“Father, teach us how to be free from the power of our own emotions. Father, may this word help to set us all free once and for all so we can walk and move by your Spirit in us. Help us to love with the love that sets us free and not to use our feelings to control us and others. Help us to understand that witchcraft is controlling someone through something using manipulation or hidden agendas to make someone do something they don’t really want to. Help, us, God!” 

God will open our eyes to see what we do when we are led by our own emotions, the past, wounds, the things that we have used to manipulate people. We used these as weapons so we can control and manipulate people to do what we want. If we bow down to our emotions, we come under the power of our old man. Our flesh once had dominion and power over us. Now Jesus gave us power over our own flesh so we cannot walk after the flesh. But that does not mean we are not able to, but we don’t have to. Once God heals our soul, mind, and emotions, we start walking after the Spirit. When we think after the flesh and meditate after the flesh, that produces death (Romans 8:5-9,13). There is no way to live in peace and please God if we live after our flesh. That is when confusion comes into our minds. Are you being led by the Spirit of God or by your feelings and emotions? We are called to be children led by the Spirit of God and not by emotion. Those that are led by emotion, by their flesh cannot please God. 

If you have the Spirit of God and the other does not have the Spirit of God, you who have the Spirit of God must take control over your own emotions. We must put our emotions under subjection to the Spirit of God. The problem is that many are being led by their own emotions. When we allow our emotions to lead us, we put witchcraft on the members of the Body. Baby Christians are led by their emotions. It does not matter how many songs we sing together. Maturity has everything to do with bringing emotions under the control of the Spirit. 

When we allow our emotions to lead us, we release witchcraft on ourselves and on people around us. Many will say: “Jesus was moved by compassion...(Mark 1:41-42).” Yes, He was, but compassion was never used to make Him move out of the Spirit or to control others. He also wept which is once written in John 11:35, but He never used that to make people do what He wanted. God gave us emotions. We are not saying emotions are wrong. No. They are amazing tools to feel, to be touched, and to repent. This is about using them to manipulate and control others. In this letter, you will see and hear what God is showing you! 

That emotional witchcraft affects everybody even in the Body of Christ. The problem is that nobody understands Body ministry. They just let the preacher preach and forget that their own behavior will affect every member of the Body. We have emotions that God has given us, but if we use our emotions to make others feel and act a certain way, we are using our emotion in a wicked way. Emotions are a sign, for example, of pain, but we cannot let our pain touch other people. Many use all of it to maneuver people around them. All emotional witchcraft. If you let your wounds affect you, your wounds will affect others. 

People do emotional witchcraft because of their unhealed wounds from their past. Are you still paying debts from the past that Jesus already paid for? If you let your wounds affect you, your wound will affect us. If you let your wounds affect you, you are not obtaining the benefits of the cross. Past hurts, unforgiveness, and past wounds, all of this will cause you to be attached to your own emotions, and through them, you will try to attach people to them as well. You must heal in your body but also in your soul and mind or you will be practicing witchcraft all day long, emotional witchcraft. You won’t even realize that you are doing it. That is why victims attract other victims. Victims and hurt people hang out and find hurt people because there is an agreement or similar familiarity. Together they feel comfortable because they have the same or similar pasts to understand one another. 

The witchcraft we start doing to one another, we do through our flesh. Examples of emotional witchcraft: 

- Crying all the time just like kids: emotional witchcraft! Through your crying, you know that you will get what you want. 

- Nagging all the time just like kids: manipulation to have their way. We should and cannot pay attention to it or be under it! We start we this behavior as a child and we carry it on into our marriages. 

- Flattering: manipulating people through kindness – another type of emotional witchcraft – seduction and temptation. So, people are so nice that we don’t want to tell them a “no”.

- Anger: making your own way through your temper. People intimidate others through anger. They try their best by their temper making you walk on eggshells, avoiding even to discuss a matter or to express their opinion. 

- Guilt: making the other feel guilty about their own choices. 

- Giving up: Causing the other to come after them, seeking attention by always using this: “I wish someone would bring me some words. I feel like dying.” 

- Becoming stoic: No showing of emotions. Everybody around laughing and they try to control the atmosphere by making others self-conscious about having fun. 

- Smirking: A smirk smile, the rolling of eyes in disapproval. 

- Acting like a victim: always living from a place of defeat because of yesterday’s mistakes, failures, or even things that have happened to them. But now we are winners. We have the victory in Christ, and we should live like that

- Ugly face: Sometimes you don’t want even to correct people anymore because they get mad or make that ugly face. Baby Christianity…

We cannot put ourselves under the spell, under the craft of someone that does any of the above emotional witchcraft. How do we stop that? We do not tolerate it. We do not move when that happens. The power that we give in the spiritual realm through our emotions is strong. We hand over ourselves to the power of others. Even really small children, even at their infant stage, can begin to learn what works to get their way. Now, crying when they are hungry is a normal thing, or when they need to go to the bathroom, the natural needs. But here is a good example: They are clean and fed and the mother hands the baby to the Daddy or to the babysitter. Then the baby starts to cry. That is a soul tie starting to manifest. The baby is using emotions to get what he or she wants. Parents must tell the baby who is in charge by not giving in. All emotional witchcraft does not belong in the kingdom of God. Bring your emotion under control or your emotions will control you and you will try to control others. But we want a quick fix. We bend to any nagging baby, but there is a price to pay to break the power of it! 

Everybody does emotional witchcraft at one level or another. That is part of the old decayed nature. We must learn to deal with our feeling so we can make rational decisions. Jezebel was doing all kinds of craft to manipulate Ahab. But to us, God has given us the power to renew our minds so we don’t have to go the same route. Jesus had emotions but they did not rule Him, nor did He use them to rule others. Even during His preaching, He gave a clear choice, and the Holy Spirit did the work. We are talking about Jesus as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. 

In the world, we are moved by our five senses, but in the family of God, born again, we need to be led by the spiritual senses. Satan’s plan from the beginning was to destroy man’s soul through sin. When we become born again, we are supposed to be in conflict with our flesh, to make war against it. The Holy Spirit gives us grace and power to renew our minds, turning our will to His. But when we give power to our flesh, it keeps us unable to function like we are supposed to. Our flesh becomes our god, and our emotions rule us, and this is how we become unprofitable for the Kingdom of God. We need the Gospel and the power thereof to change our minds because when our minds change, our soul is changed and healed. Emotions are good and God gave them to us, but we don’t use them to build our own kingdom but His. 

Sometimes we react to a “no” in an emotional witchcraft way, trying to turn a “no” into a “yes”. Some kids know that this works and that is why it keeps happening. Why do kids come to one spouse and not to both when asking for permission for something? Because it is easier to manipulate one than two. Some people say: “I don’t feel like praying”, “I don’t feel like forgiving”, “I don’t feel gathering with the saints”, “I don’t feel loved”. Well, when you start crucifying your feelings, you will start being free. Before I was led and bound by my emotions, but now I overcome them. We are made not just to walk in the Spirit but to be led by the Spirit. I no longer am controlled by my emotions. When Jesus was on the cross, when He was in agony in the Garden, He had no fear. He did not use that agony to make others feel bad for him. He used that agony to glorify the Father. His emotions pushed Him to seek God even more. His emotions gave Him more passion to do what He was called to do. In Matthew 21:12-13, we see Jesus at the temple letting His emotion be manifested, but His emotions were led by the Spirit of God. He did not react by His feelings or by the situation, He put all of it under the Word of God. He made a rational decision! Even with all that zeal for His house, He never sinned. He whipped the floor and never somebody. If He had touched somebody, He would have sinned. Jesus planned the correction. He was not moved or reacted by His emotions. His Father and He controlled his emotions and made the right judgment by demonstrating and chasing out all who bought and sold in His temple. Without any manipulation or control, He said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer…” 

When you are free, nothing bothers you because you are dead to your flesh, to your feeling, meaning you are not being controlled by them. You have them but they do not control you. This is why one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control (Galatians 5:22-23), or in other words, we could say emotional control! We need to stop letting our emotions rule us so we can be effective in the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of satan will get stronger every time we feed our flesh and every time we are guided by our emotions. Why do some people do what they hate? Because they were being led by their own emotions. Now that we are under grace, God gives us the power to overcome our own emotions. Sons of God don’t manipulate people because they are led by the Spirit of God. The fruits become evident for others to see and believe. They are enough. No need for manipulation. 

Many people will hate this Truth because they still choose religion over transformation. Religion operates in the realm of the flesh, by emotions trying to obtain salvation. Satan is the father of the flesh. When someone is afraid to release a word, a correction, that means that the person is under their emotional witchcraft because they already know what the reaction will be. That person is controlling the other through their emotions. For example: When you don’t release a word because of fear of somebody’s reaction, you are putting yourself under their emotional witchcraft. When you use your emotions as a way to stop someone from telling you the Truth, you are the one practicing emotional witchcraft. This is why God told His prophets: “Speak My Words and do not look at their faces,” (Jeremiah 1:8). Satan does not want you to confront them. He wants to keep you in bondage, and that is why he always keeps telling you nice words. Jesus never rolled like this type of modern-day ministry. 

The woman at the well was confronted by Jesus (John 4:4-26). He went straight to the point and was not afraid of how she would emotionally react. We must be free to preach just as Jesus preached. But when those who practice emotional witchcraft are corrected, they shut down when they don’t get their way, they get mad when they are exposed, they hide from us if they feel rejected, and they put up walls. Why is this happening? Because they need healing. They need Jesus to heal them. They need to know true love because correction is true love. The woman at the well met true love. Instead of hiding herself, she agreed with Jesus. The woman at the well may not have been happy that Jesus exposed her, but she was good ground, so fruit came. Good ground is humble ground. Hard ground is prideful ground. She did not defend herself or explain to Jesus why she lived her life that way. She received and believed in what He said. No matter what. She knew it was wrong. That is the beautiful love and grace of God.  “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” Hebrews 12:6-8

Let’s read Romans 12:4-21. Love has to be without dissimulation (verse 9). What dissimulation means is the concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense. So, we, as a Body, are not supposed to operate by our thoughts or by our feelings. Let’s read the passage in James 5:16-20. Verse 16 tells us to confess our faults one to another so we can be healed! If we hide ourselves because of our wounds, if we just get angry because of our wounds, we can’t be healed! God uses the Body of Christ to heal the Body. Truth is like the antiseptic. It might sting and hurt, but it heals. This is what Truth does. IT CLEANS AND IT HEALS. This is what God does with light and Truth! Use that antiseptic on your finger before you have to cut off the whole arm! 

It is easy to control people if our kingdom is our emotions. My problem is not people, my problem is me. Why do you think God said to Jeremiah, “Don’t look at their faces?” He meant “Don’t let their emotions stop you from speaking what I want you to”. You may not be able to stop people from doing what they do, but you can stop yourselves from letting their emotions control you! That is the key to their own freedom. They will see that they are not able to control you. Whining will stop. Crying will stop. Train your children in the way to go. Train your emotions in the way to go. God has promised us in 2 Corinthians 5:17, old things have passed away! Once we are willing to bend to His way, we start not tolerating Jezebel in us! Once you start not tolerating, that control will stop! Therefore, these two words usually walk hand in hand: manipulation and witchcraft! 

God has designed His Body to be a healthy body, not a body filled with wounds. It takes humility to expose things, it takes humility to trust our brothers, and it takes humility to confess our wounds and sins. The only way for us to be healed in our emotions is through confession! This is the only way for us to stop letting our emotions control us and others around us. So, we are living in our minds and being tormented by the things we are thinking and sometimes they are not even true. Wounded people can’t preach the Gospel because they are always afraid of men. But if we convert brothers and sisters in Christ from the error (verse 20) – the error of using emotional witchcraft – it shall save their soul from death. Truth is covering sin. This is what happens when we don’t get healed, and satan takes over us: 1) Regression 2) Depression 3) Oppression 4) Possession! We must bear the infirmity of the weak (Romans 15:1-6), but never come under their manipulation! 

Interesting how in the world witchcraft can be broken into two: witch and craft! In Kenya, we saw a lot of witchcraft. The witches put a spell over people telling them they would die if they came to the meeting. They used the emotion of fear to control people to be afraid to go up for salvation and for healing. But I stood up on the first day of the meeting and confronted them all. I told them to bring the witch doctors and we would see who has the real power. You don’t have to be a witch doctor to do witchcraft – we all can do it through our emotions. If anybody is controlling you to not do what God has called you, this one is a witch! Witches will use their emotions to move you in their directions! Emotional control! 

Peter was so weak and needed a lot of healing. Once he was healed, he was a different man. This is the same way God wants to do with us. But we insist on letting our emotions control us and use our emotions to control others. We must take advantage of the Truth set before us. Let’s read Galatians 5. For many people, Christ has become of no effect unto you because they are always being justified by their flesh, by their wounds, by their feelings and emotions. Our feelings have been used to lead us to eternal life. But they have also been used to lead us to fear and depression. Remember our five senses (eyesight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell)! God gave us all of these senses but not to control us. Paul was warning the church of Galatia for being led by their flesh. A little feeling of emotional witchcraft will affect the whole lump (everyone around us). 

Verse 13 of Galatians 5 tells us that we have been called for liberty so we should not give occasion to our emotions, to be in bondage with it. Leviathan spirit will be leading you to divide you from your brothers. Emotions control the environment! We keep thinking that emotions only affect us, but they will affect the whole atmosphere. But love is not led by emotions, love does not keep a record of anyone’s wrongdoing. When we love one another and when we don’t let someone’s emotion touch us, only then will we be able to help one another. Stand in righteousness all the time and not under the power of your emotions. “All things are lawful to me, but all things do not profit; all things are lawful to me, but I will not be brought under the power of any,” 1 Corinthians 6:12. 

Some say, “I don’t feel like loving.” Well, love is a commandment and it’s a choice. It is not a feeling. What they are really saying is, “God, I don’t want to obey your Word.” Make sure you don’t go under and put anybody under any type of yoke. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” Galatians 5:1

The works of the flesh is witchcraft (Galatians 5, verse 20). Everybody thinks you need to be practicing a witchcraft ritual, doing sorcery, or throwing spells on people, but just being controlled and controlling others by your own emotions is a work of witchcraft. When we are controlled and led by the Spirit, and not by our emotions, we walk in joy, peace, and righteousness. If we live in the Spirit, we walk in the Spirit. If we live in our emotions, we will walk in them! Get your focus off your own self, your own emotions, and focus on others! That is the key to overcoming this! At the end of the day, when we are ruled by our own emotions, we are ruled by pride. When you come under someone’s emotions, you are under witchcraft. Kids don’t know any better than to be led by their emotions, but we know. We know how to handle our own emotions! Those who practice emotional witchcraft will not inherit the kingdom of God, which is joy, peace, and righteousness! It is written, the Kingdom of God is at hand. His name is Jesus. Will you let Him set you free? 

Our Father is not mad at us. All He wants is for us to tell Him: “Father, I cannot do this anymore!” God is not mad at us, He is mad at our mindset! God has left something in our lives  - our emotions - so we can learn how to manage it in His light. We can heal one another by our own confession. “God, come and work on our hearts and emotions. We have chosen the narrow way. You want all of our attention. You want all of us healed. We are not that emotional, sick person. We are in You and You are in us!” 

Some people don’t show any emotion, and they call anybody who has emotions as charismatic witchcraft. Let’s look at Luke 18:10-14. The religious folk will call this man beating on his chest as charismatic witchcraft (and manipulation is charismatic witchcraft). But this man was sincere in his heart. God gave us our emotions, so through them, we can go after Him, and also through our emotions we could repent. He never gave us emotions to control others or to manipulate our ways to get what we want. 

God is saying, “This is the time I am healing My bride, My church. I was testing them in the waters, I was testing them in the wind. So many people don’t want Me, but those who want me are listening to me speaking right now. I have begotten you; I will adorn you, I am a jealous God. I don’t want your emotions to be your god, I want me to be your God! Do you know who I am? I am patient. I am love. I love you unconditionally, even if you let your emotions rule you all the days of your life. But that hurts Me. Because you are not receiving my healing fully. If you just receive my love and healing…Don’t take the easy way, don’t allow the enemy to tell you that you are not good enough for this healing, for this liberty. Anyone in Me is a new creation. I will raise you up. No more jealous fits, anger fits, emotional fits. You will walk in freedom. What I have done for one, I will do for another.” 

And we must respond to Him: “Lord Jesus, forgive us from all our past wounds and hurts. Father, we forgive everybody who trespasses against us. Father, shine your light on anything that will defile us. Father, we ask you to shine your light on anything that is choking your royal seed. We apply the blood of Jesus upon any wound and forgive us for bowing down to our emotion. We break the spirit of manipulation and control; we break anything that stops us from walking in your freedom. Satan, we bind you off our minds, soul, and emotion. We bind you and we command you to loose everywhere that you have any control. Jesus Christ is our master and we submit ourselves to Him and to His word. Every mocking, unclean spirit, we break your power by the Word of Jesus Christ. We command you now to loose our mind, body, and soul, and we proclaim we are free, and we walk in it today! We burn up every snare of the enemy. We have been set free. And now, by the anointing of Jesus Christ, the yoke of emotional witchcraft is broken, in Jesus’ name! Amen.”

“Father, we are tired of being tossed to and fro. Father, heal us from our wounds from the past. Before we used to react by our emotions. Father, set me free from manipulation, set me free from myself. Father, forgive me for any manipulation, for any time that I used my emotions to manipulate others. Father, I want my feeling to be pure towards you and others. I won’t let my children, my spouses, my boss, anybody to control me, and I won’t control others through my emotions. I will only do what I see my Father doing in heaven! Deliver me from this sin! Deliver me from the old man! Deliver me from these fig leaves. Any man looking back, holding on to their own emotions, will not heritage the kingdom of God. Joy, righteousness, and peace! It is your good pleasure to give us your kingdom. It is your good pleasure to see me free. My emotions will be under control by your Spirit. Lead us today! Let us learn not to tolerate and to resist all forms of witchcraft, being young or old, coming from far or near. We want to walk in your kingdom. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day that breaks every bad habit from our old nature. Forgive us for unintentionally controlling people because of our past but only be controlled by love. Revelation 21:4 says that in heaven there will be no more tears. So, why not have a little heaven right now? No more emotional witchcraft. We will inherit the kingdom of God right now. We will live in joy, peace, and righteousness (Romans 14:17) right now, down here on Earth. In Jesus’s name. Amen!” 

Shane W Roessiger

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