If we are seated in faith, we always have evidence. If you look at me, you will see the evidence of my faith, maybe not to anyone who never knew me but to those who did. The evidence of the product of being transformed by one man, one Gospel, one baptism, one Spirit. It does not matter what is happening in our lives; the evidence of Jesus is much greater! Get up and pick up your bed! We have the power; we have the cross. Stop looking at your situation and look at Him! He did it over 2000 years ago, and He will do it right now. Faith is always now! When you finish reading this word, you be filled with faith. The same Word that came out of Jesus will come out of us right now. In your marriage, in your body, in your finances! All who are sealed and blood-washed are overcomers and can be resurrected when you are seated in faith. If we be dead with Him, we shall be resurrected with Him (Romans 6:5). For this reason, we are seated in Him and with Him in heavenly places. Then the Earth also becomes our footstool as well because it is His righteousness in us. We can possess and obtain His authority and power. This is why we can never rely on the works of our flesh but on His grace and His power. 

What made Abraham righteous? Was it his work? Was it his word? No. It was his faith (Genesis 15). That vision came as a word and was planted into his wife! Abraham believed in the Lord, and it was counted for him as righteousness! So, everything starts with belief, and the law did NOT come first! All starts with faith and still ends in faith! This way, no man will boast about anything. It has to be faith! Abraham’s work proceeded his belief, but it was not his works that justified him. It was believing God. When we do it, we are justified by it! 

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are created to walk with Him. God has made us and has seated us together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. What is Jesus doing right now? He is resting; He is not striving; abiding is another form of resting. If we are seated with Him, we are resting with Him. This word is for those who are born again! That seed in Mary came from God, and Mary became the ground. Now, it is no more by blood lineage but by faith! That ABRAHAM lineage is not long enough; now it has to be by the lineage of the blood of the Lamb of God! It is a better covenant! The old wine was temporary! Now, the new wine covenant is forever! Its foundation is faith! 

“What are you talking about?” you ask. Before Abraham was, He was (John 8:58)! In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God (John 1:1). Before Abraham was, Jesus was the son of God. The Word became flesh. Abraham was still a product of fallen man. He had a promise, but not that eternal seed. John the Baptist had the Spirit, but Jesus said that among those born of woman, there was one greater than John. 

But in the Kingdom of God, the least of these is greater than John (Matthew 11:11) because we are now an eternal seed. Jesus, who identified in His earthly identity as the son of David, was also fully the son of God, so now we are the sons of God who cry out, “Abba Father.” Jesus is the first fruit among many brothers, which are us (Romans 8:28). So, when He came, He not only came to heal and to preach but also to place us back in our rightful place that was stolen in the garden. So, when we are born again, that means we are born from above (John 8:23). So those prideful religious spirits try to obtain knowledge, missing this miraculous conception that will now manifest in the sons of God. But Jesus came to make us one with God, not a nation, not a doctrine, not an earthy creation like Abraham was, but a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). What a humbling revelation! The more religious people are, the further they go to the point of denouncing Paul, but we are the evidence of Paul’s epistles. 

There is a spirit that works in the children of disobedience, but we are the children of obedience. We do all that He told us to do. We have the power to do all He has called us to do. But for that, we will need faith, and faith is NOW; faith is the substance! You are the evidence of the seed of faith that you could not see, the evidence of the faith that was released. Let your faith be the evidence of somebody else’s transformation! You can't see faith, but you have to see the evidence. Don’t tell me that you have faith when you are not obedient to the Word of God. Because your work will testify of the faith you say you have. Maybe people don't know you, but they will see the evidence of your transformation. We are seated in Christ. We are seated in faith because He is the author and finisher of our faith. Not the finisher of our works, but our works just show that our faith is alive and well, and when it is, there is always evidence thereof. 

We cannot see faith. We can only see the evidence that faith produces. And the greatest evidence of faith would be you and me. Somebody like myself - arrested 47 times, addicted to drugs for 20 years, taking mental medication, what made me a new person? What began that transformation journey from the old man to the new man in Christ for me? It was faith! Now, you are looking at the evidence of the seed of faith. That was the open door for me to be transformed, for my eyes to be open, for my heart to be changed, and for me to change the direction my life was going in. My faith moved heaven not my works! Then my works became works of righteousness. Because we believe, we do. But to stay in Him takes continuing in the faith and in obedience, and is the evidence of believing the Word of God. We don’t obey because we don’t have faith but because we do have faith! God wants to make you a testimony of faith! Healing your body will be the evidence of your faith! Once being blind and now being able to see is the evidence of your faith, and also not sinning is (Hebrews 11:1-19)

So, faith is the substance, it is the product, it is the essence of the things we are all hoping for! 

Let me give you some hope today! All of us have hope not to go to a place called hell. We hope that our body will be healed! We hope that our lives will be changed! We hope that we have protection and that all things become new! Faith is the evidence of things not seen and hoped for! So, when we are changed, when we are delivered, when we are healed, it is the evidence of our faith. 

Our faith is what makes us whole (Matthew 9:9-26). Jesus did not come for the righteous but for the unrighteous. Jesus did not come for the well but for the sick. He came for those who know they need a savior. There is a sickness in the world, there is a curse in the world, and Jesus came for those who need help, those who want to be born again! Jesus said you cannot put new wine into old bottles. It will burst. You need to put new wine into new bottles (Luke 5:37-39)! You are the bottle he was talking about, and He is the one that wants to fill you! They want to do things by the flesh, but Jesus wanted to do things by faith, and the righteous ones receive it by faith. 

Jesus was walking around the city and saw the evidence of people's faith manifesting all around! Some people may not be saved, but they have heard the name of Jesus and have seen the difference in people's lives! All of us can be like the woman with the issue of blood right now; even if we touch His clothes, we know we will be made whole! For 12 years, she tried all she could. She did everything she could do, but nothing could help her. She was at the end of her own works, and Jesus was her last resource. And as I am preaching to you, Jesus is walking right by you right now. With all that she had within her, she touched Him, and she knew that something had happened inside of her! And at that moment, she did not have to go back to the doctor. She knew because the evidence manifested! And Jesus also felt the virtue coming out of Him! 

Today, anyone can be made whole! Because he did it for me, he did it for this woman with the issue of blood! Jesus is right next to you, and He knows every need right now. Our faith and your faith will come together, and we will see some manifestation, some evidence! It is not just a prayer! It is all about faith! I will be the manifestation of my own faith in Him! If you want to see the evidence of our faith, look at us! Look at me. We are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, filled with faith and evidence of the Gospel we preach and believe! Amen! 

Shane W Roessiger





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