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The artificial oil from the religious system and networks are drying up. The soul tie to old wine and rancid oil is snapping. Come out of her, my bride! You have come out of Egypt, but you have not come out of Korah’s network! 

The network of soothsayers, but now even those in the church who are blind, will now and already have seen the leftovers from Egypt, the fragrances, the wine, the oils from Pharaoh's hand have dried up in your midst. The leavened bread has run stale, the waters have run stagnant. The flies have contaminated the oil and made it rancid. Korah is left for judgment. Fire has consumed the false and presumptuous prophets. 

They lay waste in the desert and all who have followed them are left. Let them see those whose God answers by fire. Let them see those who stand and have stood the trial and test of time. Those who have endured the road less traveled! He will pour out His Spirit upon them, and the Glory of the Lord shall be seen on them. 

Many have gone to the highways and byways but have brought oil from Egypt! But the true laborers are about to be poured out and sent out in power and anointing and bring oil from heaven. Those who have endured the cross, those who have endured the fire, these are prepared for such a time as this. These have a brick in one hand and a sword in another. A sword to cut out the infection of religion, and a brick to build His Kingdom in earthly vessels to make them heavenly vessels. 

The Church is a wasteland, a desert. Yet there is a River in the Desert. A Joseph in the land. A bride coming out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved. A remnant, 7000 that have not bowed their knee to Baal. They have eaten the honey, they have eaten the locust. But now they will eat giants for their bread! 

They killed lions and bears in the wilderness but now they are after Goliath’s head. They have denied Saul’s armor and have waited for their time. They will rise from the dead. This is the third day, the day the dead become the living. The days of Elijah have come and now he will breathe fire out of his mouth. His messengers are flames of fire. 

They shall consume principalities and powers. Their names are written in the lamb's book but they're also written in hell’s book! The devils know their name. The devils know God and tremble but the devils know them and tremble! They do not come to talk to you about freedom, they come to set you free. They don’t talk about revival, they release revival. These are men and women of authority. For even the Pharisees perceived that Jesus was a man of authority even though they did not know Him.

The days of title throwing for authority have ended. These are the days of power. They will know your authority because heaven backs you. The status quo is broken. There is a new standard in the land: Righteousness! Power! The forms of godliness have been deformed. It’s time for the power of God to be the backing, to be the image. For He did not come in word only but in power and demonstration. The devil is not afraid of those that talk about Christ, he’s afraid of those that manifest Christ. When we manifest the Son, we manifest as sons. 

Turn your eyes, turn your ears, all you who are heavy laden. Learn from Him. There is a remnant, a bride in the wilderness, that have learned my ways, that have taken upon my yoke. Learn from them, drink from them. For when you have seen them, you have seen the Father. 

They are a River in the Desert. The land is desolate, the land has run dry, but their dwelling is flowing with rivers of living water. They hold honey out of the carcass of the lion. The devil has been made their footstool to climb up higher. They breathe the breath of life to breathe the dry bones to life. Come be healed, come be delivered, come be endued for they are endued with power. They are in the land of the living. Cling to the bride, touch not the unclean thing and He will receive you. Things look dry but there is a river. Find the river, the rivers of living water flowing from the bellies of men. Many bellies are barren, but in the belly of His bride is the drink that never lets us thirst again. All who are thirsty, come to the river! The Spirit and the Bride say come!

By Joe Pinto 

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