People who lack giving honor are insecure in themselves. When we start giving honor to whom honor is due, God will give us honor back. Honor kills pride; honor kills schisms; honor attracts people; honor encourages others and humbles us. In Proverbs 29:22-24, we see that a thief comes to steal honor because they take an honor that is due to somebody else and keep it for themselves. People who honor others, God honors them because, directly and indirectly, they are bringing honor back to God. Proverbs 15:32-33 says, in other words, when we honor the Body, we are receiving from the Body…Before honor manifests, humility must be manifested because God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). People bound in pride cannot honor in purity and humility. It always must be about them first.

God has given more abundant honor to those who lack honor (1 Corinthians 12:24-26). Honor avoids schisms in the Body. When one member honors, all the other members are honored as well. A prophet has no honor in his own house (Mark 6:4-6). Jesus experienced that because of familiarity. Because his own people did not honor the gift inside of Him, the Father did not honor that city, and those people began to not receive the reward that they could have had but did not get because they only saw a carpenter, a Jewish boy, but those that honored Him received the things from heaven. Those who did not honor stopped receiving the Glory. Religion says, “All glory, all honor, belong to God,” but they do it in a very religious form. When we tap into a glory that comes from honor, that means that honor was present. Jesus was not expecting them to honor His earthly man but to honor that heavenly man in Him, to honor the Glory and the authority of the Son of God that He carried.

For example, somebody taught you everything. You knew nothing. And people start giving honor because you helped others with what you learned. You receive that honor, but if it was not for somebody else who helped you and taught you, the Glory would have stopped right there and would not flow anymore. But this person would say, “Glory to God,” but they are not giving honor to the ones God used to raise them up. They are afraid to give honor to those who taught them because of a stronghold of pride, and we know that because of the Holy Spirit, but also, we have many scriptures talking about honor. Because honor is a very powerful tool of unity that destroys the devil’s works of dissension and division. Honor separates the proud. The devil makes Mavericks and Lone Rangers who think it is all about “Me and God.” They ignore the Body. But a healthy body gives honor because honor has to be moving around the Body, always!  The book of Proverbs always encourages us to honor all. When you start receiving all the credit knowing somebody helped you, that is pride!...There is something inside that is concerned with your own identity. It’s called insecurity. They have fear of giving honor when honor is due. Many have plowed hard ground for others to walk on it! Honor is due to them! The religious love to honor the dead because there is no competition with a dead man.

Those who honor themselves lack bread (Proverbs 12:8-9). When we start to honor ourselves, we start lacking bread. When honor is manifested in the Body, the Body is well and alive. 1 Peter 5: 1-10 talks about a crown of glory that would not fade away. When we are jealous and in discord with one another, everything stops. That is why we should give honor to every member in the Body. Elder or young in the faith must be subject to one another and be clothed with humility. Do you know that grace needs to be given to one another? If Christ is in us, grace is always in one another. If we don’t give it, the door of grace is always shut. Galilee did not receive honor and grace because they did not honor God. Those who receive glory and honor that comes only from Him know honor not after the flesh but after the Spirit. The more honor I give, the more honor I receive from the Father…

Not giving honor and lacking honor is like cutting off the hand that feeds you. A lot of the time, blessings come from the Father through one another! The Word says your adversary – the devil – not your brother or sister or leader – is walking around you trying to separate you from the Body, to make you offended. When we cannot honor other people, it is because we think we are going to lose the honor that we are receiving…… That is a lie! Lack of giving honor shows your insecurity. Because you are blind to it, a lot of people see it, but you don’t. When people are insecure, they try to give honor, and they create false honor. They take the glory that should be given to God or passed up through the Body of Christ. When we keep it, it stops right there. Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). We must give glory, honor, and peace to every man who “worketh good” (Romans 2:9-11). When we give honor, we always receive honor, but I am not saying not to give honor to God, but to whom honor is due. We cannot be a respecter of persons but must give honor to all men! 

Romans 12:9-11 tells us that we are preferring ourselves above someone else. Satan was cast down because he wanted to exalt himself above the One to whom honor was due: God! His glorious position in heaven - before the fall - filled his heart with pride. He wanted to receive more honor than what was due. We must honor and prefer one another! In 1 Timothy 5:17-18, says that the elders in the faith should be counted worthy of double honor! Especially those who labor in the Word and doctrine. Why? Because they are the ones keeping the Body healthy in the doctrine of Christ! We cannot muzzle the ox that treads out the corn, and the laborer is worthy of his reward; this Word is not just talking about money.  What is the reward of this worker? It is the grace! It is the honor! Grace is released upon one condition: us releasing honor! The moment Peter honored Jesus, giving Him honor concerning Jesus’ identity – “Who do you say that I am?” Peter was not afraid or jealous of Jesus’ identity. He told Jesus who He was and honored Him. 

At that moment, something was transferred to Peter. He received the prophet and received the reward of the prophet (Matthew 10:41). What is the reward? For the widow, it was provision. Elijah told her in 1 King 17:8-16, “Honor me first, and God will honor you.” If that woman had honored her son and family first, she would have lost the reward of receiving the prophet. She gave her last cake! Honor fed her. As we receive one another, we will receive that which comes only from above. What was the reward? It was what was sent with him to give her, and that was the miracle through his hands. God is very strategic in using His vessels. The spirit of religion loves to cut the Body off. It carries the spirit of murder and suicide that comes from the spirit of Cain and Korah. 

Not only towards a godly leadership, but we should do good to everyone who ministers before God and the Body as well (Romans 13:1-8). We must render all to all, tribute to tribute, custom to custom, fear to whom fear, honor to honor (verse7)! If you owe anything, let it be to honor, to love! That is why our traditions kill honor. When we honor people because of a calendar, we are not honoring when honor is due! We are not honoring by the Spirit but by force! Those who receive the prophet, the Body, the Truth, and one another are honoring God…… God has an order, and He has a way! Only the devil will try to steal the honor from those to whom honor is due! Only insecurity, only those who are afraid of losing their pride, will let that happen! We must honor God the same way we must honor the members of Christ. Don’t be like the city of Galilee. They knew people only by the flesh. Paul chose to know all men by the spirit and not by the flesh. Give honor! Receive honor! Let others be exalted above your own self! That keeps the devil away and stops grieving the Holy Spirit. At the end of the day, God gets all the glory! 

Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). I refuse to take the honor and glory and recognition upon myself, and I give it to God and give it to the Body. I give to the one to whom honor is due. I will honor the least! Let’s ask God to forgive us for holding honor back from one another! We will give glory and praise to God and to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit and to all the members in the Body of Christ. There will be no division because of fear of giving honor to those to whom God wants us to give honor, double and triple honor! Father, remove all insecurity, jealously, and everything that was not planted by you. We will take the land through humility! Honor will bring great grace, grace upon grace! One Body, one Church, one Spirit. Let’s honor all men above our own selves because honor always brings honor!

Shane Roessiger

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