Let’s just get one thing straight. Before we can ever get our focus right, we need to get our heart right. How can we ever resist the devil if we’re not submitted to God? We must submit to God, get our heart right, then we can resist the devil and keep our focus right. If the heart does not get right, the mind will never be right. Some of the things we keep trying to cast down in our mind keep coming back because they’re in our heart. We need to stop just cutting at the fruit and get to the root of our thoughts, and the roots are in our heart! Out of the heart comes evil thoughts. Those that are after the flesh, mind the things of the flesh.

We are after things of the flesh when we are after things below. People, places, and things. Running after things when we should be running after God. Our mind is taken over when we’re bound to the lust in our hearts. Why do we have lust of the eyes? Because we have lust in our heart. Out of the heart flows the issues of life. When our heart is pure seeking after God and God alone, we shall see Him. We will focus on Him. The pure in heart shall see God because the pure in heart only want God. The Lord is their Shepherd and they shall not want! Why are you always in want? Because the Lord is not your Shepherd yet! Yes, you’re a sheep but you’re not after the Shepherd. You are a wondering sheep, the one of the 99 that has gone astray because it has taken its eye off the Shepherd, going after other things. Those that are after the Shepherd, those that are after the Spirit, do mind the things of the Spirit. They focus on the Spirit. They focus on God. They have a single eye. The Bible says, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22)

If our eye be single, our whole body will follow what our eye is single on. What is our eye supposed to be focused on? Jesus. Jesus is the Light of the World. The devil comes as an angel of light but he is the artificial false light. Jesus is the Light, and when we focus on the Light, our whole body will be full of light. Where does light come from? The Sun. All of creation in the natural is to show us what is spiritual. We have the sun in the natural but in the Spirit, we have the Son. Just as the sun shines and banishes darkness, so does the Son of God do unto us. So, we have to look upon the Son that He would banish darkness in us. We cannot keep looking at what we need deliverance from. We need to look at the Deliverer. We can’t keep looking at what we need healing from. We need to look at the Healer. The Healer heals. Focusing on the problem brings more problems.

The more we keep looking at the darkness, the more the darkness will fill us. The eyes are the light of the body. Just as a lamp brings forth light and lights everything around it, so does Jesus, the Light of the World. What illuminates the gaze of my eyes is what fills my body. We have to keep our eyes on Him, our focus on Him. It’s not the physical eyes He is talking about. It’s the spiritual eyes. The eyes of my soul. The focus of my mind. The Bible says to take no thought for what you shall eat or what you shall drink. Neither take any thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. If He doesn’t even want us to worry about the basic things of life, the basic things we need to do for our bodies to live, then what makes you think he wants us to think about, focus on, anything more than that. Yet many are focused on jobs, property, houses, cars, mothers, brothers, sisters, or children. When God says don’t even worry what you shall eat for even the fowls of the air do not even provide for themselves, and aren't you better than them?

This is why we don’t focus on God - because we don’t really trust Him, because if we trusted Him, we wouldn’t worry about those things. Now when we’re in the Lord, going after Him with all of our heart, mind, and soul, everything else is a distraction if it’s not of Him. My life is now Christ and any other focus rather than Christ is the thing that is bringing darkness in my life because it has my eye. 

Remember, the eyes are the lamp to the body, but if your eye is focused on something else, darkness is entering because He is the only light. It’s different when the light is illuminating things that I need to do or take care of or be a part of, but if it’s not God, I will be in the darkness.

We need to turn on the lights. He is the Light, so when I am in the darkness, I must realize I’m in my own will and I need to find His will. I’m focused on something I should not be focused on, and I need to get focused back on Him. When I am thinking on Him, focused on Him, my mind is thinking on heavenly things. What’s in Heaven? God! To think on Him and His Word is to think on whatsoever is pure, lovely, and of good report. They called it an evil report when the two spies came back with the truth about what the enemy was doing or had going, yet it was a half-truth Because the good report is we have the victory. No matter what the opposition is, we have the victory! He already overcame the world and He has now given us the power to overcome as well. No weapon formed against us shall prosper because greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world. The overcomer lives in me, so whom shall I fear? Why focus on the bad report when the good report lives in me? Why focus on the valley of the shadow of death when the Lord thy God is with me? Why fear the shadow of death when the shadow of the Almighty is with me?

I cannot focus on the darkness around me. I have to focus on the light that is within me. Why focus on the darkness in the world, when I have the light of the world! The Kingdom of God is within me. I have to focus on the one that’s within, not what I see by observation. We do not live by the things which are seen but by the things which are unseen, for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. Many are focused on the vapor of this life but we must focus on eternal life. You will live 60 to 70 years here, but you will live billions of years in eternity. Use this vapor to focus on Him now because He will be before you forever then. We spend our lives focused on pleasing people all the time when we only need to focus on the King of kings and Lord of lords because He will be the only Lord left standing forever. The Lord of lords, the master of masters, the boss of bosses. He is over all and we need to give Him our eyes now because He is worthy.

Why are they saying holy, holy, holy, holy in heaven? It’s because they are gazing at the glory of God, day and night, beholding His glory, how holy and set apart He is. How there’s none like Him. Why are there angels burning? Because they are staring at the burning one. Why are Jesus’ eyes, eyes of Fire? Because He is focused on the Fire. God is the Fire and we will be the sons of fire when we focus on the Father who is like a fire. Gaze on Him and you will become what you behold. We’re holding on to so many things because we are beholding so many things. We need to stop beholding them, and that’s how we will get rid of the strongholds that we have, the stronghold on those things which we behold that so easily entangle us. We must put eye solvent on our eyes and behold Him. We need to be like blind Bartimaeus and cry out to God and say help me see again, Lord. Help me focus on you again, like I used to be. That first-love fire, that first-love focus. Let me return to the gaze I once had, the blaze in your gaze that makes me ablaze. Let me have a single eye and single focus so that I may not be double-minded. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, receiving nothing from God. O Lord, but you will receive us again if we make our eye single again and only focus on you, knowing that if we seek the kingdom, seek the King and all His righteousness, everything else will be added unto us! Fill yourself with Light today by making your eye single on the Light. He is the Light!

By Joe Pinto

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