This is not another message. This is a set time to be changed, to be transformed into His image. God, we need you more than ever! Let us receive the spirit of Elijah among us that is making the crooked ways straight.  It is time to remove the filthy garments today.  The system of religion has filled so many, and they think they are full. Full of themselves, full of false doctrines, full of carnal knowledge. So, today, only the hungry ones will be satisfied with His Word, with His way, by His Spirit! Many don’t know how it feels to be filled with living water straight from the throne of God. They think their waters are clean. They drink from puddles; they are carnal and earthly. But eagles fly so high to get the freshest water, the first drops of pure rain that fall from the sky (heaven).God, humble us today!

Today God is asking you, “Who are you comparing yourself to?” God wants us to compare ourselves to Christ, and no other. If we keep comparing ourselves to this measure of Christ, we will never have that prideful thought that we have arrived. Revelation is not just a book! It is revealing of Christ. The book of Christ! The book of the Church! O Father, what man has done to your Holy Word?! Many are like birds drinking from dirty water out birdbaths! O Father, draw them to your fountain! Arrogant people cannot remain in the Body of Christ! Broken cisterns can never satisfy your thirsty soul. Come to His water, His Word, His presence, and His power.

Compared to whom? The Bible says that comparing ourselves among ourselves is not wise! Read 2 Corinthians 10:12: “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” Read 2 Corinthians 10:18: “For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth.”

Father, we need to see your ways and to walk in them. The anti-Christ is removing people from His fold. The anti-Christ spirit is not in the world only but inside your people. This spirit is trying to make a room among God’s people, but it will find no place because Truth won’t let it in. We will be like Him. We will be the ones who will say, “Satan, you have nothing in me.” John 14:30

Another example: the word DISCORD and the word DIVISION. This is how the world works! This is how the system of religion works! Read the story about Cain and Abel. A clear example of competition. Read Genesis 4:1-8. It is not just the substance that you give that God is concerned about. Cain brought the substance, but it was all about his heart. His heart was revealed. No matter how much we are happy and smile, it’s about whatever is deep inside – that matters. God will expose all impure intentions. God sees everything about us, our hidden thoughts, our hidden motivations. But when we do things because we know who He is, then we know we have everything we ask for because we ask in purity. When people understand that His word never lies, hypocrisy will have no place among us. Cain did what he was called to do and was supposed to do, but how he did what he did is what really matters. How we do what we do is what really matters.

There was a wedding where some wore the wrong clothes (Matthew 22:11). That wedding was representing the kingdom of God. If you want to enter into the kingdom of God, you must wear the right clothes. We must be clothed in humility. The greatest of the greatest is and always is going to be Jesus. Competition was among the disciples. Peter was stirring competition. Peter said, “Who will be the greatest in the kingdom of God?” But Jesus said, “If you want to be the greatest, you must be the least, you must be humble as a little child; if you want to enter the kingdom of God, you must humble yourselves as a little child, or you cannot.” Jesus is the only way. The only robe we need to wear is Christ! Not the robes of the pharisees, of the rabbis, of the great pastors, but humility! Many try to enter the wedding wearing the robes of Babylon. Many are naked before God. You think you are clothed but you are completely naked. If you could see what He sees, you would repent right away. Many are trying to buy the wrong oil. Rancid oil brings clots to your veins and stops the flowing of His Spirit.

In the book of Revelation 3:17, Jesus Christ tells the church that “because you say you are full and increased with goods, you have need of nothing, but you are miserable, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy of Me gold tried in the fire that you would be clothed so the shame of your nakedness does not appear before all.” Let us be clothed in humility, in hunger, and in desperation.

Prideful Peter (the one before His conversion) thought he could not deny Jesus without the help of the Holy Spirit. So, God started to show Peter to Peter. Peter was found fishing in the water naked. He ripped his clothes off and found himself naked later on (John 21:7). “Of course, I love you, Lord,” Peter got frustrated. “You don’t love me, you think you can love me, but without your conversion, without your humility, it is impossible for you to love me. A lot of people have good intentions, but I need to show you, Peter, your own heart,” Jesus said. Many are so prideful that they don’t want God to show them their hearts. They can’t stand seeing all that junk in them. It wasn’t until Peter recognized his unclean heart, only then he  asked Jesus to wash not only His heart but his feet, his head, and his hands, his whole body (John 13:9). Jesus said that only His word can make you clean (John 15:3-5). His word, the baptism in His Word, in the Spirit, in the water of the washing of the His Word: Only through them we will be cleaned.

People have been eating pages of paper, pages of a book that has not been awakened by His Spirit. Paul called it a dead letter, but this living bread that came down from heaven, this is the one we need to eat! Daily bread! So many religious garments all over! Eat from this bread! Father, give me today, my daily bread! Jesus told us to ask for daily bread! People search the scriptures, they try to understand the letter, they think they will find eternal life in them (John 5:39-47), but eternal life was right in front of them and they could not see HIM! They resisted Him. “Eat My flesh and drink My blood,” that was what He was saying. “Here! I am the feast of all the feasts. I am everything you need! The book was written so you could be able to find Me. If you find Me, I will make your heart the book and I will open it and you will be read by all man!” says the Holy Spirit.

You have a name of being Christian, of being alive, but you are dead! Repent. It is not about a name. It is about being one with Him! The book written in our hearts is proof that the book is alive! God will expose the dead among the living and the living among the dead! Dead people cannot even eat, sit, feed themselves, or receive. Dead people are only good when they feed their flesh that is also dead, but in this passage, God is saying, “You are spiritually dead.”

Jesus said to a man, “Come with me.” But the man said, “Lord, let me go first and bury my father, (Luke 9:59). Why do you think Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” He was saying…” Or you follow Me or you follow the dead!” Why do you think Jesus said, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” He was saying...“ You cannot be in Me and in the dead system!”

Read Genesis 37:3 and Genesis 37:18-20. Look at all the competition! Those who compare, those who compete, they are fools. When there is competition, there is always a conspiracy. Then you will conspire with the soul ties, conspire with dead people, and you will begin to question what God told you. The enemy will use the dead because he is dead! God is writing with His own finger His word upon our hearts! Whatever the enemy tries to do to stop the heavenly vision, it will fail! False brethren, false love, those who are jealous of the favor in your life, those who compete with you, they all will die, but you will live forever until he accomplishes His plan in your life! No devil, but only you can remove you from his grace!

In the kingdom of God when one is blessed, we are all blessed! When one is promoted, we are all promoted!  When one rejoices, we all rejoice!  When one suffers or mourns, we all do! Read 1 Corinthians 12:24-27. Don’t put your family first, your own life first, people that are dead first, He said, “Put Me first.” He is the head, so if we put the head in as first, we are putting the Body of Christ as first. If one member of the Body is honored, we all are honored! This is the place where God is bringing the body! But tell those who will not comply, they will be cut off! God did not make you see just because He made you see but so you can be clothed in humility. Because the more you see, the humbler you should be. God lets us see, and at the same time, God watches what you do with it. Seeing is very dangerous because once you see, you are accountable for it. You want to see more; you need to be a good steward of it. Jesus said, “Because you say you see, your sin remains,” (John 9:41). Some say, “I see.”…Oh, what a statement of pride!

Read Matthew 5:29-30. If your eye causes you to compare, or causes you to compete, it is better for you to cut it off. O…offense. Jesus said, “If anyone causes any little one to stumble, it is better to hang a millstone around your neck.” Jesus said, “If you want to enter into the kingdom, it must be like a child.” Anyone that messes with those little ones, anyone that messes with anyone that is walking in humbleness… because if you mess with the little one, you are messing with the Holy Spirit because they are one. Heresies are dividing the Body. Usually, it is the heresy hunters that are holding the heresies because they are the children of pride. I am alerting you against this spirit of the dead in those walking around with dead people, you better repent, because the kingdom of God is at hand! Be clothed with humility! You better shut your mouth or God will shut it! Don’t mess with any of the little ones!

Can you see? Selfishness breeds greed and discord! Read Proverbs 6:12-19. Some people cannot even hold their tongues because their heart is so full of wickedness. No one contains the tongue but through the Holy Spirit. Let Him expose what is in your heart. But also, in this passage we see that we speak in a different way: Our feet speak more than our mouth, our finger speaks, our eyes speak! We – who have the gifts – can see, but the blind will say that there is no gift because they cannot see. Their garments are moth-eaten and they have gone the way of Balaam.

Jesus Christ knew all the intention of man’s heart! The worse mistake since the garden is to think we can cover our nakedness with fig leaves when Christ Jesus said in Revelation, YOU ARE NAKED! Clothe yourselves with humility. In the garden, they were clothed with glory but you exchange the glory for fig leaves. Change your garments today. Hearts that divide are an abomination in the eyes of God as well as feet that run to mischief! But pay attention to this: What is an abomination in the eyes of God? A man that sows discord among brethren! ABOMINATION! ABOMINATION! ABOMINATION! He said, “Six of these God hates – the seventh is an abomination: He who sows discord among  brethren.” Now, pay attention because God uses the Holy Spirit to expose heresy and false doctrines. Those who become unreachable are unteachable and are the ones that are dead and rooted in the spirit of pride. But we who are in Him know Him because we are one and full of oil, of gifts, of love, of truth, and of humility.

Now we see Judas stirring indignation – sowing discord among the brethren – in this other passage in Matthew 26:7-9 and John 12:3-6. Competition, comparison… “What is the purpose of this waste?” Judas asked. The Spirit of God was there in flesh among them. His heart was exposed. Judas diverted, “It is not about me, it is about the poor. It is not about me at all, it is about the waste…” He had a bad heart but wanted to show his good side when there was none. But it was all about him. All the time Judas was being exposed, he thought he was fine. This is a key sign of someone who has been exposed but does not want to receive the Truth. They will divert to another topic to another thing, or they even will make themselves see something good about themselves in the flesh. This is what they do: they divert from the issue. These are their fig leaves. Humility says, “Where are His feet? I must repent and be covered by Him.” Many will not be able to remain among God’s people. The tares will be running when the glory manifests. Many will be deceived because they don’t have discernment. We find the spirit of Absalom in Judas because we see Judas starting this whole thing. He was the one sowing discord, practicing abomination in God’s eyes.

Let’s look in the dictionary at the word indignation: anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment. When we feel indignation, it is a fruit of competition. We must keep comparing ourselves to Jesus Christ. God is the one who promotes or brings down! We cannot be man-pleasing but God-pleasing. When we please God, He is the one who moves! God said, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.” Why should we get mad over a woman that poured oil over His feet? Instead, we should ask, “God, what can I do to become one that pleases you?”

An angel came to Cornelius and said, “And said, Cornelius, thy prayer is heard, and thine alms are had in remembrance in the sight of God.” He was a Gentile!!! “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.” Acts 10:31.

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him! Don’t seek things, seek Him diligently! Either we believe God or He is a liar! God will not reward manipulation. He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He resists the proud! Those who become like a little child enter the kingdom; those whose heart is like Cain or like those in the wilderness, He will resist! Entitlement spirit is an antichrist and poverty spirit! We judge and we compare by the carnal aspect: “ I am doing this; I am doing that.” Cain was tilling the ground all the time, but he was always competing. Samuel was ready to anoint the one! The father of David thought he had missed it because he denied all the other sons. David was the one! Samuel said, “Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.” Don’t be in comparing, in competing, just give God your heart and let Him wash your heart. Compare yourself to the One that you can never amount to: Christ Jesus! If you compare yourself to another man, you are not wise.

The promotion that comes to you comes as a fruit of your own heart. When you know how to master rejection, then it is time to be promoted. All rejection is the fruit of pride. So, don’t let rejection just manifest pride but instead let it point to any pride in you. Poverty is not just not  having things, poverty is to compare all the time with others when you can have the same, but your heart does not let you have it because you believe you are not worthy of it. That is false humility and fear.

It is all about the heart and the intentions to a just and perfect GOD! Our spiritual promised land is the kingdom of God in us and with us just like it is in heaven! Godliness with contentment is great gain! Read 1 Timothy 6:3-6. God make me bless-able.  Make me lie down in green pastures! Be my shepherd. Deliver me! I don’t want to exalt my ways, but to follow your ways and walk in them because all that is of the flesh is of the anti-Christ.

God, I want people to trust me. When people trust me that means that there is nothing in my heart that others can see! Give me discernment. Some people don’t realize that they are being discerned by someone because the others with discernment are still walking in love!  How we take our cross results in how much of His cup He will pour out on us. This is the cross: it is more blessed to give than to receive! How much more blessed is Joseph among all his brothers? We all must drink the cup of suffering and the cup of blessing!

Father, let your word be a mirror to our own hearts! Help us to be delivered! Let your word be a lamp unto our hearts and feet. You said we are the light just as you are. We say, “I want to walk in the light,” but when you start showing us something, we try to hide it. The Lord is saying, “I want to clothe you in My glory and My humility. I want to write my word upon your heart. The more I do it in your heart, the more the word will become flesh in you. You cannot just read the word; you must be the word! You becoming a living epistle read by all men. You must be what man is reading. But your heart must be a blank tablet where He can write on it! Christ Jesus had no hypocrisy! Just transparency! He was the most living epistle we can compare ourselves to!

Keep comparing yourself only to Jesus and you will always get better. Keep comparing yourself only to Jesus and you will become like Him. Amen.

Shane Roessiger

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