“Father, we envision your vision. Thank you for every word you spoke, every anointing you have released. Light that oil again. When we speak, it will be the oracles of you, not the wisdom of man. We are not coming with enticing words of men but in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. God will not back our denomination or doctrines of men. The world needs the Word. I need the Word! The Word is the seed. The door is our hearts. And the Word will multiply just as it is saying in Luke 8:5-12! Verse 5 is talking about the Word not being planted. Verse 7 says that the Word fell among thorns – people, things, and places can be thorns in our lives. Pay attention to who you are listening to. That can choke the Word out from inside of you. Verse 8 talks about being the good ground and that the Word can spring up and bear a hundredfold. If you are good ground, you will always have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. The disciples could not understand everything yet, because the Spirit of Truth had not yet come to reside in them. The Holy Spirit was walking with them, but it was not inside of them. The Holy Spirit was in Christ and was Christ. God did not call them because they could understand everything, but because they were good ground! This parable is not just a parable. It is the foundation of a disciple! It is very important to who we walk with. Because influences will have voices. Satan has seeds, too. Some of his seeds may sound good but they are not God’s seed. Just because it sounds good, it does not make that a sound of God! God is love. God is faith, and we must believe He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He is the Truth, the way, and the life. Let's break His bread and eat. 

In this passage, Jesus in this parable was talking about stony ground, good ground, and the wayside! Today, I will talk more about the wayside kind of ground! “Those by the wayside are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved,” verse 12. We see in Luke 8:5 that Jesus always uses the natural realm to help us to see and to understand the spiritual realm. Now He uses the birds of the air like the prince of the air, satan. Watch out! Because the devil always comes as a thief to steal that seed (Word) out of their hearts. It is not about hearing the Word and believing we are okay. We must continue on this path of sanctification! If we open our doors (heart), the thief will steal it! The fowls of the air, the birds, the demons will eat it up if you just grab the seed and throw it on the table when you go home, just as you do with your Bible. We need to plant it, protect it, and keep it hidden in our hearts. “Lest you should believe!” You can receive it but if you don’t believe on it, there will be no multiplication, no increase. We need the water, we need the Spirit, and we need to protect it! The seed is the Word and the Word is God! We must keep it, do it, and hide it. 

Paul, in Ephesians 2:2-5, shows us how the devil works. He works through the airwaves. These are the words of war. He works through lies, like TV and radio stations. The prince of the power of the air also works through many pulpits in the churches, preaching even doctrines of the devils.  We cannot exchange good seed for corrupt seed. Many have a mixed garden. So many different seeds in one garden! This spirit that now works in whom? The children of disobedience. You can be in the church and still be a child of disobedience. These children are not keeping the Word, are not watering it, and are not maintaining it. Verse 3 talks about how before we were born again, before we believed on that seed that brings us salvation, we used to believe and eat any seed from the world run by the devil, but now we have received the seed of Truth. Don’t let the thief steal that seed from you!  But by His rich mercy, we have been given power and wisdom to keep that seed inside of us! It is all up to us according to Jesus in Luke chapter 8. All got seeds but not all have God’s multiplication and God’s increase. Salvation is not a work but to guard His Word will take a lot of effort, faith, trust, and belief. 

Usually, we hear God in our Spirit and God may use a dream or a Word from people in the Body. He always confirms His Word in us. That Word in you is yours to keep. He never said, “Just read it.” He said, “Keep it, protect it, and guard it.” Don’t let the devil steal the seed, the Word! Can the enemy really steal God? Stealing the Word inside of you. “If you receive Me, keep Me, protect Me, I am your treasure. I am the Word, the treasure in your heart.” Christ Jesus is saying that to us. We must live by His Word. Many other words will come from everywhere. Don’t eat them. Spit them out. We cannot listen to them or you can go from being a good ground to a stony ground! If the enemy steals the Word, He steals the faith. Or you can be like the wayside mentioned in the Word (Luke 8:12) which hear it but do not keep it, use it, plant it, and guard it. The Word must become your treasure. 

How does the enemy steal your seed? By you looking at your humanity, by believing lies, and by following other voices. In Zechariah 4:6, God rebuked Zerubbabel telling him, “Not by your own strength, nor by your own power, but My Spirit.”

 In this new covenant, we have learned that the cross is the power unto salvation, so we can change this statement and say, not by might, not by power, but by the cross, Zerubbabel!  The power of the cross! 

Look at Zerubbabel…He looked at himself. God told Him, “It won’t be by you but by Me.” David slung the stone, shot the giant, and there was no armor, but he had the anointing of the Lord. The enemy steals your seed by you getting your eyes off the blood, off of the cross, by listening to the antichrist spirit, by unbelief, and by witchcraft! Anything above God will steal the Word inside of you. The devil will make you live in your past instead of living for eternity! David understood this. He hid the Word in his heart (Psalm 119:11). The reason why God is injecting us with His Word is so that we can discern what word is from Him and what word just has a form of God and so that we can discern a scripture that is out of context and a Rhema Word for now. 

“I go and I will prepare a place for you,” Jesus said (John 14:2). There are many mansions, many of us, the kingdom of God is inside of you! He said that the kingdom of God is His Word living inside of you! Jesus said that we are now the house of God, His temple (1 Corinthians 3:16). The kingdom of God means just living in the Spirit. Living in the Spirit is to live in His Word because His Word is Spirit and life (John 6:63)! What came from heaven was breathed inside of us! No more lies. No more stealing. Fresh seeds turn into fresh bread. The neighbor will think there is another bakery around town. No more stale bread! 

Abraham did not have the news channels, but his thoughts were the things that were messing with him. Today, there are so many more fowls of the air, spreading lies of the devil to steal the Word of God from us.  Fight the good fight of faith! Faith in what? In you? No. In the Word planted in you. If you don’t fight to keep it, instead of being an oracle of God, you start speaking as the prince of the air speaks. You become double-minded! Guard the seed inside of you! If you abide in Him, if the Word abides in you, the fruit will remain. Remaining means that the devil will not steal from you! “Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life!” (Proverbs 4:23). Why do you think God thinks it is so important to have the real Word of God preached to us? Because it is the only thing that can change us, the only thing that cleans our minds, and the only thing that can protect us from all the birds of the air that eat everything. Some birds are like vultures that will come to eat what is dead. Keep your seed alive. It is the living bread, the daily bread, the bread of sincerity, and Truth, the present-day bread. 

God showed me that many of us have so many seeds, so many Words, so many prophecies given to them, so many know what God has prepared for them, and because of that, the devil will send many birds to eat them all up! The more seed you have, the more the fowls of the air will come to eat them and the more fowls of the air will be sent our way. More temptation will come your way. The devil cannot multiply anything, that is why he steals, kills, and destroys. But God said, “I have a church, one bride, one people that will guard their hearts. My church is made for those who have their hearts protected with My Word inside of them.” Keep your heart right, protect those gates, keep it shut! Even when the enemy comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy, we will not believe him. Anything that comes against the Truth and God’s Word, I don’t care if it is your mother, father, brothers, grandparents, your pastor, or false prophets, don’t listen to them, or your faith will fail you. Satan will use even the written Word of God to get you to fall into temptation, just as he did to Adam and Eve, and just like he tried to do to Jesus.  What was looking bad in the garden, the devil made it look good in the eyes of Eve! There is no way to guard that seed through the flesh. Offense can steal that seed. Stay away from the mirror. You better get your eyes off you. Father, you are the Word. I don’t care what religious people tell me, we just need your Spirit, brothers and sisters that will speak the oracles of God. I don’t need a professor, I don’t need a scientist, I need nothing but your Spirit. I surely will die if all I have is religion. There is a price to pay to keep that seed. The more you ask for increase, the more birds will come your way! I don’t care what is going on in the world, I will go out with my seeds! 

“Father, we just ask you to wash our minds and hearts of anything that is not of you! Not doctrines of man, but doctrines of Christ! We need your oil! We need the Spirit of Truth to guide us into ALL TRUTH! In Jesus’ mighty name! Thank you, Father. You are the living bread, the sincere bread of life!” Some say, they are persecuting me, and He says, “Nobody has ever been more persecuted than Me.” God is the only one that brings the fruits. The more fruits you have, the hungrier people will come to eat from you. “Write Your Word on our hearts, on the tablet of our hearts. Let us not just be a part of what you are doing, but a multiplication of what you are doing. Thank you, Holy Spirit, we cannot do this without you. Father, open my eyes and ears. Forgive me for listening to what I want to see. Put eye solvent in my eyes so I can see what you are trying to show me. Father, hide your Word in my heart so I will not sin again against you!  Amen.”

Shane Roessiger




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