“Father, come to our garden today and till my ground.  Remove anything that contaminates us. Anything that removes us from loving you 100%. Any hindrance. Any roots of bitterness. Don’t let any root of bitterness spring up and trouble me.”

Many are troubled because they are letting roots of bitterness spring up (Hebrews 12:11-17). You can’t love because something is troubling you. Many are defiled. Paul was preaching to an apostolic people, to converted people. He was reminding them about the removing of all of it out of the foundation, the removal of things that were planted in them unaware. The Holy Spirit uses us to help you see something that looks “normal” among us but is not. When that root of bitterness springs forth, all see it. We can pretend all is well, but if we are connected to the Body, how can you run away from it? Many are good about hiding something but when revealing comes, bitterness is exposed! 

Some people want to feel better about bitterness, but they do not allow God to remove it. They want things to stay the way they are because they are “justified”, they have a reason to believe that they have a good reason to keep it. Bitterness can flourish in the ground of pride! Bitterness chokes out the fruit of God! These are bitter herbs but I would say they are weeds in God’s Garden. Weeds that cover the garden. Your heart is the garden, and His words are the seeds but the things of this world choke them out. The things that come up that are not of God are what He says can defile you!

How do they grow? By not dealing with them, by taking up offenses, by betrayals, by rejection, by not forgiving another, by living in yesterday, by feeling regret. Even after God has given us a new heart, so many of these things can trigger you. That is why we react around certain people or some situations. Out of our ground can proceed bitter waters (James 3:10-12). Does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? If you abide in Christ, how can something be in you if they are not in Christ? 

God continually prunes and cuts off some things – that is how He helps us to grow. But how about the things that we don’t let Him touch? Things may spring up because we are growing into the same stature of Christ, but if we hold onto weeds in our garden, we will never produce the fruits of Christ. We cannot run from what God has put together. So many become vagabonds or homeless to the living house because they are holding on. Instead of living stones, they become stumbling blocks on the road.

What are the signs that these roots are springing up? Accusations, Impatient, Judgmental, Self-righteousness, Hard heart. You cannot divorce the Body of Christ. We say: “I have the rights.” NO! You don’t have any right. All of your righteousness is filthy rags. Our righteousness is and comes from God. How can we get free from it? See yourself as not too good just like the other person you are bitter towards. Little things that are not removed grow so strong. Do you know what bitterness does? It makes you weak, opens the door for all kinds of bad stuff, destroys you from the inside out, and even though you are saved, you still live as condemned. All because you allowed those offenses, misunderstandings, and lack of communication. Oh but “it is ok”; no, it is not. You can play the victim role but even science and health experts would say that bitterness defiles your whole body. It makes you sick and brings in diseases. If that happens with the natural body, imagine what it does to the spiritual body. Even when you have every reason, it is still just pride and selfishness – that is how satan breeds in. 

Now that we are not a slave to time, we have no time to hate! If you say I love God but hate your brother, the love of God is not inside of you. Resisting, ignoring, cutting out of our lives, avoiding: These are all ways to express bitterness. Bitterness defiles the whole body. It corrupts, it contaminates, it ruins. It pollutes. It dishonors. It poisons. That is right. I don’t know what you have gone through, I know what Jesus went through so you can be made whole. These self-righteous people want grace for themselves all the time but want justice for others. Some are in the gall of bitterness and a bond of iniquity (Acts 8:23). Just like husbands and wives, we cannot be bitter towards one another (Colossians 3:18-20). Many little or big things have to be nailed on the cross! You will be unfruitful if you don’t. 

Bitterness will point a finger at the other, trying to point out who is the worse. Bitter roots are a fruit killer. So LET ALL BITTERNESS GO…Ephesians 4:30-32. See, we need to LET. We need to LET bitterness be removed. “Come to Me, you who are bitter, and I will remove that from you.” When you hold onto bitterness, you are holding onto satan. We cannot hold on to the law and to grace. You will not receive grace from God. We are stripping ourselves from grace, from power. Until Ishmael (works of the flesh) was removed from the house, the promise to Abraham from God was always mocked! If you don’t send Ismael away, you will be in bondage. In the Book of Ephesians, it is not written, “God will remove it.” It says, “LET ALL BITTERNESS” be put away. Anyone holding on, looking back to what happened, cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and cannot be His disciples. When we really forgive, we are really healed! Sometimes bitterness in you will produce Christ in others because they will have to die to not become like you and it will make them love you just as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. God will use the bitterness in others to even produce Christ in us.

Some of you have a new name:  It is called Mara (Ruth 1:20). Naomi said, “Call me Mara,” in Hebrew, meaning bitter. She was bitter at God. Lost her husband and two sons! We always think we have a legitimate case…But we have all been made new in the blood of Jesus, in the sprinkling of the water, but we still say, “Call me Mara because of my wife and my husband; call me Mara because my husband drives me crazy; call me Mara because of the way my brother or sister treats me; call me Mara because I hate my calling, my life, the Body. No. Stick to the name that God gave you: fruitful vine, a tree planted by the river, offspring of life! 

We are talking about the roots that come after we are born again! Read Psalm 64:3-4 and you will see what the tongue of a bitter person looks like: “Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words: That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.” Bitterness reacts fast. It springs up, really fast. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. People go from person to person, church to church, marriage to marriage, because the roots of bitterness are there. 

God has called us to be a people that will love one another, and if you cannot love your brother, sister, husband, or wife, there is no way for us to love God. You are a liar if you say you do love Him and you don’t love one another (1 John 4:20). If you don’t kill that bitterness, you will kill that person and that bitterness will kill you. 

God gave a new heart. Ezekiel 36:22-31 prophesied about it. He said God would spring clean waters in us and will clean us from all impurity. Only Jesus can wash us clean. The priests of the Old Testament looked clean, but they were still dirty! He prophesied and told us about a new heart, a new start! The Holy Spirit is doing what Ezekiel prophesied. Giving us a clean and pure heart! We shall dwell in the land, we shall be His people, and He shall be our God. Now it is time to LET GO and LET GOD HAVE IT! That land mentioned in this chapter has, now, nothing to do with Israel; it is His kingdom!  He promised to give us a new Spirit! He will multiply the fruit of our tree. The sap heals the tree. The sap is the anointing, the oil! You cannot be a healer and still be bitter. Why? Only healed people can heal others!  

The sap comes when you are accused, or when you feel misunderstood, but what do you do? You will let that infection of the bitterness come in or you will let the sap? If you let God cut that thing out of you, the sap will come and mend you back together to your brother, sister, husband, wife, Body. The anointing is the sap. Jesus is the anointed one. He has given us His anointing. He is our healer, our comfort, the one who restores our souls. The sap comes out! Get a machete and strike the tree and you will see sap will come out and bring healing to the tree. Let us be the sap, not the machete!

Let’s read Revelation 10:9: “And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.” Let God deal with you, and it will be like honey. Take His pruning.  Let the things that come out of me, that grow in my heart towards everybody, be love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (Galatians 5:22-23).

 Some translations added “self-control”, but man cannot control anything. Man cannot do a thing by themselves. This is not THE FRUITS, but the FRUIT! All of this in one! This is the FRUIT that needs to come out of us! The fruit of the Spirit is all the attributes of the Holy Spirit. Yield to Christ, abide in Him, and bitterness will not have a place in you. It is not about self-control, but being controlled by the love of God. Thank you, Father, for showing us these fruits of bitterness. And do whatever it takes to remove any root thereof! No more gall of bitterness. No more Mara in the house.  Pride will stop you from ever being healed! Because pride says, “I”! The humble say, “HE”. It is no longer I, but Him! Confess your faults so you can be healed. Let this mind be in you. Let pride and filthy rags be removed from your body today. Let the sap of God heal your heart!  Let the fire of God and His Truth uproot anything that was not planted by our Father.  

Shane Roessiger





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