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The idol of all idols is you! Every other god is an idol, but many are making an idol unto themselves of themselves. You think you have idols and you need to let them go, but you worship those idols because you worship yourself. You don’t have to carve an image in stone to make an idol. Many are carving an image in their own mind for themselves to worship. Many idolize family, friends, people, places, and things, but they all come back down to serving the one idol, you! You are the idol of idols! Every idol in your life leads back to the one idol, you. When they made idols of wood and stone back in the day, the idol was actually still themselves. Many made idols for themselves to serve themselves, but the idol was the one that made the idol because they chose a god of their own making to serve them according to their lust to cater to what they want. We didn’t apply ourselves to God because He catered to us. We gave ourselves because He gave Himself for us. He died that we may live. We love Him because He first loved us. We are saved because He saved us! But these have made an image created by their own imagination and lust, an image of their own making. We are made in the image of God, but many are making an image of their own god!

The biggest idol in your life is the one staring back at you in the mirror! There is no other god besides God, but our flesh wants to make ourselves God in our lives. The devil contends to be the god of our life, but deeper than that, your flesh is really the enemy. The one that's contending to be your god, our will is fighting to be God in our life. The only way the devil becomes God in our life is when we become the god of our own life. The devil’s open door is our flesh. If the devil can get us to worship ourselves, he can get us to worship him. Your will is the devil's will! When we do what we want, we do what the devil wants. Look at Adam and Eve. The devil deceived them the same way he fell, by leading them to want to be like God. The devil will try and lead you to become the god of your life. To take control of your life. To lead yourself. To self-sustain, self-obtain, self-promote, and self-protect. The devil has been grooming generations to rely on self and to make yourself the God of your life. 

You don’t even realize that satanism has been in the culture for a long, long time. The TV shows, the movies, the talk shows, the mottos, the sayings, the teachings, everything, it all is working together to teach you to rely on yourself, make it by yourself, follow your dreams, to be self-dependent, to do what you want, and to get what you want. Yet the Bible says we are to be a living sacrifice. That we would love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul, and love our neighbor as ourselves. How can we love God when we love ourselves more? And how can we love our neighbors if we are too busy wanting them to love us and worship us? We’re too busy trying to get everybody to serve us, to pay attention to us, to cater to us. To bow down and worship us. To worship our idols. To feed our idols, to bring man-pleasing words and sacrifices to our idols. That we’re missing Christ and they’re missing Christ. Everybody wants to be seen before Jesus can ever be seen. That's the problem. When you are your own idol, it's not about God’s glory, it’s about your glory! People say, “Glory to God,” and they do things with Christ's name on it, but in the heart, it’s all still for their name. Some do it in big ways and arenas of life. And some do it in small, subtle ways that cannot be seen unless through discernment. 

They are deceived by the teachings of Jezebel. Read Revelation 2:18-24. Even that church was doing many things right, but this one thing was hated by God and it was that spirit of Jezebel. Teaching His servants to eat things sacrificed unto idols. Many think of Jezebel and think of control and manipulation. Yet another thing Jezebel did in 1 Kings 21 was that she fed the lust of her husband. Ahab had covertness in his heart. He had lust in his heart for Naboth's garden. And he was rejected when pursuing it, and Jezebel began to teach him to go after it, to go after his idol. To fulfill his lust. So she decided to take it with force and have Naboth killed so that Ahab could have it. She made sure her husband had his lust no matter who or what was at cost. Many are being seduced by Jezebel in churches, in groups, and in relationships to go after things that God is not giving them. To have whatever they want, to have their will. Some are being seduced by people and some are being seduced directly in their ears by strange voices. 

Yet really when you are tempted, you are led away by your own lust and desires. Your own lust and desires open the doors to Jezebel, to strange voices. And that's why some are in Jezebel's sickbed. I believe some are getting sick and even perishing because they never repented or resisted in their space of repentance. Some are physically sick, but every Jezebel sick bed starts spiritual! You start to lose the life of God. You start to have no life in you, no glory, no power, and no voice of God. If we do not eat His flesh and drink His blood, we will have no life in us! But many are not eating His flesh because they are eating their own flesh! Their own words! Their own will! Jesus said, “My meat is to do the will of my father!” Yet many are eating strange meats! Meat sacrificed unto idols. Words and ways and ways of thinking that are given to serve the idol, you! Jesus’ meat is to do the will of His father; Jezebel’s meat is to do your own will. People are giving words, dreams, visions, and such that are not from God but are from man’s spirit to glorify man's flesh. To empower the flesh, to make the flesh serve itself. These are teaching God’s servants to eat things sacrificed unto idols because they are teaching others to do things to fulfill their flesh. 

She calls herself a prophetess because she’s not a prophet and that's why she “calls” herself one. Only God “calls” a prophet. False prophets are self-proclaimed prophets. She calls herself a prophet that you would believe her and that you would receive from her. She operates through men and women alike, anyone who is operating in the flesh. These are being used to bring prophetic witchcraft that feeds the flesh of a man, that feeds the idol(s) of a man. They please you but they don’t please God. They have many words of affirmation and man-pleasing but the goal of that spirit is to make a eunuch and make you a slave to yourself. Jezebel can even move through people with good intentions. People who may even be of God but get in the flesh can be used in the likeness of that spirit. Look at Peter, with good intentions wanted to protect Jesus but was getting in the way of the will of God because the will of God was for Him to embrace the cross. Peter in his ignorance was a hindrance to Jesus to feed His flesh, but Jesus said get behind me satan! Because satan even used a good-willed person. Peter wasn’t satan but that spirit used Peter's ignorance and his flesh-led, misled zeal. 

We need to walk in the Spirit that we will not fulfill the deeds of the flesh. We don’t want to let the flesh have an opportunity but walking in the Spirit and dying to self is our only help to make sure that doesn't happen. We walk in the Spirit, we put on Christ, and make no provision for the flesh. We cannot speak from the flesh or that spirit can use our flesh. We do not fight against flesh and blood but the enemy uses our flesh to get us in the flesh. When we walk in our own spirit, we get in the way of the Holy Spirit. You may not have bad intentions but good intentions are still not good enough. We need to know God’s intentions and line up with those. He tells the secrets of His heart to His friends! We need to know His will so that we would not get in the way of His will. Our will will try to Jezebel His will in our life. We need to put our agendas down and seek His agenda because man’s agenda gets in the way of God’s agenda. 

This is the key to kill this spirit. To kill our will! To smash our idols! So that spirit would find nothing in us to seduce us with! To let every part of myself that worships and serves self be smashed to pieces that the idolatry of self would be dead and all my other idols would fall off like fruit off of a tree. SMASH YOUR IDOLS! But smash the biggest idol, you. You are the root of all of your idols. Get out of your own way. Put yourself last and God will put you first. Jezebel will feed you food to strengthen your flesh, food unto your idols. Food unto your idol, you. Father, we cast down all of our idols before you! Our idol of being seen, being heard, being known. We want to be made into your image, not the image that we have carved and created for ourselves. And not the image of the Christ that we have created for ourselves. For many Christs shall arise in this last day and many of them will be made by supposed Christ-followers. Watch, for they lie and wait to deceive you. The blind leading the blind. All those idols are deaf and dumb, they cannot see, they cannot hear, and neither can one who makes an idol of themselves! They cannot see because they want to be seen.

Do not feed anyone else’s idol. To feed their flesh is to feed their idol. To adhere, to please their flesh is to please their idol. Do not provide food to your brother, to your sister, that will only increase the size of their idol. That will cause them to stumble over their own selves. Some have a money idol, some have an idol called their family, some called their kids, some called a person, for some it’s a lifestyle, but either way, it’s an image carved to serve their own wants and lust for their life. Kill the flesh and you will kill your idols. God will have no other idols before Him, but do what God wants you to do, say what God wants you to say, live how God wants you to live, and He will give His Word like a hammer to smash your idols to pieces so that He may live! His Word is like a hammer that breaketh the rock, the idols, to pieces! Do not make an image for yourself! An image of what you want yourself to be like, what you want yourself to walk like, talk like. Smash every graven image! For you are made in the image of God!

By Joe Pinto

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