Jesus will not come to those who are waiting sitting in their chairs but to those who seek Him, desire Him, and want Him. Because when you want Him, you will seek Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. Then you will go from being a spectator to an imitator of Him! Look at the passage of John 5:1-9. This man was sitting there for years. But he just sat there, waiting for someone to help him, waiting for a man. Many of us go to a place – to a building – and sit there. And you think, “Today something is going to happen,” but nothing is going to happen if you just sit there, waiting, observing, judging, spectating, and complacent! We must become those who are pressing in to have Him. We need to break this religious mind because the religious mind is dead! Jump in the pool, don’t wait for a man, don’t wait for cheerleaders, don’t wait for an event or the next conference! Just jump in the pool! We cannot be doing the same thing and expect something to happen. This is spiritual insanity! I mentioned a “pool” because of this scenario in this passage, but now because of Christ, it is no longer a pool but a river! 

God is saying to you today, “Will you be made whole?” God knows every one of us. Everybody reading this has so many things that they are praying for. But they act and sit like this man by the pool, waiting for somebody to push them into the Spirit, to push them to do what they know they need to do, waiting for somebody to encourage them, to move them! But God is looking for a people that are doing it already, jumping in the pool already. This way others will come and follow them. God is looking for those who are looking to help others. He is not looking for self-made Christians that are always looking for a man. 

It is so easy for us to go back to the religious mindset… “Maybe this Sunday…” No, it can be now and right now! Up to you! Will you jump into the pool? Religion makes us paralyzed just as this man was. We can move our hands, our feet, our body, but we have this religious mindset: waiting on a man! God is waiting for you to jump in the pool. God is not waiting on a man; He is waiting on a Body. That is why God is building His church with lively stones and not dead rocks. 

It is not for you to watch a man but for you to jump in a pool! When we move, He moves! When we pray, He heals. When we move first, He backs us up! When we step out, He steps in. 

Some people are sleeping. God wants you to get all you can as you gather with the Body, but then go home and multiply it! Some people are just needy, “I need this, I need that…” They are always waiting for somebody to help them when all they need to do is to throw themselves into that living water! When we do that, many will come and jump in, too. Jesus is saying to us, “Rise and pick up your bed.” Jesus was there. Jesus is here. It is not a matter of waiting on a season. It can happen now. He will not do it for you! He is waiting for you! He already did it for you. So many are waiting on a man, waiting on a feeling, waiting for this and that! Some are missing their visitation! 

There is a time when we just need to get in the water. It’s no longer seasonal. It’s no longer the first one! It’s in all, for all, through all! We just need to believe it! He wants to see you moving toward Him. I have seen desperate people and how they act. Many are not desperate anymore. Today that starts with you! Get out of this place of paralysis and jump in. We don’t need a man to help us to engage His presence. We just need to engage Him! We don’t gather because of a man, but because of Him who saved us, not because of His benefits but just because of Him! We don’t have to wait for another season or another conference. No. We need and seek Him right now! 

Out of the Lamb proceeds rivers of living waters, it says in Revelation 22:1-4. Who is the tree of life? His name is Jesus. Who is the river? It is Jesus. Where is the temple of God? Inside the church. When we come together, here is the habitation of God. But if we need glory, we need to engage. Don’t wait on a man who comes up the mountain to seek the word for us, to get the fire for us, when He wants us all to hear Him! We can walk in His presence as individuals but also as a Body, but we must engage, bearing fruits 12 months a year! 

Every corner has a church. Every church has its doctrine. No. It is about one church. One doctrine. One river. Dead people will manifest a dead church. We want us to be partakers of His divine nature. He has made us trees of life, Christ in us the hope of glory. We need to be saturated with Him; He wants us to be engaging with Him all the time. Take two steps forward and you will be in the river! We don’t want to hear about other people, but we want to be that people. It is wide, and vast! Jump in! We need to be awake so we can awaken others! Faith is not waiting! Faith is the evidence! Faith is the action! Faith is the essence of believing! Faith without works is dead! God chose you because He appointed you to be a forerunner to the new wine! 

Waiting on the Lord has nothing to do with or has any agreement with not moving out in faith! We wait on Him always, but we are always engaging. Always seeking, always yearning, always moving. Woe is you who think you have enough! You are the garden, and you are the house mentioned in Jeremiah 29:5-14 – Eat from one another. Make sure there is bread on the table. Engage with one another! The body of Christ is made with many members. There is no paper you should sign to become members of the body. Membership is the fruit that you produce 12 months a year, every day you are producing. I am not part of an organization but part of a living organism. Every joint – every Body part supplying to one another. Only the part that is alive can supply another. Are you a dead stone or a living stone? 

God’s desire is for us to increase, not decrease! Increase where you have been planted! “Don’t let the news, don’t let false prophets, or Babylon, none of this, move you and stop you from seeking Me.” Every lying spirit that makes you feel disqualified must be exposed. God is looking for a people that don’t just sit back and wait for Him to change their situation. God is sitting next to us, waiting for us to stand up and jump in the river! Many were called, but only a few believed! We must look like something different, something different than other temples that serve dead gods. Our God demonstrates who He is. He wants you to be His demonstrator. He wants you to show His power and manifest His glory! Don’t come to a building to worship a dead god. Come and seek a living God. He found us dead but now we are alive. Stop looking like the dead! We won the election! We chose the King of Kings! Outside of Him, we are losers! But we are victorious! Let God transfer His image into you. And that happens through the Word! 

Verse 12 of this passage says, “Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” The Word was prophesying back then but it is for now. When you seek Him, not just show up at the building. Some of you, are saved but lost. Some of you are victorious but live as losers. Some of you have all the power, but you sit there waiting for Him to do it or for someone to help you. 

When we look like Him, the world will believe that He is alive. That woman at the well met Him and was excited about her encounter with Him. He is asking, “Why don’t you encounter me? I am at the well inside of you.” Love Him first and everything else will be second! Do not be conformed to religion, but be conformed in Him, move in Him. Don’t have faith in doing what you want but have faith in seeking Him! Not religious faith or dead works but faith that encounters God and moves Him! BE not conformed to religion but be ye in Him and move as one who is alive! 

Things happened in the life of Enoch not by coincidence but by Faith (Hebrews 11:5-7). Without faith, we cannot please Him. Without desire, without hunger, we cannot please. He is always moving but we are not. When we move, He moves! He wants us to move! Don’t just sit there waiting on the mercy of God. The mercy of God came two thousand years ago! I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for a hug, for affection, for an encounter, for a healing (Psalm 37:25)! Because it is already ours! “Don’t you know all I have is yours?”, Luke 15:31. Don’t be mad at the brother who is celebrating when he has nothing. You have all things! God is not a rewarder of those who show up. He is a rewarder of those who seek Him desperately (Hebrews 11, verse 6), of those who are not here just to be entertained. This is not a house of entertainment, but a house of prayer, a house of encounter. Seek Him diligently! Don’t just go to a place where God is but become that place where God is! 

God wants you to put in your name, by faith: By faith, I (put your name here) heard and believed that He will reward me. I will engage and seek Him, by faith! He is a rewarder of me because I am seeking, I am hearing the Word, I am believing the word, and by faith, I will engage. I must get into the pool! By faith, I will stay inside this pool! I don’t need a cheerleader because I am always excited about engaging Him and being rewarded by Him! I don’t need a man to give me revelation. I don’t need a man to encourage me. I just need to pick up my bed and walk! But to encounter Him by faith, by promise, by His word! 

Paul spoke to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:3-8 and told him to stir up the gift, the treasure, the promise, the river of God, the faith inside of him. Shake off the lies, shake off yesterday’s mistakes and problems. Don’t come to the house of wine and bring sour condemnation! Have faith that He is a rewarder of those who stir themselves, of those who seek Him! Stir up what is already in you! It takes a little move! Virtue came from Jesus. Jesus did not see that woman touching Him, but virtue came out of Him because of her faith, not because of His compassion or pity at this moment (Luke 6:19). He did not say to wait on the Lord to stir you up or to make you hungry! God used a man to tell a man that He needed to do it! I am telling you: YOU NEED TO DO IT! Everybody in the Body of Christ needs to do something! Elijah has to confront! There are some things that you need to do. God is not in control of what He made you in control of and a steward of. God gave us the control to make choices. You choose. Religion always says, “God is in control.” No! He sits back and fills us with full authority and waits on what we will be doing and not doing! If God is in control, He would make everybody choose Him, but no. He gave us choices. Today is the day of salvation, today is the day of jumping in the river! He gave us the control to be in control of our decisions. Are you waiting for another man? Are you waiting for another season? No. This is the tree of life bearing fruits in every season! Paul did not say, “Wait on the Lord.” No! “Stir the gift, the water of the river inside of you!”

There is always a need for engagement! Stir up what is inside of you! God is saying, “Now what are you going to do after this Word?” He is a rewarder of those who press in and diligently, consistently, with hunger, desiring, reaching out for Him, and then He grabs hold. This is the Word of God. Let faith come upon you. This word that you heard (Romans 10:17) brought you faith. Let this word of God impart faith in you! Start doing something that you have not done before. Let faith be your God, let faith move you, not man! The pool is here! He is here! Are we all jumping in? Or will there be only one jumping in? Then you be the one jumping in even when others are saying, “I will be sitting here just waiting.” Right, you are not good enough, that is right, and that is why He came! In Him, we have access to all things. In Him, he has a free pass to the pool! Some of you go to these places that you need a free pass, but God is saying YOU HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO GET INTO THE POOL OF THE SPIRIT, TO GET INTO HIM, TO MOVE! Now it is your turn, just move! Not by your mind thinking about it. The pool is moving, and the waters are stirred. “Father, help me to get up, to get my bed, and jump in, in Him!” God is going to move! Just take two steps forward. He never stops moving. Why are you? He is looking for the hungry. Can He see you getting up toward the pool? He will reward you. Just move. One step after another. Decide today: “I am not waiting on a man!” 

Shane W Roessiger

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