Who is worthy to open the scrolls? Who is worthy to unveil the oracles of God? Who is worthy?! He is worthy! Religion will stop there, but now we are worthy to eat the scroll by the blood of the lamb. We have now been given access to the Father through the Son. Access to the oracles of God. There was a search all over the earth in Revelation 5 for someone who is worthy, but now there is a bride that is worthy. She has become one with the One who is worthy! She is worthy because He is worthy. Now there is a bride that has been given authority from the husband, from the bridegroom, to speak the oracles of God, to speak the words of the Lord, to unveil scrolls to the body but not only unravel them but to eat them. He is not the only son anymore but now we are His sons and daughters. He was the firstborn of many brethren and now we are co-heirs, co-receivers of the inheritance of Glory! That the riches of His word that He has given to the Son shall now pass from the Son to the sons!

In the days of old, they spoke what they heard, and people heard it and had to live by it. Though now greater glory is this – that the same glory that was given to the Son shall now be given to the sons. That what was in Christ will now be in us. That the Word made flesh in Him would now be the Word made flesh in us! Now we no longer hear the word that it would be a thought in our mind but we eat the word that it would be flesh of our body. Now we eat His flesh and drink His blood. He is the bread of life, He is the living water! Now we must consume His words because to consume His word is to eat His flesh as we are becoming one flesh with Him. The Word became flesh, and now the Word is becoming flesh in us. When something is flesh in you, it is natural. When we eat something with protein, it adds natural strength to our bodies. Not something that needs to be strived for. It's something that you freely receive as He freely gives it. His manna is right there for us to eat that the word may be made flesh. We cannot just hear it, we have to eat it! We have to receive it! We have to come in agreement with it! Where two or more come in agreement, therein shall I be. Yet the Water is a witness, the Blood is a witness and the Spirit. When we drink the life-giving water of His Spirit, we are coming in agreement with a witness right there! And there He is because there He is being made flesh. There He is being made manifest!

Many are hearers only and not doers because they're not eaters of the bread! Some men are bad ground because when they are given the seeds of the word to eat, they spit them out. Yet we need to eat the seeds. When we eat the seed sweet as honey, it drops in our belly and the seed opens up and is unveiled. And inside is the embryo. The living thing inside that is to be grown-up, watered, and sprouted that it may produce fruits. Yet the seed is the word! If you want to walk in the Fruits of the Spirit, you have to receive the Words of the Spirit. The Spirit gives life and life more abundant and life to the embryo. Seeds produce fruit. When we eat the scroll, His Rhema meat from heaven, the scroll is dropped into our belly, and in our belly is the scroll unraveled, and in our belly is the Word birthed. And out of our belly flows rivers of living water. The scroll that we eat becomes the words that we speak! Ask Ezekiel! Ask John of Patmos!

You can’t walk something out that hasn't been made flesh in you. You can’t see something that hasn't been unveiled! Yet when it is made flesh in you, you do it not just because you believe. You do it because it's now bone of His bone in you! We have become dry bones, the old flesh torn off that the new flesh from heaven, the word, would be made flesh. Christ in us but really also Christ on us. The word made flesh! Yet for 30 years, Jesus was forming His mind to think like, walk like, and see like what was already in His Spirit. For 30 years, He was reading about Himself in the Old Testament before His three years of ministry. The word being revealed to The Word. What was being revealed by the book was being revealed in Him of what was already there before the book was ever made. Before the foundations – In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. What was Jesus in the Spirit, "the Word", became flesh. And the same word that manifested in the flesh as Jesus is being put inside of us. The word was, and then the word became an image! The word is being spoken over us and is creating that same image! We are eating the word and that food is becoming mortality in us. It's becoming a mind in us! The word of God needs to become the God of our life. When we’re being filled with His words, we’re being formed into the image, into the likeness, into Christ. The word of God was God and now is Christ, and when we become like the word, we become like Christ. Don't just read this word right now, eat this word! It is a scroll to be eaten! That it may be written in you! That when satan comes to you, you can say it is written! Not only written in the pages but written on my heart!

People say we can't be like Christ, but these are they that are without food, without living water. People have become dead with the dead letter, but the Spirit gives life. The Spirit turns the words in the pages into ligaments, joints, and marrow. The Spirit is the Breath of the Word. When the Spirit speaks, the word speaks. To receive the words of the Spirit is to receive the Word because the same God that was called the Word became the manifestation of the Word in the flesh and is now manifest in us in Spirit. God is Spirit but the Word was God so the Word is Spirit. The law is spiritual and I am carnal but now I am in the spirit that I may receive from the Spirit. The word and washing of the water of the word that we are eating and drinking is making us like Christ! Christ is now in Spirit making us like Himself by transitioning what is reality in spirit and using the Word to transfer our spiritual reality into bodily reality. He is forming our mind, will, and emotions to match the blueprint of His son because if you have seen the son, you have seen the father, and if you have seen the sons, you have seen the son! So who is worthy? Now you are worthy beloved, to receive and eat the scroll. You are worthy to drink of the river, He said you will no longer have to come to the well, I will put inside of you a wellspring! I will make you my friend, and I will give of you to eat of the hidden manna, to know the mysteries of Christ! To unveil revelation and secrets! He tells His secrets to His friends! It's time to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, by every scroll that comes out of His hand! The scrolls are not just for Him speaking to us. They are for Him to change us. That's why we don't just hear it, we eat it. He doesn't just want to get His words through our ears. He wants to get it embedded in the very fabric of our souls.

In Revelation 10, we see that John of Patmos is now given authority from heaven to eat the book, to eat His word, and prophesy before many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings! We now have heavenly authority to hear the Word of the Lord in this present day. His mouth is still moving. His voice is still roaring! Words are still proceeding from the throne room. Do you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying? Do you have a mouth to eat present-day scrolls?! His now words! We need not to just hear it but for it to be written on our hearts and minds. To not just hear the word, but to now become the word! The tablet is now our hearts and He is writing. He wrote the word in the Old Testament on a tablet of stone but He is writing His word on tablets of flesh. We no longer have a heart of stone but a heart of flesh that as He speaks it yields to Him and is being shaped like clay in the potter's hands. Stone is dead, but flesh is alive. Stone is dead but flesh responds! The heart of flesh! We were dead to the word of God but now we are alive to it! His tongue is the pen of a ready writer. As He speaks, He is writing it on the walls of our minds. By the finger of God, He is writing on our hearts, and then we will know the Kingdom has come upon us because the word is written in us and the power is coming from us and the same finger that wrote the word on us will cast out demons with us.

Moreover, he said unto me, Son of man, eat that thou findest; eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll. And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness. And he said unto me, Son of man, go, get thee unto the house of Israel, and speak with my words unto them. Ezekiel 3:1-4

We don't need men anymore that are trying to crack open the scrolls of the dead letter that have no life in them. We need the Spirit that gives life to breathe on our eyes and reveals the depth of what is written. Yet we need men and women that have scrolls and oracles in their mouth speaking to the church. If any man speaks, let Him speak as the oracles of God! Let Him speak from the opening of a scroll from His hand! We don't need men that plan in their minds what they are going to preach. We need men like Ezekiel that are eating scrolls from heaven and speaking to the house of God. Let it come out like a mighty river. If any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth! That God would speak! We need to not think of what we should say but let our mouth be open that He may fill it! Oracles in our mouth, scrolls coming out and going in. Coming from Him, going in you, coming from you, and going in them. And as the scrolls are spoken, they are being written on the hearts of His people as they eat! Heaven will be rolled up like a scroll in the latter days but the scroll of heaven inside of us will not be shut up for the Kingdom of God is within us forever and ever!

By Joe Pinto

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