There is a kiss that was heard all around the world. The kiss of Judas. Everybody hears about the kiss of Judas. Every time we don’t choose the cross, we betray Jesus. Rebelling is not choosing the cross. When we choose our way, our emotion, our flesh, we are rebelling against His word. When we do our own agenda, our way, we are in rebellion. Some people say, "We are under the new covenant of grace." The only way to obtain grace is through obedience. Until we obey His word, we will live in disobedience. The New Testament of His Blood requires obedience. The Gospel of grace means that we are saved not by works so no man should boast. Grace empowers us to be able to be willing to pick up our cross and to be able to love Him and our neighbor. To do that, much grace will be needed. It is not a one-time application. It is a daily walk. 

Let us read about that kiss that was heard all around the world and even today. Read John 18:1-14. Let us drink from this cup that we have to drink. The passage said that "Judas was with them." - Who were them? The accusers, those led by the devil, those who were planning on killing Jesus. Verse 11 says, "The cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?" Jesus did not rebel. He took the cup. He took His cross. I am not saying stop being imperfect. I am saying obeying your ways above the Word of God. This is being a hypocrite, self-righteousness... They expect from people what they don’t do themselves. This will work in every form and fashion. The self-righteous person only sees what is in front of them, but the righteous sees within. 

One man should die for the people it says in verse 14 - the law of the land was testifying of God's principle. We must die for one another; we must die for our own selves. We must obey and not rebel. If anyone preach or live by any other gospel, let you be accursed...We must live by the Gospel of Jesus and Jesus crucified – the One that is rising in victory over the world. You better drink your own cup before trying to make somebody else drink theirs when you don’t drink yours. When you don’t drink your own cup of the Lord, you are drinking from the cup of deception and of the devil. There are a lot of home brews out there. Mix not, mingle not the blood of Christ!

Sometimes you better preach the cross to yourself: " I am here to be a doormat, I am here to serve, I am here to love." Jesus reminded himself of the reason why he came. “Verily, verily”… Over and over …because He was speaking unto accountability. That woman in this passage was preparing Jesus to fulfill His own destiny! Judas had a hidden offense, self-righteousness, he had a better way of doing things. He even thought his ways were better than Jesus' way. Your self-righteousness will kill you! If you keep drinking from His cup, you start getting used to whatever comes with it. Jesus was continually speaking His destiny, continually speaking the cross, continually telling His future to His own self, continually preaching to His self.

Judas' self-righteousness kept growing and growing. Judas unworthily drank the cup. When you don’t give what was given to you (forgiveness, grace and mercy) you are unworthy of drinking His blood! The moment you expect something from somebody else, you already lose what you already have. Judas was always concerned about what Jesus could give him. It was all about Judas - all about what Judas could get from people. Judas got paid by the devil to betray Jesus. He came back as a double agent. The hidden confession that he made opened the door for demons to come in and fill his heart. What is scarier is the sins that God sees in you than the sin that you see in people. Judas in asked Jesus: “Was it I?"  He had to have known or was he already that blind? The disciples were asking this question among themselves. Some of us are so filled with self- righteousness that we don’t even think that we may be the ones. We don’t bend our knees, we don’t ask for prayer, we don’t humble ourselves. "The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he had not been born," (verse 24). When we betray one another, we betray Christ again and again and again...We start seeing our brother's freedom as arrogance. Don’t be jealous of someone else that is drinking of His cup when you don’t drink your own cup that He has for you. 

Some of the disciples in Matthew 26 verse 22 asked Jesus first if it was them, but Judas was going along with it and was so fake when he said as well: " Master, is it I?" - verse 25 - What a self-righteousness man! He could not even see his own sin! Jesus answered, "Thou hast said"... What was Judas doing among the disciples? Getting information to trap Jesus. He said in verse 26, "Eat all of it." We don’t want to eat the bad parts - ugly parts of the Body of Christ, the guts, the spleen, the parts we don’t like. Take all His Word! Take every part of it! Eat all or you cannot be His disciples! Even before Jesus had done what he was about to do, he was prophesying His own death because He knew he would do it! Judas was so self-righteous that he really believed his plans were better. So haughty! The problem is that we don’t prepare ourselves for betrayal. Prepare yourself for being hated, misunderstood, rejected first because whatever happened to Jesus will happen to you! People think they can stop themselves from being offended in their own strength. But they can’t! That is pride. A humble person will say, "I don’t want to drink from this cup but please pour down my throat." What is the cup? His will! "Nevertheless, not my will but His will! " Jesus said that in the garden during the pivotal time of His ministry. He was making the decision that He was prophesying. The time to manifest what was written and spoken had come. Then He said, “Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done.” Luke 22:42

"Now he that betrayed him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he: hold him fast." verse 48 

We see God presenting to us this cup so many times! No way to drink the cup without submitting to the Word! Think about that: some people are kissing with an offense and smiling while betrayal is in His heart. If we are not fighting for love, we are an enemy of the CROSS! Period. Be determined of your destiny. Our destiny is to drink the cup. Judas not only drank the cup unworthily, but also was not being loyal to Jesus and his brothers (the disciples). Judas pretended to be one with them. The whole time he was pretending, smiles, kisses - Read Luke 22:1-51. Now Jesus was no longer dealing with Judas as a called man, now he was dealing with the devil in Judas (verse 3). Satan always enters into a rebellious heart. Don’t you think that is possible? Always think of Judas. This message can save your life and destiny! If anyone desires to come after Him, let him pick up his cross daily…

This cup is for us! "Was that me?" Ask yourself that question - This attitude will keep you from any temptation of being self-righteous. In verse 23, there was strife among them, they wanted to know who was the greatest! Jesus was appointing to them the same kingdom, the same cross, the same death! Verse 29 and 30: "And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me; That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom..." If you want to be in His kingdom, drink His cup! The longer you wait to drink His cup, the more self-righteousness you become. Read Luke 9:22-24. Decide today to lose your rights. Lose your life to gain Him! 

What is the cross? Denying yourself, your righteousness, your opinions, your ways! Be a doer of Matthew 16:24-26 daily! Want to be the greatest? Pick up your cross! Every morning before your coffee, drink His blood and decide to deny yourself through the day! My life for His! My ways for His! The cross is where self-righteousness must die. Self-preservation must die. Selfishness must die. Self-will must die! The problem with self-righteousness is what do not see you are already doing, but they only see others doing wrong. They are just like the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were blind because of self-righteousness! If the one who was right (Jesus) gave up His right to make us righteous then this is the cup that we must drink. It is the righteous one who made us righteous, not us or our false identify of us! 

What have you been prophesying? Your death or somebody else’s death? Speak the Word over yourself, prophesying, and you will see your death being manifested. You must have accountability! " Yea" be "Yea", " Nay" be "Nay"! Say it and do it! Judas was there but not there! The others were not perfect, but they were there and for Jesus! Peter’s passion for Jesus proved how for Him he was! Peter’s passion wanted to protect Jesus! Peter was imperfect but he was for Jesus! Read Matthew 20:18-29. Jesus could have been upset with Peter, but he said, "Peter, this is my cup to drink." God wants to change us but if we don’t drink that blood, we will not get His life in us! This is now the cup of every believer. I do not care how many other gospels we have heard. I don’t care about the cherry-picker false-grace followers. Jesus’ words trump every other word. He was the direct word of life. That word came out of His mouth. Man shall not live by bread alone but every word that came out of Jesus’ mouth and every word that is still coming out of His mouth. 

“Father, I don’t want to drink this cup. Renew in me a right spirit. I am tired. God, help me to see that I am just as dirty and imperfect as my neighbor. My imperfect neighbor is willing to fight for Jesus and make mistakes, and I am sitting here judging him. Father, help me. Drive aways from me any unrighteousness! Yes, we will be mad, in the flesh, but we must just go back to the blood. As we are saving our lives, there is so much that we are losing! Father, nail me to the cross! Father, keep me on the cross! The cross means nothing to the self-righteous, to those that are just following the cross and never pick it up. To Judas, it meant nothing, but to us the power of the cross is the power unto salvation! Amen!” 

Shane W Roessiger 




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