God is beseeching the church and He is making us an acceptable sacrifice. Logs are being put in the fire to burn, and the priest has to keep the fire in the temple. Now in the New Testament church, we are the log, the sacrifice, and the fire! God is always bringing revelation to everything written in His Word. We like the people in the fire, but people that run from the fire don’t like the people in the fire. Without the fire, we will die (spiritually), and without the fire, we (the old man) will never die. We don’t want to light up our own fire. We want to light up the Holy Spirit fire. His people are the logs. His church is the fire. It does not matter our opinion. We try to regulate the fire, put rules on the fire, shut down the fire, constrain the fire, making our own doctrine turning the fire into something of the past, turning the fire into something only for the one up on a platform and not for everyone. But beloved, those days are over. Now we are all called to be fueling God’s fire as we keep our temple fully on fire.  The apostolic church has to be this, and that was what it was. We want to burn for Him. We become lukewarm when we get us out of the fire, when compromise is happening, or when we regulate the fire. This is why God said in His inspired Word in 1 Thessalonians 5:19, “Do not quench the Holy Spirit.” What He is saying: Do not quench the fire. Remember, we are and must be baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. What do you burn for? This last day Church will be one with the fire! You can’t be hanging around the fire or talk about the fire as you are outside of the fire. “One will come after me, and He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire”, says John the Baptist in Luke 3:16. Make sure the fire does not go out! The Church is now the fire pit! 

I was reading Acts 28:1-11 and God was showing me Paul gathering sticks to put in the fire, and He showed me the Holy Spirit is gathering souls and bringing them to the fire. The old system does not understand that God is fire and His church shall be one with Him! Doctrines of devils, controlled burns will put your fire out. Seducing spirits remain in the church because there is no real fire. When Paul was laying sticks in the fire, that was a prophetic sign of him adding souls to the Church because we are to be a holy fire. At that very moment, he got attacked by a snake that came out of the heat and fastened on his hand. But now if we are in the fire and one with the fire, nothing will latch onto us! The same happens when we are gathering people in the fire! Religious demons will attack you! They will demonize you. They will try to make people question the things they know not of. Whatever venomous poison they have, they will throw at you. It is easier to criticize people in the fire than to jump in the fire yourself! They criticize the fire when they are the problem! This fire will only be held by those with new skin. Whatever smoke comes up, they don’t care. They don’t try to hide the impurity. They just want to burn for Him, for His will, and for souls. Being warm makes you feel good. But it is not real, and Jesus called us to be Hot. 

The real baptism is in submerging. It is a pickling, a marinating. Religion and these pastoral institutes, houses of Saul, are being exposed. There are places where the snakes can’t go or won’t go is because they hate the fire. They gather around the fire and demonize, criticize, and indoctrinate the fire. They have a form of godliness, but they have no fire. They are just the religious system. They will attack as a brood of vipers. They have no explanation why they have no power, no fire, or no authority in the realm of the Spirit. So, we shall know who is of the fire, who is in the fire, and who is just hanging around the fire. In the last day, the love of many will wax cold (Matthew 24:12)! 

God does not want you to feel good but to burn for Him! This passage is so prophetic about the apostolic. People will be committed to the fire if the fire is there! Don’t sit by the fire. You need to be burned in the fire. When fire meets fire, they become one. God said He is fire! All through the Bible, God reveals Himself as fire! God wants the apostolic church, not this manmade denominational system that we have now. He is tearing it all down. We meet in a building, but we are the fire pit, the family, it’s a community of firebrands… If you have ever studied a fire, you see those sticks and the wood disappear. When it’s all consumed, what remains are ashes, then God’s beauty begins to appear. That fire is going out because no one is gathering sticks… or no one is staying in the fire long enough to disappear. You will decrease when we meet the fire. We need to let the Holy Spirit do whatever He wants to. Half burned sticks: This is what is going on. But we must be consumed! 

Fire is so important! God is saying, "Jump in the fire." The government is of God, not of man, not of denomination! Don’t play with fire. Be one with it. God will continually consume you, but religion wants to hang around the fire and sing Kumbaya and worship the letter or their theology. That is why the vipers and snakes attack you because you are in the fire. Your whole goal in life should be to please God and to be in the fire! Their theology will put out your fire. They even try to do it using Greek and Hebrew studies. They will try to kill it! They will even call themselves modern-day Bereans, but all they are self-willed and puffed up in their own understanding. That is what they did to Jesus! They won’t attack religious folks; they will attack people in the fire! We are not members of a system or denomination. We are the House of God. We are the candle of the Lord. The light of the world. It says in the Word in Matthew 5:14 that the Church is a city LIT UP on a hill! That’s what the Church is. Not a franchise, not a business. It is not a hospital as some religious folks like to say. It’s certainly not a petting zoo for demons. It is a burning Bride with power, love, and a sound mind. 

What puts out the fire and what will the fire burn out? Sin, disobedience, doubt and unbelief, fear, compromise, unforgiveness, bitterness, regret, living from your past, not letting go of your past, lack of prayer, offenses, man-pleasing, self, insecurity, self-promotion, fellowship with the world, legalism, and a judgmental and critical spirit. 

Plain and simple: You have just gotten out of the fire when those things are controlling the fire. If you have not noticed, God is bringing back His apostolic church. How do we take out the fact that God will build up His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it? Nothing new under the sun. If it is not happening, the problem is JUST YOU! Don’t say, "I am of Cephas? I am of Apollos?” (1 Corinthians 1:12). No! Instead of that, say, "I am of Christ." Say, “I am of the fire.”  We are not doing something new; we are just following the blueprint of heaven! Say anything about me, but don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit! Because we are not conforming to their doctrine, their system, they shun us. But God is building houses of fire, houses of flames! 

What gets replaced if you do not stay in the fire and what is it? The system, strange fire, programs, self-help, motivation, nationalism, carnality, philosophy, winds after winds after winds of doctrines when God is looking for transformation. But there is no effectiveness! Gifts that do not submit to the fire of God become little pots with legs trying to go wherever they can, looking pretty on display. They are rootbound, self-absorbed, religious, and living from the outside. Even in the books of old of the Bible like in Obadiah 17-20, God told us about these houses. Esau represents the house of flesh and self-absorbed. Their belly is their god. But also, Obadiah was prophesying about the end-time church: a house of flame! A house of fire! The house of the flesh will be consumed! There shall be nothing remaining of it!  The fire will be burning the sacrifice until nothing is left! Many are explaining why this and that is not happening in their church. I have the explanation: lack of fire! So, we should invite people to church and we are supposed to be putting them in the fire. We are not looking for people to be entertained at a barn fire but to be the fire.

"God is all consuming fire," Hebrews 12 – Don’t resist the fire! Don’t withstand the Truth! Jesus lit the fire in the church, and it never went out. He is putting fuel in the fire daily! Many in the fire are so attacked because the enemy wants to remove you out from it! Endure it! Don’t go anywhere! If you don’t love fire, you don’t love God because He is fire! Being set apart eventually will manifest! All these impurities are dying, and fire is consuming all – including our idols. Don’t leave your idols around the fire! In the book of Acts, they threw all the idols in the fire! It will happen again and it is happening again.  We serve a God of the living, a God of fire, not a god of the dead. Don’t sit around the fire, don’t pet demons, and don’t make people feel good! Peter tried to make Jesus feel good and got rebuked by Him (Matthew 16:23). Don’t let people only make you feel good. Get around people on fire so they can help you burn. Satan will always tempt us by feelings but let us only be moved by fire! Don’t diverge your own self to look at something else, away from the fire! Be partakers of His holiness! Don’t be bitter when the fire touches you. God is showing you what the fire is doing, what the fire is burning every time He chastises you. A root of bitterness makes you get yourself out of the fire. It makes you become a stranger to the fire. 

Then you begin to have strange fire. Someone in the fire is continually repenting! Esau just had tears, tears around the fire, but no repentance! Get in the fire and the fire will consume all impurity away! The house of Esau cannot withstand the fire! Don’t be a lover of yourself! The fear of the Lord keeps us in the fire! The fruits of the fire will produce the fruits in you! God will fill the void through His power. Those who are in the fire have Jesus on the throne. Those who are not in the fire listen to the messages, but they are on the throne. Don’t just listen to a message – if the message is from the fire, become one with it. 

God will breathe fire out of His mouth! Is His Word like a flame of fire? When we become the Word, the Word burns us away! In Revelation 2 and 3, we see a call to repent, but the church of Christ is always walking in holiness. It is in the fire. It has been fueled by God. When we are in the fire, we want to keep burning to become one with it. The religious spirit will push the fire away, but people in the world will be attracted by the burning shining ones! So, don’t fight with people that fight the fire! Be that tract that will never return void, the tract that is burned by fire! Don’t play with fire! For our God is all-consuming fire. So, we will be one with Him, so we must be one with the fire! "Father, remove all resistance! Whatever came from man or our own imagination! When we are gone because of the fire, it is glory! It is abundant life! It is joy! We can’t say we want You when we don’t want Your fire! Amen!”

Shane Roessiger

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