A lot of religious people don’t like when God starts revealing things. They don’t like when God shows what He is seeing about spirits. The devil does not want us to understand how he is entering in – that is why religious people keep trying to stop us from speaking on seducing spirits. 1 Timothy 4 says that in the latter times, we could easily depart from the faith, from the call of God, and from the Word of God. So, what does satan try to do? It makes you ignore these spirits; it makes you think that all we need to do is to preach only the good news when all the authors in the epistles warned, exhorted, and rebuked. So, I say, let’s keep one another in check in love and in Truth, being led by the Holy Spirit. If we want to grow into the full stature of Christ, we must understand the strategies of the enemy. We must understand it because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal! This is why we have seers and gifts and why we are called a family, a Body, and a church. But many brothers and sisters would love to think that what we do, say, and allow ourselves to think or be is only their own business. No. What happens in the House of God (you) affects everyone. That is why many want to go maverick and be only accountable to themselves. We must understand the influence of the spirit realm in our lives. There is a difference between the Jezebel spirit and the Absalom spirit. The Jezebel spirit comes from the outside trying to take over. The Absalom spirit works from within, within God’s family, within God’s kingdom. So, this spirit is in the family! Absalom died but this spirit lives and is in full operation among the brethren. Absalom is first mentioned as murdering his half-brother Amnon, David's eldest son, in revenge for the rape of his full sister, Tamar. Absalom was so mad, and he was expecting David to do something about it. And he took upon his own self – justice (2 Samuel 13:1-22, 13:23-38) and wanted to take the kingdom from David. This is what the spirit of Absalom does. As I go deeper, I will give specific scriptures and where this spirit worked in all four gospels of Jesus. 

Here are some attributes: full of pride and full of mischief. It’s saying all the time, “Look at me”, “Look at my ministry”, and “Look at what I can do”. This constant thought is on the heart of Absalom all the time: “If I were king, I would do a much better job.” “I am more anointed; I am more charismatic; I can do better…” Absalom was in the kingdom of his father but was not for his father. David understood about loyalty, and he proved that as he dealt with Saul. Satan will use anything to cause you to desire a kingdom for your own self. We must submit to the spirit of God which is the Holy Spirit. But many of us are being submitted to other spirits. Religious people won’t understand it and will say that there is no spirit called Jezebel or Absalom, or a religious spirit, but there is a Holy Spirit, and the Bible talks about discerning spirits and there are characteristics that identify the spirit that Absalom was led by. The spirits that take over people are not all the same. They work in different ways, finding a resting place. 

The spirit of Absalom always causes division and ends in death all the time. It looks great to the soul. In the flesh, it is very charismatic. The best actor is the one that can move on emotions. People in the church can manipulate people through emotion. The difference between contract and covenant is: Contract has a start and a finish. Covenant has a start and never has an ending. The devil is trying to replace covenant for contract. Satan made a contract with Judas using the religious system of his time, and this was the way he ended his covenant with Jesus. 

People with this spirit, instead of using their gift to help and advance the work or the church or the ministry, they want to use it to advance their selves. The beautiful hair of Absalom was used to attract people to himself. Jesus Christ pointed them all to the Father. Absalom should have gathered people to work for his father’s kingdom and not to divide them. They lust after authority, power, and leadership. They want a position in authority that has not been given to them. Absalom wanted something that did not belong to him or was not entrusted to him by his father. In a NUTSHELL, this spirit is a spirit of disloyalty.

Now I will show you the difference between how Paul thought of Titus and Timothy, his sons in the spirit, and how he trusted them. When you read 1 Corinthians 4:14-17, you will see how Timothy was a loyal and faithful son, and he was always bringing into remembrance the ways of Paul, not Timothy’s ways, but Paul’s ways, his teachings that are from God who gave Paul to be an apostle. Just like Jesus did to His father who is ours. God is building upon His heavenly-ordained apostle and prophets as it is written. Paul was discerning the hearts of his sons in the faith through the gifts of discernment and of the Spirit. Back then, David did not see it, but now we can see it. Paul saw how Timothy was tested and tried. He sent him out because he could trust him. Satan is just waiting to bring division in the Body. We are in a spiritual warfare! Jesus also talked about gates, and if we are lively stones, then all of us could be gates – a way of entrance!  

Paul talked some more about Timothy in Philippians 2:19-30. He had no man like-minded like Timothy! Timothy did not have an Absalom spirit. In verse 21, it says, For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ's.”  Paul even said, “ALL,” not just a few but ALL were seeking their own. Now, that is a heavy statement to say “ALL”. Do you even notice these parts of the Bible, what Paul was even saying, and the condition, the warfare, and the betrayal he faced among his own? How Paul must have suffered! So many are seeking their own kingdom, their own agenda! Timothy was approved as a messenger and as a son! Paul asked in 2 Corinthians 12:14-21, look at verse 18:I desired Titus, and with him I sent a brother. Did Titus make a gain of you? walked we not in the same spirit? walked we not in the same steps?” Paul did not just send people out; he sent people that he would trust. LOVE IS REQUIRED; TRUST IS EARNED! People think just because God called them, we need to trust them. Just because they have a gift, we need to accept them. 

Absalom does not accept the decisions of leaders! David’s decision was not to kill the man that raped Tamar. But Absalom did not respect his decision and did what he wanted and killed Amnon – his half-brother. It always questions the leader’s decision, and always undermines the decisions of leaders. He wants more control over decisions. This spirit tries to find others that would agree with them. Absalom went to the gate outside David’s courts and far away from David’s inner circle, trying to get people into negative agreement with him (2 Samuel 15). He stirred up indignation at the gates – we call that gossip and backbiting! This spirit always thinks God should have picked someone else. It thinks if they were in leadership, they would make better or right decisions. They believe that they make better decisions than the leader does. Not even knowing the private counsel and prayer meditation that is being done. 

They question. When someone’s needs are not met or if they are disappointed, they want to blame the leader. If a leader cannot trust you, God cannot promote you, or we must say God will never promote you. Now we have the Word, and the Word is the discerner of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12) and the things of the heart are what we see. 

Absalom spirit will have its own agenda. Just like Judas had his own agenda and wants to overthrow the kingdom of Jesus. He came to show us a better way. This spirit will puff up the person and will make them think they are better, they could do better, and if they were in charge, they could have done it better. They think they would deal with situations in a different way. Just as Judas thought Jesus should have dealt with Mary. All these things are in the Bible for a reason. This spirit justifies its wrongs by pointing to the wrongs of others. It pursues the hearts of others to set a stage or to see how others are feeling in order to see if they have others who will rebel with them or lead a rebellion. They are offended people that live with hidden offenses that satan gets in! We cannot allow satan to get in through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16-17). When leaders trust, they give positions even when that person takes that position and uses it against the one who had given that position. That’s like the betrayal of Absalom and Judas. These spirits are on the Earth until Jesus comes back. It is our job to identify them, rebuke them, and let this never find a place in us because they are there to kill, steal, and destroy what God is building and what He is doing. Let’s see a New Testament example.

Here comes Judas questioning Jesus’s decision about “wasting the oil” in John 12:1-6. The Bible says he was a thief. He wanted to rob what was not his, just like Absalom. The Holy Spirit exposed the heart of Judas. Judas liked to carry that bag of money around. See, he made everyone think he was for the people and for the poor, but he wanted what the Holy Spirit wanted to give to Jesus, not even knowing he was preparing Jesus for His burial. Because Judas had his mind on what was purposed for Jesus, on what was ordained to advance the Kingdom and to change the world forever. Judas was trying to cause indignation among the others, making them think he was about the poor, but Judas was about himself, wanting what was not for himself. Then where did Judas head off to, whose camp? He went to make a contract with satan (John 18:1-6). Judas went and made an alliance with the religious system, the law, and the old wine. Judas thought he would take the kingdom from Jesus’s hands. Judas kissed Jesus, trying to pretend he was for Jesus. The smiles and kisses of Absalom had the same weight. Satan was working on Judas but there was a specific moment when satan entered in him. Then right after that Judas made a contract with satan for 30 silver coins, and he broke the covenant with the King of Kings! He was turned over to do what was already in his heart…

Absalom will say, “Let me take over and I will fix things.” Jesus was always bringing people together. A house divided cannot stand. If there is a civil war, we will lose the big war. Lust is covetousness. Absalom is all about him. Jesus is all about the Father. The same thing that brought Absalom glory killed him. 

The same thing that attracted people to Absalom was used to kill him (2 Samuel 18). Judas and Absalom were hanging on a tree. Cursed is the one hanged on the tree (Galatians 3:13). But Jesus became a curse and brought us life.  If you don’t learn about loyalty, you will never be able to receive His kingdom. Let God rip this spirit out of you! Sedition means lack of submission - the undermining of authority with the intent to overthrow it. Sedition is one of the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:18-20). Don’t be deceived - Absalom thought he was right in taking the kingdom by his own hands, but now we see it is insanity! The idols of our hearts must be taken down! Jesus showed to satan, “When my blood is shed, you will bow to me. I am the son of God; I don’t have to prove it to you or to anybody. Why are you trying to tempt me with false power, lust of the eyes, pride of life, and lust of the flesh?” This was done in the wilderness. He tested Him. Jesus said you have nothing in me.

Father, show us. Open our hearts to us. Don’t let the enemy have hidden agendas, mischief, or secret agendas in us. God, make me like Paul, Titus, and Timothy! Help us to move in the same meekness, the same spirit, and the same steps. Help us to get together and flow from the head, Jesus, to the whole body. The anointing not only breaks but destroys the yoke, to help us to be submitted to Jesus Christ. Let Him remove these things. Because God already sees it. It is not a surprise for Him. It is not a surprise for those with the spirit of discernment. Satan can come as a minister of light to deceive many. We must be close to Holy Spirit and close to one another. Oneness in the Spirit is not to control but to protect us. Ask God to reveal all gossip, all hidden agendas, and all negative agreements, and let no spiritual treason ever be said among us because when we are under the light of His Spirit, that will be manifested anyhow. Judas lost his mind. Absalom lost the kingdom he was building. Don’t let that happen to you. Guard your heart. Absalom was drawing people to himself, to his own desire, not God’s. What is our agenda? To advance the kingdom of God or to position ourselves to have our own kingdom, our own ministry? “Father, deliver us, heal our hearts, and let us live forever and ever in your kingdom and in your power and glory. Forever and ever! Amen.”

Shane Roessiger




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