An attack on your brother or sister is an attack on you. Beloved, you are all one now. One body. An open door on your brother is an open door on you. You are one body! The arm is connected to the shoulder. And if the arm is diseased, it spreads to the shoulder, and whether it spreads to the whole body or not, the whole body feels the effects of its stress. Open your eyes to see that it’s not about you anymore! It’s about the body! It’s about the bride. She is the apple of His eye, but now she should be the apple of your eye!

Because He said to Peter, if you love me, feed my sheep. He’s saying feed my body! Feed me! Feed my lambs! Yet we are the Body of the Lamb! Lord, when were you hungry? When you, the body, is in need, the Lord is in need! When the body is hungry, He is hungry. The body and the head are one! We need to love what He loves and hate what He hates! But He loves His bride! He loves His body! He loves Himself! But we are His body! So if His body is Himself, to love His body is to love Him! Open your eyes to see! You say you love Him, but do you love His body? 

Everybody prays for themselves but when you pray for yourself, you’re only praying for a part of yourself. Because we together are now many parts but one body! In the world, self is you! But in the Kingdom, self is now us! Christ and us and Christ in us! You have a full body in the flesh, but in the Spirit, you are only a body part to a bigger body! 

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. But you are a new “he” in the spirit! You are no longer the he that is in the world. You are one with the He in you, the Spirit in you, but the body connected to you! That He is now we! You are connected to Him, I am connected to Him, and through Him, we are all connected. God said to “the Son and the Spirit,” let us make man in our image. Now in these last days, He looks at us, “the body” included, and says, “Let us!” We are one with Him but we are one with all of Him! Father, Son, Spirit, and Body! You say, “I’m one with God,” but I’m one with God, too! So you’re one with me! Hmmm, let your eyes be open! 

We can say I want to serve God, I love God, but who can say they love God fully if they neglect His body. Do you love the head only? Or do you love all of Him, the fullness of Him? Christ the Head and Christ the Body of Christ! To love the Head is actually to only love a part because He has many parts! And we are all a part! Head to toe! But together a full body! When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am! Why? Because the assembling of the saints is really the assembling of His body parts! And together we bring the fullness of Christ because the fullness of Christ is every part of Christ. 

How can you say you have me fully when you only have my hand? Every part together makes up His fullness! Those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, let them hear! Or will you cut off the mouth because you don’t want to receive? Well then, you have just rejected your own self because you are now one with the mouth! You may not operate the mouth but the mouth is still your mouth and it’s my mouth, it’s His mouth and it’s our mouth! The leg is your leg, my leg, and His leg! Even if you don’t operate the leg, it’s our leg because it’s our body! In the flesh, you tell your body what to do, but now we are in the Spirit, and in the Spirit, He tells His body what to do. The head controls the body because it’s the mind that sends the signals to the body to get it to move. Without a brain, the body cannot move and that is why it is the Mind of Christ through the Spirit of Christ that operates the body. Do you not know to whom you have yielded yourselves as servants to obey? 

Those who are ready to be a living sacrifice and lay down their lives for their brother or sister will hear! But really, you are laying down your life for your own self when you lay your life down for your brother, for the body, because it’s now His life, but really it’s now our life! The Bible says our life is now Christ, and now that also means our life is now the body of Christ. There’s no “I” anymore in the body! It’s “we” – “we” being many parts! What greater love does one have than this: to lay his life down for His friends! For his brothers, for their own body! Do you really love yourself because now you are a part of the body? If the arm really loves itself, it will want the head, the shoulders, the toes, and everything to prosper because it’s one. The arm no longer is its own because it’s only a part! Now it’s our body together! Deep calls!! 

Jesus said to the Father: Father, make them one just as you and I are one! Father, make my body parts one so I can manifest my fullness! Put my body together that I may do even better than I did on earth. When He said greater works shall they do than these because I go to the Father, He was really saying greater will I do because the rest of my body will come together. I am just the head, but when I am with them, it is the whole body fitly joined together, Christ being the head! And when I ascend to the Father, My Spirit will descend on them and bind them all together that I may bring the fullness of myself! 

The Bible says: 

“So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.” Ephesians 5:28-32

But now, beloved, your our one body, so wouldn’t it be that to be offended with the body is to be offended at yourself? For we have become one and one flesh with Christ but really one flesh with the Body because the body is now Christ! And no man ever yet hated his own flesh! No man has ever hated his own body! You actually need to nourish and cherish your brothers and sisters because in it you are nourishing and cherishing your own self! Your own body! When you nourish your brother or sister, you are actually nourishing another part of your body! When we compete with our brother, we all look foolish because in the Spirit it looks like a body fighting itself. 

Do you really have a revelation of who and whose you are now? Your life is not your own. But now our lives are Christ but Christ is two parts, Christ the Head and Christ the Body. Our lives are in His hands, but in another sense, our lives are in each other's hands! What you do affects me; what I do affects you! We are one! Your gifts are not for yourself. They are for the body. You have something I need and I have something you need. The whole body fitly joined together and every joint supplies! 

When one is promoted, we are all promoted. Let not the arm scoff at the leg for its promotion because the arm and the leg are one body! Now the whole body has been promoted! Now when the leg runs, the whole body runs faster! Oh, it’s not about you anymore, but when it’s about the body, it is about you because we are one now! “You” is me and “me” is you. It’s “us.” We are not individuals anymore in the Spirit. We are body parts coming together to form His body. When one mourns, we all mourn; when one rejoices, we all rejoice. This can go even way deeper! Do you realize that you have been baptized into one body? If you really want to get technical, we were baptized into Him, but actually, we were also baptized in each other! Father, make them one just as you and I are one. The Father was in Him and Him in the Father and so shall we be in each other! 

Now when you pray for each other, you're really praying for your own body! Oh, if we get it, if we change our perspective, we will become laid down lovers truly! Because we will not see it as sacrifice anymore. We will see it as expanding our own territory because together we have become one territory, one body! When you pray for the body, you are praying for HIM! You are praying for Christ! When Christ intercedes for the Body, He is interceding for Himself! Because we are now His parts! Mark yourselves with eye solvent that you may see! Do not look to Him anymore and say, “What can I do for you, Lord?” Look at Him and say, “Here I am, Lord, your body part. How may I help us today!!!”

By Joe Pinto

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