This word shows us clearly that we cannot have a negative agreement, but only positive agreement. What matters is what He thinks, what He says, and what He does. He desires a bride in agreement with the living God. “Father, we come against any voice that comes against You.” The Bible says if two agree on anything it shall be established! Let us establish righteousness and truth in us and around us.

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Mathews 18:18-19

Wow! Consider the power of agreement! We have always focused on the good heavenly agreement concerning God’s Word, but many are making bad and negative agreements with fear, unbelief, unforgiveness, and on and on. “Father, let our agreement be with the Spirit of Truth, with the Word of God.” The Bible talks about how one puts 1000 to flight, but two can put 10,000 to flight. If you are negative, if you have darkness, if you agree with lies, you can also put 10,000 to flight and bring destruction to you and to others. If you let the poison into your heart, you will be one of these. The enemy is after the righteous ones to corrupt their minds and hearts. Don’t be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. The enemy was powerless over Jesus because he could never get Him to be in negative agreement with satan or come against the written Word.

The Bible talks about the tongue setting fires in the book of James. Also, life and death are in the power of the tongue! Don’t be moved by our emotions, our thoughts, with what we want, what we see in the natural, but we should live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Do not listen to the enemy or his ministers. Make sure you are walking in agreement with God. Do you know that agreement is so powerful? We must know that we cannot be in agreement with satan, with lies, and with people who were sent by him to try to corrupt our faith and our purpose as sons and daughters.

Satan used situations, jealousy, and rebellion in Judas. He must have agreed with things that the Pharisees said about Jesus that gave an impartation, a deposit, or some seed that began to take root. Judas was in agreement with the enemy. He entered into negative agreement with satan. When he followed his plans, the end was death for him! Judas became deceived. Many people in some denominations or religious sects say, “That happened because it was written.” No, what was written is what would happen because God saw that he would do that, then it was prophesied. God was writing about this situation because He wanted to warn the disciples, “Don’t be that one.” The Bible never said that the son of perdition was Judas until he fell in agreement with satan, until he allowed Satan to turn him into “the son of perdition.” If Jesus spoke and chose the 12, why did he not stop Judas from turning into the son of perdition? Because he was as chosen and called as one of the apostles. We all have choices. We must not cross the line. He even warned Peter that satan wanted to sift him so Jesus prayed for faith not to fail. Faith is a choice. In the case with Judas, he had to make his own choice. That negative agreement turned him into a double agent, a spy for the enemy, and turned on the One who has life. These things are written, not as stories, but the reality of how serious it is to guard our hearts and minds. It is also written that in the last days, many will fall away. Well, it is written but that will be done according to our choice and not God’s choice. You see it is written, but we make a choice, it’s not written about us. The Bible is all about choices. Judas made his. We must work that selection out! If God steps out of our lives for one day, satan will step in. You must crush any stumbling blocks that are separating you from your real, true brethren! What I see, what I feel, cannot move me anymore. Paul talks about a false brother. That means that that the false brother was a real brother one day. How did he end up being false? Through negative agreement with satan or negative agreement with false doctrines or humanism. Some of us cannot see anymore because we came in agreement with lies! Blinded by darkness. You must kill that agreement today or that agreement will kill you!

Being indoctrinated by some religious sect or denomination is very dangerous! Some religious sects have replaced choices for “predestined.” Elijah gave the people a set day to make a decision: “Today, choose the one you want to serve!” Make your choice! Negative or positive.

Truth or lies. The whole Bible is about choices, repentance, mercy, grace, and love for the Truth. If it was not about these, why would God judge us for our own choices? Because of choice, if He decided already who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, then that would totally be against believing and faith. We are predestined to be changed into His image, but it is up to us to surrender to His love and power. Period. God is not a respecter of persons. It is written, so it is faith that pleases Him.

Judas had the choice to make but he made the wrong one. All the Bible is all about choices. Right and wrong. Everything has to do with choosing this day whom you will serve - truth or lies, the word of God or your feelings. Do not frustrate the grace of God because something may happen just as it says in Romans 1:24-27. They will be turned over to their sin by God! When you start agreeing with satan, you are in disagreement with God! Satan will use people, places, and things. He will use illusions, hurts, pain, and even rejection to find a place to work.

Let’s see some examples of negative agreements in the Bible:

  • Judas and the Pharisees: The Pharisees were glad about Judas’ betrayal (Mark 14: 11), but this betrayal began far before in his heart! His betrayal started way back before the thirty pieces of silver fell into his hands. It started with that negative agreement with something that the Pharisees said about Jesus Christ. It started with something in his mind and heart.

  • Ananias and Sapphira: Agreed about lying about the price of their land that was sold (Acts 5:1-5).Negative agreement! Once you agree with the devil and find someone to be in agreement with you, you are really close to being taken out! When you find someone to be in agreement with you, now two are putting ten thousand to flight! The Word of God works in any realm! It was their choice. God did not obligate them to do it, they decided it, they decided to lie, they decided not to repent. Money made through the selling of a piece of land or a heart: Whenever you decide to give all, you cannot hold back. That is your life as well! That is why negative agreement destroys ministries, families, churches, and relationships. Two hours later, death came to the wife. What will be killed? Your destiny, your calling, and your communion with God. Ananias and Sapphira lost a place in one of the greatest movements of God of all time. Don’t let that happen to you! Peter asked, “How did you come with negative agreement and lie to the Holy Spirit.” When two people come with negative agreement, that is so destructive. One spouse contaminating the other spouse! Let fear fall in all of us, just like it happened with all of them as they saw what happened. My plea to God is that I will never become an example like them, that I don’t owe anyone but to love them. See, one should convince the other about not coming under negative agreement, but when two agree, it’s more powerful.

  • Jezebel and Ahab: Killing a man to get his land (1 King 21:1-25). Ahab lying in bed had a fit over a piece of land, Jezebel came in. Oh, you are the chosen king! Let’s go and get it! Negative agreement! She used his seal, his authority, and his place as the head. Ahab could have broken that agreement but no. He walked right in! But no! Jezebel gave him all that he wanted. Jezebel became the queen! The power of negative agreement always brings death! They did all according to what Jezebel told them to, and Ahab never stopped her! Their negative agreement brought death to another man, and later on to themselves. Negative agreement is a fruit of selling ourselves to satan! Negative agreement is to agree with satan.

  • Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem: Bringing false reports (Nehemiah 6). Nehemiah was working for God, building the wall of Israel, but he had to stop to deal with their negative agreement. That negative agreement was stealing from God’s plan and stealing Nehemiah’s time and efforts. This is a serious thing! Pay attention! Let’s just follow the Lamb! Remember them! Remember these people and don’t fall into the same trap.

  • Saul and Agag: Not killing all that God told them to. (1 Samuel 15:9). Kill all the spoils, God said, but Saul and Agag were in negative agreement. Saul and the people were following that evil agreement disobeying God. One negative agreement in disobeying God brought destruction. Saul wanted to look good. People wanted the spoils. One choice, one agreement, cost him his kingdom! Saul loved the people more than God.

  • The biggest negative agreement happened between Adam and Eve: Eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3). Once you make a negative agreement, you become naked in the eyes of God. You become uncovered by God. Satan will make you think that you are hidden but you are really being exposed. The problem was not the woman being deceived; the problem was the man that did not stop himself from entering into negative agreement with her. Because of that, both became uncovered. He had the chance to cover her but gave in, too. Eve had already eaten from the fruit, but the moment that Adam agreed with her, uncovering happened. They both were naked! Sometimes we want something more than we want to be a child of God. God told them not to do it, but satan told them to do it. They ended up following negative agreement. There is always an invisible force that wants us to agree with it. That is a demonic kingdom. Then the enemy finds a flesh to become one with and that becomes one flesh to lies, sin, and evil. Now the two become one. Our purpose is to become one with the Word of God and Christ as our head.

Let’s see someone that had all the right to walk in negative agreement. He could have agreed with all of it, but let’s see what happened. BUT THERE WAS no negative agreement: Job and his wife (Job 2:9-13).He said: WOMAN, you are SPEAKING AS A CRAZY WOMAN. Job put the devil in its right place. He could have made a negative agreement, but he made a right choice! How many of us could have done what Job did? Having all the reasons, but he refused to be in negative agreement.

Some of us enter into negative agreement just because someone told you, “No,” and then you go right back to bed with leviathan. The agreement in the flesh is the reinforcement in the spirit.

We need people like Job around us. People that will put sackcloth on and cry over others and that will be together with God no matter what our surroundings bring our way.

Satan is the author of the negativity. As you see above with Adam and Eve and all of them, satan was the one working in the unseen realm, but who does God blame every time? The ones who came in negative agreement. They all want to blame the devil, but He sees it as, “The devil did his job and your job is not to give place to him or agree with offense and evil.” The devil is always around, but don’t let him within. Someone is thinking something and when the other person reinforces that lie, it makes it more powerful! Satan always works behind the scenes when two people enter into negative agreement!

We must be this kind of YES people! Yes, I will walk in agreement with you God, with your way and with your Truth. I don’t want to be an example of a negative agreement with satan or anyone. It is a lot harder to untangle lies than to tangle them when we are under the spirit of Truth. Everything in this world exists in the spiritual realm. When people begin to make negative agreements, they start stepping into the power of agreement in one’s heart first. There are even unspoken agreements! Then satan does what is written and he starts to turn truth into lies and lies into truth!

Deception! We can see exactly the time when they start to be deceived and how things begin to change. They become totally different. Now the voice of God becomes the voice of satan. Now satan becomes now God! Some people start really believing that what they are hearing is God when now it is satan’s voice. They really think it is still God, even when they come against His will and Word. So what I am saying is that they start to follow the strange voice thinking it’s God’s voice as they exalt their own truth.

When someone thinks something that contradicts the heart and Spirit of God, what is really happening is that they really think they have the exception to the rules of God, the exemption to the Word of God because they exalted themselves above the Word of God and now, they become a special case in their own mind as victims! But they become the real victim of satan because they have exalted themselves and their situation above God! God is no longer present, so the little god takes His place! There is no way for people to have a right relationship with others or with God when Satan is in the middle of it! Satan begins to twist your thoughts and you believe that it’s God, but it comes against His Word and that makes those satan takes captive at his will as his puppets!

Even today with false doctrine, the same things are happening when we make an agreement with false doctrine. When we begin to believe on the false, we no longer will hear any sound doctrine. So, it’s called being indoctrinated…Satan does it for your life. Satan uses people, places, and things. When you come into negative agreement with that, you are giving power to these lies! There is such joy in being in agreement with positive agreement and being in agreement with the Word of God. There is no heaviness, but all is light! Open our eyes. Open our minds. Cast down humanism and motivational doctrines. Be motivated to pick up our cross and love as Christ loves.

“Father, we ask to not walk in negative agreement. Father, we don’t want to be led by our hearts. We exalt your Word above ours. We exalt your Truth above any lies. We will give no place to negativity, to doubt, or to unbelief. How many did not enter the Promised Land just because they came into negative agreement, they came in agreement with an evil negative report. Let us understand the depth of this Word, God! We are under the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Truth does not make any agreement with lies. Father, let your Truth burn inside of us, not emotions, not desire, not our will, but your Truth. His kingdom will come only if His will be done! We will not give any place to negative agreement! We say no to anything, place or person, that tries to seduce us to be in negative agreement! We will walk in one agreement only with you and you only! Amen.” One Spirit.  One bread.

Shane Roessiger 




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