spiritual fortress, refuge. Will you say He is my fortress; I shall fear nothing because He covers me, protects me, leads me, guides me, feeds me, and fills me? He is my Master, He is my covering, He is my head covering, my secret place, my safe place in times of trouble. Times of trouble are in the world, and more times of trouble are entering, but will you enter into your Fortress when the storm comes? Are you going to be inside the secret place of the Most High, Jesus, and His Leadership? For perfect love casts out fear, and God is Love, and He is perfect. There’s no fear in Him, only love, power, and a sound mind! We just need to get in Him, Beloved! He is our Shelter. No harm shall come unto our dwelling because He has overcome the world. Fear not! 

Don’t worry about your shadow. Peter's shadow was healing people because it was His shadow! The Covering of Jesus on his life! Peter was under the Shadow of the Most High, Jesus! He was under the Authority. He was under the Staff, the Spirit. He was in the Fortress and the Shadow of the Most High that he was submitted to, living under, and healed everybody. Don't come under your own shadow. Be covered and heal people with His shadow on your life. Don’t cover yourself, be covered by Him. By the Holy Spirit, by Godly leadership! We live in the shadow of death - the world, but we are under the Shadow of the Almighty, our fortress, our cleft of the Rock. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, for the Lord thy God is with us, and He will hide us, and He shall cover us with His feathers, and under His wings, we shall trust! Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for the Shadow of the Almighty covers us! His rod and His staff comfort us! Death is flying by like the noonday, like it’s a regular thing, but we have our fortress! We have our strong tower. Jacob was covered in Lamb skins to receive his inheritance, but now we are covered in the Lamb of God, Jesus! Jacob's father was Isaac, but our Father is God. How much more shall He bless us who are in Christ, the Shadow of the Most High!  

By Joe Pinto




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