God came on Earth as a seed planted into the womb of a woman by the Holy Spirit. That womb was good ground. His name will be Emmanuel, God with Us, and His plan was to reproduce seeds on the Earth in us. Now our hearts become ground that seed can produce life or death, good and bad. The seed that was stolen in the garden through the disobedience of Adam, now through Jesus what was stolen was restored. Jesus became the first seed of many brethren (Romans 8:29). Now, God has not only one son but many. Jesus is that seed that had to die so that it could produce many seeds – seeds that would be sprouted by being born again without corruption but connected to God. Over time, Christ Jesus taught us the Word so that there could be a harvest. The multiplication of His own self and in His own image! Since the beginning, we see God using His words as seeds. God created the world by the Word of His mouth. His Word is like a seed and He asked what shall we compare His kingdom to? It is like someone who sowed a seed (Mark 4:26). 

The kingdom always starts with a seed in us. It’s like a mustard seed. His word must grow in us. His kingdom IS HIM and He is the King, and in the beginning was the word and the word was God. It’s one of the smallest seed in the world according to Christ, and the kingdom of God is as a mustard seed. It starts with one word or very small then grows and becomes great, huge, and many lodge therein. Jesus makes all His parables as examples so we can understand what His kingdom is like. The kingdom of God is really the Word. Jesus said, “But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Luke 11:20). Jesus told the Pharisees that the kingdom is within – that means that we are the ground. The Word said that Jesus is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). He is the first fruit of many others (Brethren). He, being the first, makes the entire thing holy – that makes the rest holy. Jesus said you are clean by My Word (John 15:3-5). He said so many things about His Word. He was always trying to show the religious system what the kingdom was like but they loved the traditions more than the Truth. They loved the law more than life. He talked about what the parable of the seed is – It is what the entire kingdom is about and was like. It is all about the heart and all about what we need to do to let the kingdom come, manifest, and take over. 

As He speaks, He speaks the seeds and the kingdom of God into us. He is the light of the world and the bread from heaven. He is. Everything that they couldn’t see was soon revealed through Christ. “I will destroy this temple and I will build it up in three days,” Jesus said (John 2:19). “No way this temple took decades to be built,” they thought. They only saw things in the carnal.  They thought what Jesus was saying was something that referred to this world when Jesus Christ was talking about Himself. But He was not of this world. He was the vessel carrying the glory in His body that makes Him a temple. A house that carries or hosts God is a temple. Jesus was the temple of God! 

Years ago, we planted SEEDS. And as TIME went by, now we have the HARVEST. And we are starting to see the outcome of our seeds and our prayers coming alive according to His will. Seed-Time-Harvest! Don’t work the field with a bad heart because when we give God our offering, He will not accept it. What goes out will be the harvest of what goes in. The spiritual world is of Satan and of God. The kingdom of God starts as a mustard seed but then it becomes the hub of God. When God casts out devils that is when you know the kingdom of God has come to you. When Adam and Eve sinned that’s when the law was birthed into the world. They didn’t see good and evil until they ate that bad seed. When they ate the fruit, they didn’t die in the flesh, they died in the spirit and they got set apart from God. Anything not connected to God will die and is dead. Lies are seeds as well. We are the ground and whatsoever is sowed will bring a harvest but if the kingdom of God is not protected and watered, it can’t grow inside of us. This is what the parable of the seed shows us. It is written and spoken by Him. In this passage in Mark 4, He spoke about many things that can kill that seed inside of us: fowls of the air devouring it, lack of moisture withering it, thorns choking it, lack of depth causing the sun to scorch the seed. All life is seed. In the world and in the Kingdom, when you understand the seed, you can begin to understand the kingdom of God! 

Jesus said that the glory that was given to Him won’t just be given to the 12 but to the ones that come after Him (John 17:22). He was talking about you and me! Now we don’t any longer have a yearly sacrifice or a monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly sacrifice, but a living sacrifice. Everything that God speaks shall always come to pass. Even if it takes a lifetime. If He promises it to you, it will come. We have to have faith in what He did and what He is doing. One day a revival will break out because a seed was planted. He didn’t give Himself just to have a little, but He gave himself to have a 100-fold return. A full harvest! God didn’t need a bakery; He just needed a couple of loaves. He didn’t need a deli; He just needed a few fish. He didn’t need a whole army; He just needed a few good men. He just needs a small army! Ask Gideon! He just didn’t get the 12 disciples; He got the millions. All of this comes to pass with a seed. A seed – even the size of a mustard seed. A seed called Emmanuel – that is thrown on the ground and dies to produce a harvest! Jesus was that seed that died and was sprung up into everlasting life. He is the kingdom of God. He is resurrection power. He is life. He is I AM and before Abraham was, He was. He is, He was, and will be the seed of life that will never die. We will and must be planted by Him, rooted in Him, and bring forth a 30, 60, and a 100-fold increase. This is what the kingdom looks like!  

Shane Roessiger




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