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You are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. So why don't you feel like that? You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You are His hands and feet on this earth. As He is, so shall you be on earth. So why don't you think like that? You are a Holy Nation, a city set on a hill. You are hidden under the shadow of the Almighty. You are hidden in Christ in God. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places. You are co-heirs with the son. You have received the Spirit of adoption in which you cry, “Abba, Father.” You have resurrection power on the inside of you. The same spirit that was in Elijah, the same spirit that was in Paul, the same spirit that was in Christ, is now inside of you. So why don't you live that way?

One thing we need to understand about God is that the Bible says, “God is Spirit,” and they that worship Him MUST worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. In the Old Testament, they worshiped Him in outward appearance with their bodies. Yet in the new covenant, God is looking for deeper worship. Worship that goes deep. Worship that comes from our innermost being. We don't understand that this life is temporary but also this body is temporary. When we die, this body will return to dust but the spirit will return to God. The spirit of every man will stand before God. Every man will receive for what was done in the body. Not what is done with the body but IN the body. In the heart, in the mind, in the spirit. We do outward acts all the time and we think we are pleasing God, but God wants the man on the inside to worship Him. No flesh glories before Him. No flesh shall please, nor can please. Not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God we shall please Him. This is the God who is Spirit and who lives in my spirit, and I shall serve Him in spirit.

For those who are born again, He has given us a new heart and a new spirit. That means when you were of the world, you had a spirit but it was dead. It was alive but it had no life of God in it, contaminated by the world. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, they were alive and connected to God. They were told that if they ate of the fruit that they would surely die, and they ate it. They did not die physically, but their spirit died in the sense that their spirit lost that same connection it had with God in the garden. Our spirit has been born again, renewed to that connection with God inside of our spirit. Now we are those that have risen from the dead. Everything in the Kingdom is spiritual. When God speaks, it's spiritual. The natural man cannot receive the things of God because they are spiritually discerned.

The spiritual realm is more real than the natural realm. The reason why many struggle to believe is because we think and live more carnally than we do spiritually. We need to understand that this is a spiritual walk and a spiritual Kingdom. A spiritual God, a spiritual war. The law is spiritual but I am carnal, sold under sin. Yet now I am redeemed, I am set free from the law of sin and death. I am now under the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. When God made Adam, he made his body of dust, but his spirit man was by the breath of God that was breathed into the body. We came from the breath of God and we need to live by the breath of God, by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, by the Spirit of God.

We are spiritual people. We have to stop living by natural means but live by the spiritual. No longer by our natural body but by our inner man. The inner is the new man and the body is the old man. Our body is no longer our own, it is now the temple of God, that God may do what He wants with it. Our life is not our own but the life of Christ is now on the inside of us and that is the life we can now live. It is only within that we can change what is without. We cannot change what is within through what is without. We cannot be spiritual in our flesh. The flesh is at enmity with the Spirit but it is also at enmity with our spirit because in Him we live and have our being. Our spirit is now living inside the heart of His Spirit.

He has now given us a law after our inner man, that we would live by His inner man all the days of our life. When God filled us with His Spirit, He mended His Spirit and our spirit together. That our spirit would be baptized in His emotions, baptized in His thoughts. Baptized in His movements. Baptized in everything He does, in everything He is. Baptized in His divine nature. In the image of God. The Spirit of adoption, the innermost being of a man is his spirit and now the innermost being of God is now inside your innermost being. Yet you have a body. You have a soul. We need to learn to not live by our soul and our flesh but by our spirit. Our spirit is empowered to walk this walk in Christ. Paul said, “In God whom I serve with my spirit.” The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord. Though our outward man is decaying, our inner man is being renewed day by day. He will grant us according to the riches of His glory, strength with power through His Spirit in our inner man. We must put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the one who created us. Our mind is being renewed to think like the new man. Yet our spirit is the new man.

Walk in the Spirit and you will walk in the new man; walk in the flesh and you will walk in the old man. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the deeds of the flesh. The flesh is dead and cannot please God, yet when we start to live by the new spirit God gave us, we will walk in the Spirit and He will quicken our mortal body to do the will and work of God. We now have new emotions and a new mind, a new way to move. Our spirit man feels God's emotion, God's thoughts, and wills to move where God moves. We need to stop thinking with our carnal mind and start thinking with our spirit where the mind of Christ is. We now have the mind of Christ. We have to keep the carnal mind dead and tune it out and receive from the mind that is in our spirit. Our flesh has its own emotions, thoughts, and will. That is the old man. Every time we move by our flesh, we are moving by our old man, resurrecting the old man. We need to keep the will of our body on the cross and live a crucified life, and as we live by our spirit, our flesh will start to breathe its last breaths. We have to keep that man on the cross. This is the life we now live with Christ. That I may not do what I want to do but what He wants me to do, a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. Perfect as He is perfect and holy as He is holy.


I cannot kill the deeds of the flesh by the flesh. I need to mortify the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit. As I live by the Spirit through my spirit, my flesh will start to die. As the flesh is left unfed, as I fast my own will, His will lives and my will dies. Even Paul said that he beat his body into submission. You need to beat your body into submission for the mission that this would be your omission and in your spirit man, you would take your position. When your body wants to go right but God is going left, you need to resist your will. This is the life that Paul lived. This is the life that you shall now live. Yet it is freedom because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! What your body wants to do is not you anymore. You have to look at it differently. Paul said we are waiting for the redemption of our bodies to be given a new heavenly body. Yet our spirit is new! Our spirit is redeemed. Our spirit is transformed. Our spirit is divine! You are a new creation, therefore, all your old ways shall no longer live because your old ways are no longer you!

Though the body still wills to be the old you. This is why we must live by our spirit man because the spirit man wills to live for the will of His Spirit. When we live through our spirit, our spirit starts to take over our soul and starts to take over the body, and the Spirit inside of our spirit starts to quicken the flesh to bear fruit and fruit that remains! The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We know that we are a new creation but this is the revelation that our spirit has become new. Behold! Now live from within. The Kingdom of God is not by observation but within. Virtue is within, divine nature is within. Resurrection power is now within, in our spirit man. Out of our belly shall flow rivers of living water. Out of our spirit shall come words of life. Out our spirit shall come revelation, wisdom, power, and glory. Out of spirit man shall we live unto God. This is the revelation, your spirit man is a new creation!

By Joe Pinto

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