The fact is: The most powerful tool the devil will use is a fact: “I feel. I think. I see.” What if the fact is really a lie!? A big one is: “I believe!” … “I believe this, I believe that.” When you add faith to your belief, then that’s your truth! Using this saying can have two different realities. People say, “I believe,” but what if that is just their opinion and not a fact. We get in this pattern to add “I believe”, but just because we say we believe that does not make it truth, even if you have your own facts. What if it’s a fact to you but it’s an illusion! But thank God the kingdom of God does not operate in the gathering of facts! We have this evidence but those who have not been touched by kingdom reality want worldly facts from us to prove what we believe. At the end of the day, it is only God who proves who He is, and He does that only to the meek and to the humble. 

I believe that Jesus died and rose again! It’s written, and we have been touched and saved to know that that is truth because we have the fruits, we have the encounter, we have the witness! This changed person is the evidence, but they use other evidence or facts to say differently. So, God said whatsoever a man thinks or believes, so is He! And the devil uses facts to make one believe a lie! Let’s read Proverbs 23:7: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.” I recommend you read the entire chapter. The lie has to get through your mind to get through your heart! You need to believe it to receive it!

Even though, we must not try and deny the reality! We are here to filter these things by the Word of God. For example, some people even feel bad that they are sick. You may really be sick, but you better filter reality through His Word that says, “You are healed.” When you are sick, THE FACT IS THAT YOU NEED JESUS, THE HEALER!  Let His Word be truth and every man a liar! Then you cannot tell anyone or ask for help because you think if you confess it, you are claiming it! This was a bad doctrine, hyper-faith I would call it! 

The devil can trap you in spiritual pride with this type of twisted faith! The Bible is clear that we live in this world, and we are not going to be in a bubble, but the Truth is Jesus can intervene anytime. 

But the word is Truth. Let every man be a liar! (Romans 3:4). Those who have faith and don’t go by facts, they walk more in freedom! But let us understand that facts are not Truth! Facts are evidence. Facts are science. Facts are reality. They are worldly and carnal. The enemy will use what we feel, what we see, and what we have done to try to make the Word of no effect. 

See, it’s a fact that Jesus was born and lived. But is He who He says He is? Is He the Truth or a lie? Will He do what He says He will do? Truth cannot be changed. There cannot be two of them. Truth has no lie. Truth is eternal. Someone else’s truth, if it is not of Jesus, it’s a lie, no matter how much someone else believes it! No matter how much evidence or facts they show you. Facts can lead you to Truth, but they can also lead you to a lie! You must filter it. 

The devil uses this to create your own truth or a lie! A strong delusion is believing a lie! Being delusional means following lies! Read 2 Thessalonians 2:10-14. God Himself will send a strong delusion but God has chosen us to salvation, to sanctification, to believe on the Truth. The world is delusional, blinded by facts, not knowing the Truth! God will give His children revelation that will reveal mysteries and hidden things that are eternal. 

Many could not believe on the facts that the prophets were speaking about. But now, God has written and revealed them by His Spirit and has filled our hearts with faith so we can believe on what is written in His Word. Read John 12:39-40 and 2 Corinthians 3:8-18.

The veil on Moses’ face was a way of God saying, “You can’t see what I am showing without My Spirit.” The Spirit would come on God’s prophets or oracles, but the Spirit would lift. The glory would lift back then. 

That is why they could not see Jesus or the glory after the glory lifted. But now Jesus puts His glory in us. The veil after the blood was shed has been torn forever. Religion will sow it back up time and time again.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Wherever the Spirit is so are we. Whatever we go, we should manifest freedom. But in what you believe. You cannot be free if you believe on a fact! The devil may be filling you with tons of them, and they are all lies. This is the way he binds you! But where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, there is faith! You better burn medical reports, global news, religious formulas, and worldly news! You have been trained to believe on facts, but the apostolic Gospel will root that out of you! Burn your own truth and believe on His, His Word, His way, and His kingdom. We must renounce any fact that comes against the Truth (2 Corinthians 4:1-7). When you believe not, you get blinded by lies. The light of the glorious Gospel must be preached today. Where there is darkness, there is no light. Even science would tell you that! We preach not our facts! But Christ Jesus the Lord. 

Where there is light, darkness has to be gone! When Truth manifests, He separates darkness from the light! I don’t care how many facts you have, but how much do you believe, how much light do you have, and how much freedom do you have! We have this treasure in earthly vessels, so the excellency of the power of God, not of us, be manifested, so the power of His Truth, not the power of your facts, be manifested! You have this truth inside of you, not the reality of this world! Read 2 Corinthians 5:7. This is how me must walk: By faith. Not by facts or man’s opinions. Read Hebrews 11:6. You must know who He is, because if you know who He is, His nature will be manifested and come out of you! Where is that Truth that is planted in you? The world is looking for that inside of you. Don’t stop the Truth in you because of the reality you have been trained to believe. Faith will let you see it! Faith will reward you. 

This – written in John 8:30-36 – is what they do not want you to know! If you continue in His Words, then you are His disciples! If you know the Truth, you must know! You must be intimate with the Truth, not with man’s opinions!

 I want to be led by the Truth. In the past, the word TO KNOW had a strong meaning of having intimacy with someone, just like a husband and wife! But today the word TO KNOW is more connected to its intellectual aspect, to knowledge! No. God wants us TO KNOW, to have intimacy with the Truth! God is not concerned about churches having their doors opened, but churches being opened for the Truth. Jews believed in the facts, and they became more and more in bondage. They thought they were free, but freedom was right in front of them. How deceived they were! They were under Roman rule. They have been in bondage time and time again, but they said they were free! 

Read John 14:12-24, and you will see that many could not receive the Spirit of Truth, nor know Him. If we know the Truth, the Truth shall be in us! By this passage, we see God prophesying to those who are born again that these seeds that God planted in the Word shall be imparted in them, and you shall know Him! When you are intimate with someone you love, there is a DNA being planted. The same with God. The more we “know” Him, the more we look like Him. When we are intimate with God, with His Truth, He himself is planted inside of us. God will fill those with His treasure. There is a war on the Truth. The Jew could not see Him, but those smoking crack pipes or those like the woman with issue of blood can see Him. The desperate, the humble, and the needy will always see Him as He is. 

How would you turn the truth into a lie? Read John 15:25-27. By allowing people to decide what is the truth, by allowing people to construct their own truth! If the devil can steal it from you, he can steal the way! The Spirit of Truth will testify of what is fact and what is Truth. God has so many things, but we will only be able to hear it by the Spirit of Truth (John 16:12-14). Many say, “This is my Truth,” but no man can possess their own Truth. Man can have opinion. Opinion and facts are veils covering God’s truth. That is illusion! 

The thing about truth is that there is only one, so when people tell you they have their own then you make people gods. If you give ears to people’s opinions, you turn them into your god. The truth has no lies, no opinions, and no compromise. It does not need defending. 

Truth is not for those who want to believe a lie! Truth is very expensive but cost nothing. Truth hides in humility, and it will never die! There is only one and cannot be denied. Even when man perverts it, it’s still hidden in the lie. Those who look for it will still find it! Jesus is the way. Jesus is the life. Jesus is the alpha and the omega, the beginning, and the end! In Him there is no lie! I don’t care what facts says, the fact is: WITHOUT JESUS YOU CANNOT HEAR, YOU CANNOT SEE, YOU CANNOT BELIEVE. But if you humble yourself, He will come and help you to see and to believe in the Truth. Whatsoever a man believes, so is he. I don’t want to eat enticing words; I don’t want to eat the bread of man’s own wisdom. I want to eat His Word and His Truth. Once I start believing it, I will start seeing it! No matter what you feel, see, or hear. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. They want to see Christ in you! But what are you believing on? Facts or Truth? The fact is: If you believe a lie, faith will die inside of you. So let His Word be true and every man’s opinion that does not align with His Word be a lie! 

Shane W Roessiger







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