Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man can come unto the Father except through the Son! People say there are many ways to the Father, but there is only one way! Jesus! People always want another way, just like what the religious people want. They always want other ways even though they may say Jesus is the only way. They still heap unto themselves other ways to access the things of God without going through “The Way,” Jesus. Always wanting steps, formulas, and new ways but there's only one way, Jesus. He is the way to God’s higher ways, to the higher Kingdom that moves in higher wisdom, not the wisdom of man made by the hands of man but the foolishness to man that is wisdom from heaven! Wisdom to confound the wise. That's God's way! Man’s ways always have to seem logical and orderly and structured in a worldly sense. Those with worldly sense will be confounded because His ways will make no sense to them. Our ways are not His ways so how can we expect to understand them with a carnal mind? We need a spiritual mind to make sense of His spiritual ways. That's why the Bible says we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. That we may know and see and understand His way and His ways in every situation! His ways are not our ways but it’s time for us to inherit His way because He is the way, the truth, and the life! And we are meant to walk in this way, being led by Him in everything. There is no logic to following the Holy Spirit, no steps, no formula. You are just an eagle being taken by the wind. Religious people can’t handle that because they always need a format!

People ask how do you do church? How do you pray? How do you preach? How do you cast out demons? How do you do that? How do you do this? Well, there's only one answer because there's only one way! Jesus! He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man can enter in except through Him! No one can operate in Him except through Him. In Him, we, live, move, and have our being. Everyone always wants steps and formulas but there is no formula in the Spirit. You want to try and figure out the Spirit? Well, you can’t because He is just like the wind. You don't know where it goes but you can hear its sound and such are those that are born again! There is no formula even to who is going to be born again. Paul preached and people were baptized in the Holy Ghost and Fire as he preached, and other times he laid hands. If anyone tells you any differently that there's a formula, a set way even to deliverance and healing and things of the such, run! Many use baptisms like it's a formula for everything but Paul said he was glad he only baptized a few. Why? Because he didn't want it to become a formula! Because when it was done, it was a spontaneous prophetic act done by the inspiration of the Spirit. People look back at things that were done in the Bible and try to make a formula out of it but there's no power because it was never originally to be a format. It was something God decided to do through each individual as He pleased, and they were able to do it because they had fellowship with Him. There's no telling what the Spirit will do and that's why we must get out of formulas and get into relationship because God is always doing new things. Behold all things are new. So, if God is always doing new things, then how are you supposed to know those new things if you don't know Him or continue to know Him? Some stop knowing Him so they become religious because they have no divine influence or sense of what to do so they prepare their own ways. We were not made to make our own path. He is called to direct our paths! And religious people will always criticize because they don't even know Him so they will criticize what they don't know. And some are fooled because God can still use people with religious ways but the ends do not justify the means. There will be people that prophesied and cast out demons and saw signs and wonders, but He will still say to them I never knew you. That should put the fear of the Lord in you because that means just because you move in those things does not mean you are following The Way! The gifts and callings are without repentance.

This is why people move in formulas and ways of man because they don't know Him. So, when they don't have divine leading because they don't have divine fellowship, they get their own hands involved in the hands of men and make up their own way. And then they say it's Jesus’s way but they don't even know Him so how can it be His way? Many slap Jesus’s name on everything but that does not mean it’s Him! Jesus said many christs will come lo there, and lo here, but they are false christ. We’re not just talking about people that say they are the reincarnation of Christ. The Bible says if any man preaches any other gospel, let that man be accursed because they are preaching another Christ that only exists in their mind! It’s another Christ but it’s really them because they call their own leading Christ! You can’t walk in His way(s) unless you know Him. Everything in the Kingdom can only be done with the foundation of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. It didn’t say through steps. Religion will say with man this is possible. Yet in the Kingdom, we know with man this is impossible but with God and through God all things are possible! That’s why He is the way because He is the power to do whatever He requires a man to do. You need God to obey God. You need God to follow God. That’s why He filled us because it’s not God that man should be alone because He knows we can’t do it alone. We must be endued with power, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Way to life and godliness. We don't need a form of godliness. We need power!

Even in the Book of Acts, it was the acts of the Holy Spirit because, even though the apostles released it, it was really their partnership with the Holy Spirit that was how they did all things. He is the power! The power cannot be made by the hand of men. Anything else can be made but not the power. Only God can do that! That's one sign to know if someone is moving in a religious spirit, that they don't move in power! Because what does it say about the religious people? They have a form of godliness but they DENY the power, from such turn away. And they turned over to formulas and steps because they have no power. See, when it’s by power, that's God stepping in and doing it with you. You don’t need all these religious ways and steps because it’s a one-step program, Jesus! Obey and follow Him. That's the simplicity of the Gospel. Yet if there's no power, you have to strive and do innumerable things to get something done. But in the Kingdom, He says to strive for this one thing: Rest! Power! Rest because it’s now my power doing it and you rest from your striving and formulas and ways, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the Truth. That’s the heavy burden and a hard yoke. Man’s ways, trying to build a ladder or a tower to God but God will let down the ladder of Jacob from heaven. His ladder, His way, is the easy yoke and the light burden because He does it. We just have to obey and follow. We, the Bride, are the wife in this relationship, and the Husband is supposed to lead and the wife has the simplicity of following. We need to trust in the Lord God in all our ways and lean not on our own understanding and He will direct our paths! Jesus, The Way, will do it. He will direct our steps. We don't need a step program. Our steps are to be ordered by the Lord and this I live by.

For some, God gives them a way of doing things or something He has them doing for a season, but because they start to make even God’s ways religious and because He left and moved onto something else, they are still stuck on what He was doing yesterday or what He had them doing before. We are the wheel within the wheel. God is the Wheel and we are the wheel within that wheel, and as the big wheel moves, we move with it wherever it goes. That's how Jesus moved! He even said that He does not judge on His own. He said, “As I hear, I judge.” He only did what He saw His Father doing. He was led by the Spirit in everything. Not stuck in a certain way, but following THE Way. He sought the Will of the Father, not His own. This was His meat, and many know not of this meat because they are too busy producing their own meat, their own will!

O foolish Galatians, have you started in the Spirit and ended in the flesh? Even some will conform to the grain of religion because everyone else is doing it, but we must follow the Holy Spirit, “The Way,” even if it’s not popular or it’s unconventional. Not by the spirit of man, not by might, not by power but by the Way Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Someone would say, “Well, how do I follow Jesus if He is at the right hand of the Father?” But if you would have the revelation that the same Spirit that was in Christ is now in us! God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is in the Spirit now. Jesus was in the flesh but we know Him like that no more! The body was His flesh but the Spirit is Him. The disciples followed the way literally step by step on the grounds of Israel with the Man but now the Way lives inside of us. The Kingdom of God is not by observation. The Way is not by observation but it is within! They called themselves the way in the book of Acts, and His true church is still that same church. It has never ended. It’s the same spirit, the same baptism, the same body, the same way! Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life! No man can come to the Father except through Him, and no man can advance the Kingdom except through Him. He is The Way. Follow Him!

By Joe Pinto


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