I had a dream: and someone was speaking on this stage at this meeting with a bunch of different ministers. And this person was saying that God is raising up a people that are on “The Road Less Traveled”. Then in the dream I can see a highway over the water leading into a city area. And then a byway leading to the highway. And I could see many people without number walking this byway towards the highway. Though I could see the glory of God all over them and upon them, waves of glory. And as the glory was upon them, they were dancing, rejoicing with joy and peace, enjoying the light of His glory. And then in the dream, the person said that God is going to release these people out on the earth at the same time and pour out the last Great Awakening. End of the dream.

We all can see that we’re living in the last days, but we’re so focused on what the antichrist is doing that we forget what Christ is doing! We get worried about the mark of the beast, the antichrist, the control, and the persecution, but we forgot that when the enemy comes in like a flood, He raises up a standard of righteousness. He raises up His son and says hear Him and you shall be saved! But The Son is raising up The Sons! The sent ones, the prepared ones, the persecuted ones. Those that have been equipped with the full armor of God; 7000 that have not bowed their knee to Baal! Those who have not taken an oath to Caesar. 

They are traveling The Road Less Traveled. Then I started to think, what is The Road Less Traveled? Then God started to show me and speak to me because we have many professing Christians but not many possessing what they profess to have. We have many that have not been refined as gold and silver in the fire. Many that talk and sing about the cross but never bear their cross. Living to live but not knowing that song from above is that we must die to live. 

He wants to manifest a bride to the world that is without spot or wrinkle. But instead of clearing the spots and wrinkles, many are adding more spots and wrinkles. And that is why God calls it, “The road less traveled,” because many do not want to endure the process of being refined and molded into His image. Many do not want to clean their garments! Yet how can you be The Manifestation of The Sons of God if you don’t look like The Son of God. If don’t look like the image of God. Jesus was the image of God on earth. And we’re being built up and formed to look like Him. 

Though, it is a process, it is a road of refinement, a road of deliverance, a process of sifting. Coming out of the old and in with the new. Fully purging the old works of the old man that the new man would live! Putting off the old skin and putting on the new skin. Letting go of the old wine and drinking of the new wine! Casting down every carnal mindset brick by brick. Tear this temple down and I will build it up says God! He must deconstruct us before He can reconstruct us. He wants to undo us that He can redo us. We may look like the image of God in the Spirit but He wants our soul and our body to match up with Him. He wants our spirit to take control of our body that what’s within may be on what’s without. He wants us to think like Him, act like Him, and talk like Him. That’s what we’re building to, that’s what we’re preaching for, to bring the church the blueprint, which is to be like Jesus. Some say, “We will never be like Jesus.” Lies, lies and more lies! Be perfect as I am perfect! He is perfecting us to look like Him! Until we all come to the unity of the faith and the FULL STATURE of Christ!

Aside from saving souls, the only other reason we are here is to become like Jesus. We are being trained and raised up to look like Him. He is the prototype. That way, when He comes in the clouds for His bride, He will see her face and she will look like Him, a mirror for Him, made in the image of Him. A bride in alignment, One image, one flesh with Him. A bride without spot or wrinkle, a church where the gates of hell shall not prevail. That is the road we are on, the perfecting of the saints, but the fact of the matter is not many like the fire, not many like the cross, not many like to die to self, and not many want to forsake this world and the cares of it. That’s why it is the road less traveled, the narrow way. Because it’s not a popular message in pulpits today, it will get you kicked out of churches, it will ostracize you from the majority, but the Bible says the way is narrow and there are few there that find it! There are 10 virgins but 5 are foolish! Saying things like: “We will never be like Jesus, Brother.” You who deny the power! For do you not know that it says He gives us the power to become the sons of God?!?!? What does the sons of God look like? The Son of God! He’s not the only son anymore, He was the first born of many brethren. 

And why does He say the way is narrow? Because God knew how many foolish virgins there would be compared to the wise! That’s why it’s called the remnant, the few, the chosen out of all the called who have chosen not just to be Christian but to endure the way and be formed into His likeness and image. Who have stepped away from the majority that they may do what is unpopular which is to lose their life that they may save it! Set apart from the set apart! Set apart from the world and religion! 

Blessed are you who mourn for you shall be comforted. Blessed are you who are persecuted and reviled and spoken all manner of evil against you falsely for His name’s sake for great is your reward!  Great is your reward you who hunger and thirst after righteousness for you shall be filled! Great is your reward you who endure the narrow way who have taken the byway, the highway of holiness, to the highway to compel them to come in. They have the power and glory of God. They will not lure them in anymore by denominational lures. They will cast their nets to the right as Jesus commands and they will pull souls out of the sea, out of the world! The fields are white, the fields are plentiful. The city cries out for the end times but the field cries out for the end-time harvest! No man comes to the son except by the father but they will come to the sons because The Son will be revealed in the sons. And the father will lead men to them and all those who cry out unto the Lord Jesus shall be saved, and the bride shall bring them unto the groom. And the groom shall groom them and mold them with the bride. And God shall add to His body, 144,000 that spiritual number of multitudes without spot or wrinkle. 

The world is waiting for this. They will be poured out like a drink offering. They will be a well in the wilderness. They are the many, the few who have endured, who have been chastised but loved, who have been tested and tried, refined, and purified! They are coming out of the wilderness leaning on their beloved. And the world will know that God has loved them, and they will know they have loved God because He has manifested Himself to them! The glory will be on them and the fire will be around them and will protect them, and He will be in them and be seen amongst them. When you see them, you will see the Father. You will see the light of His Glory. They are coming, they will be seen, they will be shown. They will be reviled. They will heal the broken hearted and set free those who are oppressed. They will torment the devourer everywhere they go. Demons will beg them not to be cast out. They will say to satan, you have nothing in me. They will set free those who are captive to the harlot church system. 

The poor and the oppressed will meet them. They will be a roadblock on the road to hell, and as many as are scattered, many will be gathered and stored into Daddy’s barn. The wheat shall be bundled together, the fruits shall be gathered, the thorns and thistles shall be separated, the foundation shall be established and many will stand on it and stand the test of time and endure until the end that in the end, they may receive without strife the crown of life! The world is waiting, heaven is watching. You who took upon his yoke, who have learned from Him, keep enduring, keep enduring the road less traveled, the narrow way, the fire, the cross! Resurrection power is going to be poured out on you! You know who you are! They will see the holes in your hands and they will believe! He will pour out His Spirit, the latter rain shall be greater than the former. This last great awakening will not be a random release of Glory. It will be The Manifestation of The Sons of God! A people that have been prepared and are now walking in what they have been prepared for! Get ready you who have been fashioned, you who have been raised up, who have been prepared, the harvest is plentiful. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but it is to awaken all those who are asleep! Get ready! These are the days we’ve been waiting for…

By Joe Pinto 


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