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“And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save yourselves from this untoward generation.” Acts 2:40

The Spirit of wisdom and revelation, O God! Father, we thank you for counsel and might, O God, to know what the hope of our calling is. Even though we walk on this earth, we are walking in the Spirit, O God, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Father, we thank you for the joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Father, we drink your joy. Father, you are pleased with us because we are born again and the natural man is crucified with Christ. It is no longer us that live. But you, Christ, the head of the Church. We follow You. We submit to You. The Kingdom of God is not by what we think; it is by what He says. It is not what we know; it is by what He knows. It is not what we think; it is by what He says. It is not what we perceive but what He does and says.      The Kingdom of God is the opposite of the world. That is why we come out of the world. We come out of the witchcraft of the divination of this world. We cannot serve two masters. We will either please the one and despise the other. We will either cling to one and after that release the other. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. We cannot serve two gods. Two heads. Two leaders. Two churches. Two organizations. There is only one Kingdom of God. Every other kingdom will bow to the Kingdom of God. Every other idol will be smashed by the King of kings, by the foot of Jesus Christ trampling on the head of the serpent’s kingdoms, trampling on the kingdoms of this world. The seven mountains will be cast into the sea. The seven mountains that the beast sits on will deceive the whole world. It is His way and only His way. Father, we thank you that we only serve You. There is no other way to attain that which is bought by the blood. Anything else is divination. Anything else is control and manipulation.

It is not by what we see of the natural man, but by what we see with the spiritual eye. Only the spiritual man can understand it. The carnal man cannot understand the things of the Spirit, for they cannot be fully explored or understand with a carnal mind.  For he who is spiritual understands the things of the Spirit. There is no way to please our Father by walking in the flesh. We cannot serve two masters. Jesus is the only One! There is no condemnation when we walk in the Spirit because we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The lust of the flesh brings us into condemnation, and we do not have the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is an inheritance by abiding in the vine, by living in Christ. If we try to live in two kingdoms, we will be double-minded and not be able to receive the true riches, the true wisdom, the true revelation, the true freedom that the blood of Jesus has bought us. So let us cast away the filthiness of the old man, the flesh, and let us put on Christ, which has the better covenant.

Elijah was saying serve the God of Israel and stop kissing Baal. On this day, God was drawing a line and saying, “If Baal be Baal serve him, but if God be God, serve Him.” We cannot serve two masters. This is why some of you are stuck. You will not trust the God who owns everything. You still fear, fear the world, fear love, you are even afraid of God, the One who has chosen you! If you cannot trust your God, you are going to be in bondage because you cannot get what you want in the flesh! You cannot get position! You cannot get realms of glory! You cannot move in freedom! You try to do it in the flesh! You need to submit to the glory of God because the kingdoms of this world will be trampled on! You will be left behind! I have nothing; He has it all! He has it all!

Father, we thank you that you will use all the evidence of the world: demons, principalities, and spiritual wickedness to mold us and shape us into your vessels. In a house, there are vessels of gold and silver and vessels of hay, wood, and stubble. One to be burned and the other to contain the glory of God. Father, make us that vessel! Father, let us love one another unconditionally, and let us be secure in our relationship with you, O Father, that we can be secure with one another. God hates certain things but He loves unity, forgiveness, serving one another, loving one another, and taking care of one another. Walking in the Spirit will open the window of heaven. He is testing us every day by little things and big things. The decisions we make when no one is looking are the most important decisions. Jesus won the war, but we have many battles every day. But it is written in the Book of Revelation, we win! The saints win! We always win. The light always wins over darkness!

There are many battles in a war. Many strongholds here and strongholds there. You must Fight! Fight! Fight! Battles! Battles! Battles! There is a real war between darkness and light! The church goes through the same battles. We have personal battles but we can still be in the winning army. Let’s just take as an example, World War I. Some have won the war, but they didn’t win every battle. For example, many died on the shore of France - Normandy. God wins the war, but we have to stop losing the battles. Many Americans were fighting in the Vietnam War and they won, but there were many battles that they lost. They were overcome. The enemies took up their guns and they surrendered, right? The enemy took them and put them in prison. The war is still going on, but many became POWs. Yes, the US will win, but until the war is finished, many American soldiers became prisoners of war because they got captured. Yes, America won the war but lost battles. The same happens to us. That is us. God wins in the end, it is written! Oh, but, just like in the end-times, the war is over, you go to heaven but you spend your entire Christian life in prison. Many are living their Christian life just as a prisoner of war, five, six, eight, or ten years living in the prison with the enemy. Eating what the enemy wants to feed them, maybe once a day, maybe twice a day, maybe one shower a week. But the war is over, right?

But you can be victorious in every battle if you play it right. If you submit to God, He fights for you in the Kingdom in Spirit. The devil can only take you captive if you let him; if you give over your armor. Your weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty, pulling down strongholds. So when you lose the battle, you allow yourself to be taken captive because of rebellion to God’s word, rebellion to God’s ways, fighting with people that are for the Truth. But we say, “Look, I’ve won!” God does not want you locked in jail until the war is over. He wants you to win every battle. When the war is over, you have a victory lap. You won’t be like, “The war is over. Here I am – I am here in heaven now.” But your entire life you have been locked up, tormented by your own self. Let’s have real victory. In the Kingdom of God, we do not fight against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities. Resist temptation, but you cannot do that in the flesh. When we walk in the Spirit, we do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, reveling, strife, jealousy, hate, murder, emulations, witchcraft, and excess (Galatians 5). But the fruit of the Spirit is joy, peace, righteousness, longsuffering, goodness, mercy, not just God giving you mercy, but you are releasing mercy. Not, “Oh God, I need mercy, mercy, mercy…” He always has the fruit of the Spirit. We give mercy because we are not perfect. We make mistakes. When someone offends a spiritual man, this mature man doesn’t even realize it because the spiritual ones automatically are letting go, releasing forgiveness all the time and naturally. Carnal people will be offending spiritual people, and they don't even realize it because a spiritual person holds no record of wrong. A spiritual person does not give any thoughts to it. They are patient and kind. They turn the cheek. Do not go to bed angry. A spiritual person does not repay evil for evil but goes and prays for the person. A carnal person wants everybody to know who hurt them. A worldly carnal person wants everybody to know that so and so trespassed against them. They want restitution, they can’t wait to hear the word “forgive me.” If they don't ask for forgiveness, but surely, they let the person know about their wrongdoings. Paul said they are carnal. He said, “I have fed you with milk, but I cannot feed you with meat anymore because you are babies.” Everyone wants to shake nations, and they can’t even shake their offense. How can you shake nations if you can’t even shake off an offense?

If we want to walk in the glory of God, we have to walk in the Spirit because Romans 6 says we are crucified with Christ. We do not serve sin. It never said you don’t have a choice to sin. The problem is that we are learning so much of the Word of God, we are accountable to it. At the same time, the devil is getting more power over what we know already. But again, it is written. He who knows to do right and chooses not to do right, it is a sin to him. Satan says, look, they heard this message! They are rebelling against what they know. God’s heart breaks. Repent. Repent. Once you repent, it is a new day because the cross means nothing to those that are perishing, but to those who believe in it is the power! It is the power to those who believe in it. If we believe the Word, we activate the power of God. The power is the grace of God. He gives us the power to become the sons of God. The first Son was Jesus. Jesus became the first fruit of many brothers.

There is no way for victory if we are fighting our will and our flesh by agreeing with what our flesh wants or if we are desiring affirmation from man. Your flesh is dead if we walk as Romans 6 says. Then we have the victory in Christ. In every battle, we have the opportunity to win. We have the blood of Jesus to win every battle, and every battle that we face, we win if we can submit to the Word of God. The Bible tells us not to exalt ourselves above the Word of God. And how does it do it? Do not think on your own thinking. Cast down every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself above the Word of God. Who is that? That is our thinking. Cast down every imagination, every high thing that exalts itself above the Word of God. “Oh, but they did this. They ignored me. They paid special attention to this person.” You are exalting yourself above the Word of God.

Our identity is in the Word of God. When we begin to focus on who we were, we begin to resurrect the old man again. If this is your testimony, the demon is your boss and it controls you because you give up your authority. Your authority is not in the flesh but in the Spirit. You might be an authority in the flesh, like an authority given by man, but we must rule by the authority given by the Spirit of God. Joseph came above every circumstance. He was put into prison because God has His hand on his life. Joseph had favor, the blessing, and the call. We are all called to be Josephs in the dark world. That is why Joseph ruled the whole prison. Joseph ruled the whole of Egypt even when he was in jail because he was the son of promise sent by God. He was the one sent by God. He was the victor no matter what lies came against him. He forgave. His brothers came to him and bowed down when he was 30 just like the dream he had when he was around 17 years old. Joseph had an opportunity to kill them all or make them slaves. Why didn’t he? Because he lived by the Word of God. God told Him to forgive them. He had the power. He could have rebelled against God that afternoon, but he forgave them, and the Kingdom of God was released! All his brothers left with ? of Egypt. They were blessed, love and forgiveness came, and everything was forgiven that day by God and Joseph because of what Joseph did. Our choices bring power.

Joseph made his flesh submit to the Spirit when he forgave, loved, and blessed.

Sometimes you don't understand. You want to be like Joseph, but you have to be trusted by God to release the Kingdom. You think God would have sent Joseph if he was going to sleep with Potiphar’s wife. No! He knew what He was doing! He knew when Jesus came, He would make the right decision in the garden, just as Joseph made the right decision when he saw his brothers right in front of them. This was the pinnacle time. All the thirteen years in waiting! The prison, the pit, the betrayal, everything. It all came down to saving the nation of Israel. God knew what would happen to that young Joseph, just as He knew what would happen to His Son before He went to the cross. Joseph standing in front of his brothers who betrayed him! He brought his brothers’ lunch and kissed his brothers when they were working. His brothers would mock him because of the coat and his gift, and he was serving them. Ah, he was Daddy’s favorite because God was looking at the heart. The brothers said, “I am sick of this guy. Hey, you had a dream, Joseph!” They were mocking and plotting because of jealousy

Now we see Jesus. The crowd was shouting, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” People spit on Him and whipped Him. Where is your God now! Take yourself from the cross where the power is. He knew at the pinnacle time just like Joseph! Just like Jesus on the cross! “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” He had every right. “Kill them all, God! Look what they did to me. All I did was love them. All I did was heal them! All I did was tell them the Truth.” But what did He do? He gave up His rights to be back with the Father, to be right with the Father. What did Joseph do? Because Joseph did not understand in the sense that we do now. Joseph believed without seeing. What did he do? He knew his father! “Go, bring my father to me! I am going to keep my brother here. If you don’t bring my father back, I am going to kill my brother.” He wouldn’t have done it, though. His father comes back because he loves his father so much. He loved his father and his father knew that Joseph was aware of how much he loved his brothers. There is no way he would do that because he loved his father so much. There is no way he would kill them and hurt his father as they already did to him – hurting him and “killing” him.

See, it was no longer about Joseph. In Joseph’s heart, it was about the father! Why did he do that? He knew what his father went through because of them. When we don't forgive one another, that is what happens: We hurt our Father! Stop being about you and start being about your Father. The problem is it is still about you, but when you make it about Him, you release the Kingdom of God. When Jesus was standing on the cross, He knew that God had sent Him because He knew God so loved the world that He sent His Son. Jesus on the cross knew how much God loved the people. It wasn’t about Him! That is why we must be hidden in Christ. We must see differently! Too many people are hidden in themselves, and if you are hidden in yourself, you can’t be in Christ! Some of you think you can be half in you and half in Christ. That is a double-minded man. A double-minded man is spiritually unstable. So, they want to go back to the law and read all about the Passover, this, and that. Why do they focus on this? Because they cannot deal with the flesh. We cannot crucify Jesus again. He was the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.

Everything they did to Joseph was out of Joseph’s heart. He was rejoicing, and he was right with his earthly father. It was amazing. He saw his father. If you keep your eyes on your Father, you can’t hurt anyone He loves. Joseph had his moment of battling, “What am I going to do? They put me in the pit.” He looked around, and he is still sitting there, and look what God had done for him, he knew God had chosen him. He was looking at what God had done for him because He wants to save his nation. We see in Romans 8:28 that it says that all things work together for good for them that love their Father and are called according to His purpose. Joseph’s story was the proof of this scripture.  His brothers meant this for bad, but God meant it for their good. Remember, the Bible says you cannot love God and not love your brother. The Bible says if you say you love God and don’t love your brother, you are a liar.

Instead of being in your room with negative agreements, burn for His joy, promise, and glory. If you really want to see people get saved, SAVE YOURSELF! The devil only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The Holy Spirit only comes to love, set free, and heal. What table are you going to eat from today? Father, we want to eat from the table of sincerity, truth, and love. Love! Oh God of light! Help me, Jesus! He feeds the hungry! Have you really tasted? Oh, have you really tasted the bread of sincerity, truth, and love? What have you been chewing on? Oh, spit out those bitter roots! Spit out the bitter roots. Oh, you don’t know! Oh, He knows everything! The biggest liar we are is to ourselves when we put ourselves above the Word of God. Father, we worship your Word. Oh God, thank you for Your Word, for the anointing that breaks the yoke!

The Bible says many are sick among us. He is talking about the spiritually sick. See, the carnal church always thinks carnally. When Paul said that, they were thinking about a cold or having aches and pains in their body. The Bible is talking about spiritual sickness because they do not discern the Lord’s body. Jesus is gone in the flesh. We are the Body of Christ discerning the gifts and the healing among us. The mercy among us. The healing among us. The good fruits among us. While you were in your bedroom chewing on your bitter roots, poisoning yourself, others we were eating from each another. Discern the Lord’s Body! Eat the bread of sincerity and truth.

The temple is us. You put the wood there at your altar and set yourself ablaze. You are the priest of the temple of God - which is in you! You better be feeding yourself and putting the bread on the altar of your heart. When you have the bread, you have the head. When you have the head, you know where you are going. If you have no bread, you have no head. You will go right in the ditch with everybody else. So many people think because they haven’t seen it that it will not be seen. Know what season you are living in! Father, make us the Body of Christ, every joint supplying. Some joints are connected, but they are turning into gangrene because they are not getting enough oxygen or blood. They are connected but dead like dead limbs on a tree.

Father, I pray every false doctrine to be exposed, every adulterated Word of God, expose every Word of God preached that has parts of it left out. Do you know what all the things in the Old Testament are about? Do you even know the revelations about why they said eat every bit of the Lamb? I don’t know about you, but I hate liver. I think it is nasty and tastes gross. We all want the filet mignon, the picanha, the filet! The grace! The blessings! I have to bless that person! Bless me, God. Nice fatty piece of lamb. The loin! But many throw away the liver. They give the kidney to the poor people! No, you are poor if you don’t eat all the Lamb.

Oh God, what can we do to save ourselves from this wicked generation? We are in this world but are not of it. Some of you are in the church but not of it. Some of you are in the church but of the world. You cannot fool God. Father, make me in the world but not of it. Oh God, help us to understand. God, we have to be believing believers. How many, Lord, are in your Church but not of it? What do you mean they are not of the church? They are not eating all the Lamb! You cannot know the will of God if you do not eat of the Word of God.

We have heard it all before, but we have to live like it now! How many times does He have to remind us until we actually do it? That is the faith that works! A faith that works is the faith with works. It is in James 2! Oh, you forgot to eat it, but you forgot because it is not flesh in you. You must eat it all. The whole book! Do yourself a favor and let the Old Testament go and eat the New Testament. Eat the living bread! Wow! Seek knowledge of Him! Oh, it’s Jesus! Jesus! Once you got Him, you don't need the old. Oh, Father, thank you. I don’t want to show people how much I know! I want to show everybody who I know! Help us, Holy Spirit to save ourselves from any wicked doctrine and to save others!

Shane W Roessiger

“Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.”1 Timothy 4:16


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