(A revelation on Godly stewardship)

God took me deeper into what being God’s stewards really means. We are all God’s stewards. The problem is that we think things are ours and we give them to God, but it is all His, and we are His stewards. We must be a good steward of all His possession! We have made the great exchange and we have given all up! God wants to change our whole perception of stewardship!  If we were truly bought with a price and we truly read all his parables, then we would come to realize that we are only stewards.

Stewardship is the conduit for the more! 

Good steward of material things, such as houses, cars, and finances, and spiritual things such as salvation, calling, and anything linked to the Kingdom. Some people say, “I am doing all I need to do,” but they are not being a good steward. No matter what He lays in your hands, natural or spiritual, you must take good care of it. 

God started showing me that many lack only because they are not good stewards. They still see what they have as theirs. If things are still yours, you will never take good care of them, but if you really believe that all is His, you will be caring in a whole different way. Even if you live in a rental house, you will take care of it because that rental belongs to God as well. He is the landlord! According to scripture: 

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.” John 1:1-3

If we were truly bought with the price of blood, then Jesus comes on the scene and really starts talking about possessions and being a steward and that the Lord gave some this much, that much, and so on.

Let’s read Job 22:23-30. God lays up gold as dust. How we handle it really matters. When we give things away, that means that we have understood that they were never ours. Why do people keep it? Because they think it is theirs. People “give their lives to God” but they take it back because they think is it theirs. Everything is His, not ours! God owns every cattle on the hill (Psalm 50:10-12), the Earth, and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1-3).

David was a good steward of the throne of God and for this reason, God gave him His kingdom. God gave half of Egypt to Joseph. Why? Because he was a good steward. God put Joseph in a place where he could steward a whole nation! A good steward always gets more from God to take care of! 

Let’s think about the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-34

This is the parable of good and bad stewards! There is one steward that hid the Lord’s money! In other words, he kept what belongs to God. God handed him something and he thought it was his.  When we think something is in our name, we think it is ours. It is hard to give something that you think is yours. When you get the revelation that it is all His, giving is not a struggle any longer. Many are burying the LORD’S money, the Lord’s gift, the Lord’s treasure. All is His! It is the Lord’s! Whatever we’ve got is God’s! What He entrusted us with it for the advancement of His Kingdom, we are building His kingdom. The problem is that many are still building their own kingdom. It is time to see the word as it is, not as we think it is. Good ground always multiplies. Jesus said that much given means that much is required as well. This is all spiritual and natural. If you are a good steward, the Lord will give you more, more not for you to hold, but to steward! “Because you were faithful in a few things, you will be made ruler over many things…” This is what He will say to a good and faithful steward! God is a God of increase, and we must be a people that are increasing, of giving, of multiplying, of recognizing everything belongs to Him!

If you are afraid of losing, you will never gain. If you are afraid of losing your life, your children, your whatever, you will never gain Him, you will never be ruler over much! There are things that we do and don’t remember anymore, but God takes it as memorable because we do as a steward and not as a man-pleaser! Some people just sow seeds because of the multiplication results and not because of being a good steward! They are still just seeking their own.

“My own usuary…”, verse 27 of Matthew 25 shows us that a bad steward takes what is His as their own! This word God is giving me now is not about money, but about being a good steward of everything that comes from above, every good gift. People want stuff in their name, but that should scare you even more because just because it is in your name does not mean it is yours (cars in your name, children after your name, bank accounts in your name, properties in your name, etc). Let the fear of the Lord be upon us all. The more that is in your name, the more He will require from you! God needs to have good stewards to help him to establish His kingdom here on Earth. 

God is separating the bad stewards from the good stewards just as He is doing with the wise virgins and the bad virgins, goats and sheep, tares and wheat. God will say to the bad ones, “All you have is still YOURS. I will give you nothing.” God wants to bless us but also to keep us closer! During that “simplicity of our walk with Him” season, we used to think all was His, but time goes by and we start thinking it is ours. 

Even though God promised Abraham to be a father of many nations (Genesis 17:4), the nations did not belong to Abraham. He was a steward of the nations. Why did Jesus scare the thieves away from the temple? God was not after the money but after that heart of good stewardship of God’s house. God does not use you to make money. He uses you to be a good steward of His money. He gives you power (wisdom, faith, counsel) to get wealth that HE MAY ESTABLISH HIS COVENANT (Deuteronomy 8:18)!  What is a covenant? Everything that you have is all His. Everything that He has is ours. 

The rich young ruler could not follow Jesus because in his eyes all was his. He was a bad steward. He was not able to give all to the poor but wanted to keep it. He was a bad steward (Matthew 19:16-22). Why is it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a rich man to enter His kingdom (Matthew 19:23)? Because it is all about this man’s richness! They lack the need for Him or life, but if it’s His then it’s easy for the rich man to enter in. God wants to take His church to a place where you don’t even have to keep your eyes on the seed-time-harvest cycle, you will be just walking in the kingdom. Period. 

Once that woman opened her door to Elijah and gave that last cake to him, a whole city got fed. That cake was not for her son. She sacrificed her own son, but she knew it. It did not belong to him but belonged to God Himself (1 Kings 19:6). It had a divine purpose. Oh, we must see as she saw. In the same way, the woman with the alabaster box mentioned in Matthew 26:6-13 is a clear picture of a good steward. She was not keeping it, but “wasting” it at His feet and Judas said, “What a waste!” Judas was the one holding the bag, the treasure box. 

What a bad steward! He acted like it was his because He tried being religious, but his heart was in receiving mode. The scripture says he was a thief, so he tried to make them think something that he knew was not so he would seem to be a good steward, but he was a bad steward.

She was pouring all out because she knew that it was not hers, that it was all for Him! This oil was for the burial. It was not for her to keep. That oil that she poured was multiplied and we can still smell it unto this day! 

“It is all His!” We really need to think that way. “The kingdom of God is like…,” Jesus said, and right after that, He talks about the talent. He was really trying to help us to see the importance of being good stewards. If we really understand that something is not ours, that it is His, we would take better care of what He places in our hands. Don’t manage what is given by God to you like it is yours. If you do, for sure you will be a bad steward. What’s still ours is not His! On the other hand, if it’s not ours then we need to manage it well! 

For God to establish His kingdom here on Earth, in every aspect, He needs good stewards. The blessing of God will overtake us. That is why we need to be trained as good stewards! 

How can they sell books if they don’t belong to them or they were supposedly inspired by God? How can they sell gifts if they don’t belong to them? How can they sell prophecy if it does not belong to them? Therefore, God told us not to sell any books because they don’t belong to us. We have what He has given us! But no, it’s all His! The difference between maturity and immaturity is stewardship! Period! We call Him Lord, but a Lord is the owner of everything.  Next time, when we say, “Lord,” remember that you are actually saying, “Owner of it all.” 

There is no way to have covetousness if we understand that nothing is ours. How can you take more from God? Because at the end of the day, all is still His.

In Luke 12:13-21, we see a guy that asked God to get some of his brother’s inheritance, not realizing that life consists not in the abundance of things. This guy was still immature and knew nothing about stewardship. God wants to have access to what is His! In verse 18, we see this person wanting to build a bigger barn to bestow HIS fruits and HIS goods! Even his soul is his.  How can he say his goods are not God’s…! “I will say to MY soul…”, he said!  MY, MY, MY…bad steward! This man is the owner of all, but he still calls Jesus Master! The Word calls this guy a fool…We can never lose anything that is of God! If people steal from you, they are stealing from God, because what you have is HIS!  

In Luke 15:11-32, we see the prodigal son taking his inheritance as if it was his own and wasting it. The father divided it, one took it and left. The other took it and stayed. But both had issues. He said to the one that stayed, “All that I have is yours.” The other took his portion and left the father’s house, but he could have had it and stayed with the father at the same time. 

God just wants us back home and having all that is His! It is better for us to understand what we are doing wrong so we can make a quick turn back to our Father. It took that separation, beating, and suffering for the prodigal to realize this deep sense of stewardship. 

“Thank God, we are just good stewards. It is all yours! Thank God if we are good stewards, we will never be worried about a thing. We will handle it with the fear of the Lord.” If all is His, what can He take from you? Some of us think He has the whole world in His hands, but some of us hold everything in our own hands. All is theirs and not His! How many tests we have failed just because we still think that we are the owners! If I am a good steward of God, I am in a good place with God. Out of my heart and mind will flow the Kingdom of God…Godliness with contentment is great gain! The humble shall see the salvation of the Lord, the gold dust meaning the glory of God. The power to get wealth has one purpose only: to establish His kingdom here on Earth. 

When we live with our heart always saying this to God, “It is all yours,” He will always say this back to us, “All that I have is yours,” and all that we are are just stewards! Good ones…Shane W Roessiger

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