The world was tired of the letter, so God took the letter and made it into a man and saved all those who believe. He saved all those who believe by making this word a man. The law was weak in saving man, but The Man, The Living Walking Law, makes us live. The word was dead on a page, and God made what was dead on the page into living flesh. The Bible says not one jot, not one tittle, shall be removed from this law. Now the law has become a man, and now we don’t live after the law in its letter form but in its fleshly form. Now we eat that flesh that we may have life. Now the living letter can give us life because it is alive and able to enter us. The dead law told us. The living law fills and writes His laws on our hearts and makes it flesh in us so that from the heart, we may obey Him, His ways, His mind, and His heart. This we attain not after the deadness of the letter, but after the law of the spirit of life in the Man, the Flesh of the Word, Christ Jesus, the living walking law and Word, the law made flesh. The law made manifest. And now we eat The Law. He has fulfilled the requirements of the dead law. Now He has caused us to live by the living law, Himself, the law of the Spirit of Life, in “Christ.” There is a living law and a dead law. The dead shall judge the dead, and the living shall judge the living. He has not taken away the law, but He is making the law flesh in us through His Son that was that very flesh.

The Word died on the cross and became dead. The Word died, but God raised the Word back to life. The Word was water in the tomb, and God raised it from the dead and turned it into wine. So, too, shall He also do for us who are in Christ Jesus. He shall quicken our dead, dry mortal bodies, this flesh! He will quicken it and transform it and make it The Word. He will make it The Wine. He will make it The Living Water, and the nations shall drink and be filled. We are debtors not to the flesh and not to the law, for if we live after the law (of old), if we live after the flesh, we shall die! But the same Spirit that raised the law from the dead, raised the Word from the dead and gave it life and shall also give us life to be The Living Walking Word. In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and that Word became flesh! And that Word said and is saying, “Eat my flesh,” and I will make you living epistles read by men! The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God, but they are really waiting for the Word to be made flesh. For the Word is God, and we are little words because we are sons and daughters of The Word, for we were begotten by The Word, in the womb of The Word, and we are becoming The Word. So that we would manifest to the world, the Word made Flesh! The world wants to see the Word come out of the pages in your life!

God is His Word, the Word in the flesh, which is God in the flesh. One asked, “Show us the Father, Jesus,” and He said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Some would say, “How dare He say that?” But God is His Word, and Jesus was the Word made flesh, and the Word is being made flesh in us, and as people see us, they will see the Word. They will see Jesus. They will see the Father. Three-in-one image, and now we are made in that same image and likeness. That same word that was in the beginning will be made alive in our present, for we are becoming the Word, the Sons and Daughters of the Word. Seeds of the Word, becoming just like the Word. Jesus was just like His Father, and we are becoming just like the Word, Jesus. The Word made Flesh! And we will look like the Father because Jesus looked like Him, and we are transforming to look like Jesus. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters, but what they are really waiting for is to see God made flesh. See, we’re okay with saying the Word made Flesh. Yet God is the word. So the word was God and is God. The word is the essence of God. He is making the Word flesh in us, Christ in us, God in the flesh. As He is, so are we. As the Word is, so shall we be! We don’t have to just say the Word made Flesh, but when the Word is made flesh, God is made flesh because He was the Word, and now we are eating the Word, His flesh, and as we are eating the Word, we are becoming the Word and manifesting what we have become: The Word! To look like His sons, we have to look like The Word.

He is manifesting Himself in mortal bodies all over the World. When they see the Word, they will see the Son, and those seeing the Son shall see the Father. To be one with the Word is to be made one with God. When we manifest the Word, people see Him. “Phillip, you’ve been with me all this time.” If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. I speak what He speaks. It’s no longer I that lives, but it is the Father. This is my body, but the Father has taken over this body. You are seeing Him and talking with Him even now! And now, for us, it’s no longer I that live but Christ. And if it’s Christ who lives, it’s no longer I that lives but the Father. Jesus lived as a dead man. He let the Father take over His mortal body, and He let His Father flesh out who He is in His Son. That's why He says if you've seen me, you've seen Him. He only did what His Father was doing. The same He shall also do for those that are in Christ Jesus. For the same glory that the Father gave to the Son, the Son gave to us. We now have the Glory of our Father, the Spirit of our Father. We are fleshing out His Spirit! God doesn't just want our bodies to represent Him as a witness. He wants to take over our bodies as if it was Him, Himself, full Godly possession!

Jesus only did and moved as the Father moved. He only said what the Father said. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Father on Earth (See Matthew 10:20). One part of Him is up there, but He is also down here. He is everywhere. He is God and wants to be upon our flesh as well. The Father’s own inner man became Jesus’s inner man, and now it is in our inner man. The Spirit of the Father will quicken our mortal bodies, and He will make this body His own. This body is not mine. He wants to take over this body as if it was Him Himself. The Spirit of God does what the Father is doing, but the Spirit is the Father. For God is Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is the Father’s Spirit! Now we must worship Him in Spirit, and when we do this, we are counted as Sons of God because sons do what their father is doing, and sons of God are led by the Spirit of God, the Father. Sons are little versions of their father. Children start to look like their parents as it proves that they are their children. We should not be trying to look like anybody except our Father who is in heaven but now is in us. Paul was telling people to follow him, but they weren’t following Paul anymore; they were following Christ because Paul said, “As I follow Christ.” If you hear anyone say follow me as I follow Christ, they would be stoned, but Paul said it boldly because he knew that they weren’t following him but Christ in Him, Christ ways, Christ Mind, Christ heart. The Word made Flesh in Him. Paul was manifesting the Image of God. That's why people could follow Him - no longer was it Paul's image. It was no longer Paul who lived but Christ. We need to let people see the image of God. The world is waiting for the image of God to be manifest in man. This is why there are billions of gods and billions of images. The world is looking for God because the world, deep down, knows that there is a God. So, the enemy is coming up with all these idols and images, but God doesn’t want to manifest in material things. He wants to manifest in man! Now we are the carved image, we are the thing formed, images made out of clay, and He is the Potter. We should have no carved images. Why? Because He doesn’t want to show Himself like that. He wants to show Himself through man. He doesn’t want them to look at a picture. He wants them to look at a people, a walk, and a lifestyle so that they may be conformed to the same image and lifestyle of those same people that are made and formed in His image.

God is spirit. I have my body, then I have my spirit, but we know that spirits can leave bodies. God can leave His immortal heavenly being and be somewhere but still be in that part of Himself at the same time because God is everywhere. God is spirit. His spirit is not the heavenly body of God or the flesh of Jesus at the right hand. It's the innermost being of God, and as it says, the innermost being of a man is His Spirit, and the innermost being of God is His Spirit. Like us that are made in His likeness, we have a spirit, soul, and body, 3-in-1, and we will have a new heavenly body in heaven. Now when He fills us with His Spirit, the God who is 3-in-1 has a home in us, the temple of His Spirit. He has a place to live in us. This is why He calls us son. We have received the spirit of adoption. God came and said I’m taking this, and He adopted us. There are no adoption papers in heaven. When He adopts us, He comes into us! The Holy Spirit is not the adoption papers. It is the Father who adopted us Himself. He adopted us by coming into us, and He sealed us forever with Himself! The seal of God, the seal of our adoption, our son-ship in which we cry Abba Father! Why can we cry, Abba Father? Because now, we can cry to the Father ourselves because now the Father lives within! We can call the Holy Spirit the Spirit of the Father. God only has one spirit! It’s not the Father’s Spirit, Jesus's Spirit, and the Holy Spirit. No! It’s one Spirit. Christ in us, the Father in us, the Holy Spirit!

We don't have to cry to a priest anymore. We can boldly cry Abba Father because He is one in us, and we are one in him. We are the children of God! The Spirit itself will affirm, it says in Romans 8, and will bear witness to you this Truth until the day of redemption that we are sons and daughters of God. Sometimes we feel like a son, and sometimes we don’t feel like a son. Then we have to hear about being a son and our identity: Okay, I’m a son. Thank you, God bless. Next month: Who am I? You’re a son! Okay! Next month: Maybe I’m not a son. No! You are a son! We know who we are. We just don’t feel like it all the time because of our actions! Then we are looking for affirmation from man because we aren’t getting it from God. We are always trying to prove who we are because we aren’t standing on His foundation of affirmation, the Spirit that bears witness to who we are. When we get this, we won’t be doing this anymore. We won’t need to feel like we need to impress man anymore. Because when we know that the God of the universe, the one who created every man that you are trying to prove yourself to, affirms us and who we are, we won’t need man to do it. When we are trying to impress people, we are really just trying to prove to ourselves who we are, but you know who you are. You just need to get out of the flesh and get in the Spirit so that the Spirit can keep you in awareness and confidence of who you are. Even when we don’t feel it, we need to know who we are. We cannot depend on our feelings to bear witness to our son-ship. We need to depend on the Spirit! Before the foundations of the earth, we were predestined to be conformed to His image. Now God is doing what He predestined us to do, forming us in His image, and before He created the world, He knew you because, from the beginning, He looked at the end and chose you. He is Alpha and Omega. He knows the end before the beginning. God didn’t say I’m going to make all these people, but I’m going to save this one and that one, and the rest go to hell. No, He knows all things before you did anything! People think He just looks in a crowd and picks out of the crowd, but He knew what choices we were going to make beforehand, and He set us apart and chose us. “Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you.”

Not only did He know us, but He sanctified us. That’s why from childhood, you felt like an outcast because you were trying to live a life that God didn't give you, a way of life you were never called to but the world tried to conform you to. You were set apart before the world was created. That's why we have always felt indifferent from birth because our identity in Him that we knew not of yet was already in play! We were in God's mind before He laid the foundations of the earth. He made the earth so that we may inherit it. The meek shall inherit the earth. That was His plan. He saw creation before we were born, and he already saw us, and the lamb was slain before the world was even created. The Book of Revelation says the lamb that was slain before the foundations of the earth. He saw our fall before we fell and made the solution already, the Lamb, and then He created the earth. Then He said, let it play out. But He knew us. I know what they are going to do, and I know them, but I want them to know Me and what I have done for them! He's waiting for us to know Him and know what He has for us and know Him more than we already know Him now. Eternal life is not heaven. It’s forever being connected to the Father That sealed us with Himself for eternity. From the beginning, this was His plan A. There was never a plan B because He was already slain before Adam messed up. God only has one plan. He doesn't need a plan B. He never miscalculates. Because He knew us before creation, before Israel was created, we were His people. We’re not being grafted into a family. We were already a part of it. We just needed to understand what we were already set apart for. Before our parents were our parents, God was our Father. We already have everything that needs to happen in our destiny. It's already in us; we just need to manifest it. The world is groaning and waiting but so are we. We are waiting and working with God for the working of the words forming in us, for the redemption in our spirits, Christ, the Hope of Glory, to be made flesh on our mortal bodies that all may see Him!

God intended for us to live this life in Christ since birth. We were the old man, the old creation. Adam was already new. He was already connected to the Tree of Life. What we have now, He already had back then, but he went from life to death because he ate of the tree. He had no knowledge of good and evil, but he could not be restored because he had no knowledge of the lamb that was slain. Now we have the knowledge and revelation of the lamb that was slain 2000 years ago but really before creation. We have now gone from death to life. Now He sends His Spirit so that we do not have to go back from life to death like Adam but now to go from life to life as we keep eating and drinking of the lamb, and glory to glory and faith to faith. God’s plan was already to form His family from the beginning. The plan was for the original heads of the family, Adam and Eve, and then Cain and Abel, to expand and birth more sons and daughters. The kingdom was supposed to reign in the garden, but man messed it up and could not stay connected to the tree. So, God said I’ll come down and do it myself. The tree called life became a man and reconnected us, and now He says eat My flesh and drink My blood, and you will have life and life more abundant. The Spirit of Life in Christ, the Tree of Life, but now it’s the Spirit of Life in us as He makes us a tree of life!

The law of the spirit was before the law of Moses. The law of Moses was not first. The law of the Spirit of Life, the Tree of Life in the garden, was and always was because, in the beginning, the Word was! Then it was the dead law that Adam ate of, the knowledge of good and evil, and the dead law entered him and made him dead to the law of the Spirit, which was to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. If you eat of this other tree, you will surely die, and he did, and he was disconnected from life, the Word of God, and no longer lived by the Word of God but by good and evil. Under natural law, we live by bread alone, but under the law of the Spirit, we live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, and this forms His flesh on our bones. When we find out what we are, what we have, and what we are called to look like, the Word of God, we start to manifest it. And we are telling our bodies to obey and submit. We are prophesying, and as we are doing that, like Ezekiel prophesying to the bones, God is speaking and forming His Word on our bones. Our bones, our mortal bodies, start to come to life and obey the will of the Father. As He speaks, breath is coming out of His mouth. Just like He breathed on the dust of the ground and formed Adam, He is speaking, and He is speaking breath from His mouth, blowing and forming. What was once dust is now bones but by His breath, flesh from Heaven. These bones shall live, for the same breath that made Adam live shall make Christ live in us, and Christ, the Word made Flesh, is formed on us!

God is His Word, and when His Word is made manifest, God is made manifest! We want every word that proceeds out of His mouth to live on our bones. When the world speaks, it fills us with head knowledge, but when God speaks, He puts flesh on our bones (see Ezekiel 37). This Ezekiel prophecy is for us, His Church, and we walk through the valley of death to die to ourselves that we may become a pile of bones in the valley, that the valley of death may become the valley of dry bones, and out from the valley shall come flesh made in His image. For God shall raise these bones up in these last days, for the Glory of the latter rain shall be greater than the former. For the former was the word written on pages and tablets, but now the word shall be living in man! He will bring flesh from heaven, piece by piece. The same flesh Christ told us to eat. This flesh is the new man-made flesh in us, and this flesh is the Word. This same Word was the same Word from the beginning that was God and is God that was made flesh and now is being made flesh. So that just as God was seen in a man 2000 years ago, so shall they see God in man in this day. God is and shall be seen in the flesh by all men, in us and on us. Not in pages anymore, but in power and demonstration! They will see Him in our spirit, but they will see Him on our bones!

The Word became flesh, and now our flesh is becoming the Word! We are already like Him in our spirit, but He wants what is unseen in our spirits to be made flesh in our mortal bodies, so that it may be seen. Where we walk, talk, and act just like the Word, just like the same Spirit that is inside of us, the Spirit of our Father. Just like Jesus did, who walked out His Father's image through that same Spirit, so shall we flesh out that same image that we were called to be conformed to. We are the new man, but the world is waiting for the new man to be made flesh. They are not waiting for the sons of God. They are waiting for the MANIFESTATION OF the sons of God. God wants to tear off the old flesh. God didn’t prophesy to dry dead flesh. He tore the flesh and prophesied to bones! And when he tears the flesh, it’s the tearing of the veil. God tore the veil when he died and opened his flesh up so that what’s inside of Him can fill us and save us! What was behind the veil of Jesus's body was the Spirit of the living God that gave us freedom, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and now that freedom is in us because that Spirit is in us. That’s the Spirit of the Father that came out from Jesus and filled us. Now we need to tear the veil of our flesh and release that same Spirit of the living God that is in us, so that the nations may taste and see that the Lord is good! You need to tear the veil and release what is inside of you! Right now, we are in the valley of dry bones, and He says, O valley, be raised up! O dry bones, be raised up, be made flesh, my Flesh! By my blood! And let the mountains be brought low. We need to get off the mountains. We need to get off the high places and go to the valley and become a pile of bones. There is so much freedom in becoming a pile of bones, being free from our flesh, but even more, so that we can receive His Flesh. There are no longer going to be bones there, but what will be there is Christ, the Word of God. And it shall be raised up again in His people in this time, and the world shall see Him in us!

By Joe Pinto

Romans 8, Ezekiel 37, Matthew 10:20, John 1:1-3

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