Everybody wants to be the greatest: the greatest preacher, the greatest wife, the greatest husband, the greatest friend in the world. I want to be the greatest, too, but according to the Word! So, let us see who is the greatest in the kingdom. Let us hear what the Spirit is saying about this matter through the revelation of His Spirit. 

Love breaks the boundaries of darkness. It is the penetrating devise and tool. It is more powerful than any gift we could have or use! For God so loved! What did He do? He sacrificed His son. God so loved Israel that He gave them lambs and animals as sacrifices to atone for their sin because He hated sin so much. Read Exodus 12:1-24. Now, we must pick up our cross every day. That is our daily sacrifice. Now we need to become the living sacrifice. This is covenant (not animals or bulls, goats, or doves) by which He entered the holy place once and for ALL! Now we enter in daily or whenever because He has torn the veil. 

Love releases the kingdom of God! But what kind of love does that? In the mainstream church or in the world, we see false love. It is man’s interpretation. It is man’s definition of love! So, it is mixture! It has man-pleasing mixed in with it! It has selfish desires mixed in with all the acts of kindness, giving glory to what it does! Always giving a part but God is always in ALL!!! Religion is always about giving a part, but GOD always wants all! Read Matthew 22:36-40. Eat all the Lamb!

The world and the mainstream church have a false grace place, where you are still god but are a part of a community where you decide what is good and what is not! The real disciples – who are the ones that believe and follow and pick up their cross or bear theirs – know the difference between good and God. They know the difference between real boldness and false humility and pride. They say: You need to tolerate demons in people. They say love is to tolerate sin in us or in people, but the Bible tells us a different story. Jesus showed us in Himself a good example of what love looks like. True love says God did it so shall we do it! True love says we love the vessel but cannot be in agreement with the darkness! The love of God is pure with no selfish motives! If you ever really want to see what love is, look at His sacrifice. Love looks like sacrifice. Look at Jesus on the cross. 

So many want to be great, but they have the mindset of a religious orphan! Jesus said, “I came as one who served; I came to give My life as a ransom for many; I came to show the power of real love; I came that many would know what love is.”

The greatest in the kingdom of God is revealed in Matthew 18:1-5. It is the one who becomes as a little child. Matthew 23:10-12 says the greatest is the one who serves. In Luke 22:23-27, they had a strife among them about who should be the greatest. This was at the same time as Jesus was revealing the one who would betray Him. Very ironic, but the disciples paid no thought. Jesus answered by saying, “Who is the greatest? The one who sits at meat or the one who serves? It is not He that sits at meat but I am among you as He that serveth.”  

The love that God must love though is not an easy love. It is called sacrificial love. Love is selfless! Love thinks on others first! Love desires others to be blessed! Love does not count the cost and is always willing to pay the price! Love has no regrets! Love is always humble! Love does not have to be seen! Love has self-control! Love is not easily provoked or angry! Love does not argue! Love tells the Truth no matter what the consequences it may bring! Love gives without expecting a return! Love does not seek affirmation! Love does not promote oneself! Love does not force itself on others. 

This was Jesus even when He walked on the Earth! He and the Father were one! He never promoted Himself. He was promoting the Father and always pointing to the Father. This is Jesus being fully God and fully man, the Emmanuel – as it is written – God with us, the mysteries of the marvelous kingdom of God. He sent Himself as a triumphant king to live and die as a slave unto all men, to be a witness for the love of God, to be a martyr for love, to gather His body from the four winds to make them living sacrifices, to multiply Himself through the Bride called the Church, to be imitated and to be mocked by mankind, and to continually be counterfeited by the devil. He never failed. Love never fails. So, love is always the greatest. 

Why do you think God said to love your neighbor as yourself? Because the spirit of the age is all about self! Satan is the god of selfishness! The true one and only living God is the opposite. It is not about you but your neighbor. Lust is self-love. Real love is denying self. Religion is a mixture of both.

What greater love does one have than to lay down its life for its friend? This one is the greater. This is love. Read John 15:9-27. The only friend that Jesus has are the ones who do whatever He commands them. Some people claim, “I am a friend of God,” but never obey His word. If you continue loving as God has commanded us, you are the greatest. It is easy in the world to be the greatest. All we need to do is to cheat, to live, and to trample on others so we can be known and be the greatest one, or we can get anointed from the devil, satan. 

The power of heaven is opened by love. All the gifts of God are sanctified by love! You want joy? Love. You want joy? Obey Him. You want joy? Lay down yourself for somebody else. You want joy? Lose to gain! God never said toleration is love. The world hates real love. Because God is love. 

Know the gifts of God are without repentance. He will not take them back. Many ministers are moving in their gifts and calling but without love. They have not obeyed His commandments. They have compromised. 

You even see that before Jesus was crucified, divination spoke saying, “Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked.” Satan spoke through the mouth of a woman but look how Jesus confronted it. Read Luke 11:19-28. Jesus was in this passage, talking about casting out devils and a certain woman was trying to distract the multitude and she was lifting up Mary. Jesus confronted that demon! “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and do it!” The man of love knew what He was doing. 

He did not mind even “offending” His own mother as He was confronting the distraction, the divination that came to mess with the anointing just like it happened to Paul in Acts 16:16. Jesus had to bring the focus back to the Word of God. Whenever you are going to confront the devil, somebody will come to confront you. 

The scripture goes so deep! Look at what satan did through a woman who yelled to the crowd and many, up to this day, believe in this word and actually made a denomination from it and said it even came from an angel first! This shows when you do not divide the Word rightly, you manifest doctrines of devils! Some carnal people may say: “Well, that was just a woman saying good things about Mary; that was just Peter because of love trying to stop Jesus from going to the cross; that was just a woman telling everyone about Paul being a servant of God.” Not! That is called the spirit of divination, distracting people from what and who they really should be paying attention to. The annunciation of the birth of Jesus was done privately to Mary. Satan will always try to exalt things or people above the Word of God. To the human mind, Jesus was rude, but the Bible says love is not rude. Jesus was love. 

When you do not love with God’s love, you exalt other gods! Even in our own lives, God has established people, places, and things to maintain love and to keep being able to make right decisions when we obey His plans!

What is a witness? Martyrs. We are living martyrs. Always laying down our lives. To be one of, to become like Him. To be in the love of God is to be a witness! The concept in modern-day Christianity is all about them, but not them (others), but them! Their needs, their blessing, their family. But Jesus said, “I have been bought with a price.” So, my life is no longer my own! Modern-day Christianity does not have a full understanding of covenant! They have been poisoned with doctrines of devils and of man and with roots of religions. 

So, when I do the things that I don’t want to do, it shows the love that I have for the One who told me to do it. That is a sacrifice! Just like Jesus during His last days saying, “Take this cup from me. I don’t want to go to the cross, but You love them, I love you, I will do it!” That is Jesus’ decision! Love is not an emotion. It is a decision. We are purchased with His blood and we are His bondservant! But God is so good. He makes us equals (one) and gives us the opportunity to lead our own way! He calls us friends! 

Read 1 Corinthians 13. Love is not forced. It is a decision! My love has power. Until we grasp the real love of God, we will always be as orphans! Love looks like a man, Jesus hanging on a tree saying, “Forgive them!”

Jesus is asking, “Can you love like Me? Can you obey like I did? If you can, you are the greatest.” He that loves the most is the greatest. He that obeys the most is the greatest. He that dies more often is the greatest! Love will never die. 

You will be in love forever with God if you are in love now. When all is said and done, these three will remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest is love. 

“Father, we know we are far from where you desire for us to be. You do want us to be the greatest. Teach us to serve as you serve. To love as you love. Baptize our minds with your love. Help us to be a sacrifice. Let us not be defiled in our ways and thinking. Let it be desirable to you. Pour out the true riches, the Word of Truth that brings us closer to you. Today, we decide to love, obey, and to deny ourselves. Help us to cast down arguments, being right, and trying to prove a point. Help us to crucify this flesh that desires to be the greatest in the world. I want to be the greatest in the kingdom of God. To be that is to be the lowest, the servant of all, to be humble. Pluck out every seed that produced a wrong understanding of being the greatest. Let this mind be in us, the same mind that is in Christ Jesus. Let your Word be written on the tablets of our hearts. We eat your flesh and drink your blood, and this is the life we will live. We will walk in it. Make us ready. Make us the greatest! Because you are the greatest of all!”  Shane Roessiger






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