Before Christ, I was never the temple of God, I was the temple of the spirit of this age, of the antichrist, and of satan. But now, We must make sure that nothing is defiling His temple that is us if we are born again. Because The Word says in 1 Corinthians 3:16-23 that if any man defiles His temple, this one will be destroyed by Him. So, how can I say that it is not possible to lose what I have gained when it is written? How can I say that I am saved and tell God to do what I believe without considering my choices? How can I say that I am saved and my choices do not matter? How can I say that I am saved and He will do everything for me because He said on the cross that it is finished? But how about all these scriptures telling me the destruction that will come if I defile His temple that is me? The Bible was written to us who believe. The New Testament is a love letter to the saints. So the scriptures are the answers. I say that I am saved because I am following Him, and I am working out my salvation in Him. We see Paul speaking about vessels of honor prepared for use and vessels of dishonor prepared for burning. The vessels of honor prepared for use are those who pick up their cross and the vessels of dishonor are those who leave it at the door. To say you are always something without considering the consequences is heresy and is the biggest lie and trick of the devil.

So, Father, we don’t want any roots that defile us, but fruits of the Spirit and these fruits are of you. Let our roots bring the fruits that please you. The lack of the fear of the Lord has made us foolish because if we keep the fear of the Lord, we have wisdom! So, today, don’t deceive yourself. Uproot every root that defiles His temple. To say that I can be a Christian and I cannot be defiled is a false gospel. So let us guard our hearts, protect the gates, knowing that if we humble ourselves and obey Him and seek Him, it will all work out! But if we don’t work with God, we have to do what we have to do, which is not just repent one day, but it is a lifestyle of repentance and relationship with the yearnings of the heart. The door of this temple is called “heart.” That is why we must keep that door closed to anything that corrupts His temple. He knows the thoughts of the heart, and He knows it is vain. Our thoughts must be His thoughts. If you don’t know His Word, you don’t know His thoughts. Many thoughts we have were birthed out of a polluted word and not out of the Word of God! Many thoughts have come from a word that has not been rightly divided, but has been divided by a man or by a theologian, but not by the Spirit. The parable of the sower shows us how many different kinds of seeds can defile our temple.

The only incorruptible seed is Christ Jesus; the pure Word made flesh! The kingdom of God is within. This is a spiritual kingdom. This is why we must reject a man that has not the Spirit of God who would try to deceive you.

All these seeds of rejection, anger, unforgiveness, betrayal, and jealousy can defile our whole temple. We have some coming in and some coming out! In some cases, we must initiate and unpluck these seeds. We must be free from condemnation because our conscience can be seared. It is written to the saints. So much is written that many men will never speak of.

Read Matthew 15:11-20. The religious system focuses on the wrong things. The things that defile you are the things you allow to get inside your temple. God is concerned with what comes out of your mouth (heart) because that is the fruit of the root of an incorruptible or corruptible seed. That is why God always judges our thoughts. That is why God is saying, “Keep filling your temple with Him!” The oil in our lamp. Half will be wise, and half will be foolish.

The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, but you cannot live just out of that seed. That seed must increase. If you don’t take care of it, that seed can be choked out by other seeds – by corrupted seeds. Just because you see, just because you are born again, don’t think that your temple cannot be defiled, or you are already deceived. Ten virgins, ten people…Five wise, five foolish. One was filled with oil. The other was not. Five of them did not know what He looks like. How come? The bridegroom looks like the Word. We must allow His word to be written on our hearts, not man’s and not your word or your way but His. We must always allow God to work in us for His good pleasure. Any doctrine that disannuls choice is a false doctrine. Our choices are the things that make us who we are. Now, He has given us the power to make the correct choices. It started with a choice, and it will end with a choice.

“If you love Me, keep My word…Peter, do you love Me, feed My sheep with My Word…” I have seen many Christians taken by satan because they did not keep His word. We have the authority to pluck out anything with our own hands. God is giving us the power to eat Truth, to not sin, and to turn away from the old man and from his desires. Only in eternity, there will no more temptation! This is why we pray, “ God, lead me not into temptation but deliver me.”

Choose this day, whom you will serve? You or Him? Today is the day of salvation! Choose this day what will be in your temple. Today is the day to work out your salvation! Pluck it out! Today! What is my cup to drink today? His or mine? Are you going to Him to clean your temple, or you will keep your temple defiled? Choose this day whom you will serve! Never let a man tell you that you have nothing to do with this. The great thing about grace is if there is still a today you still are able to overcome.

If you keep these seeds in your heart, eventually they will be germinated and they will sprout. The seeds found a place in your ground and produced bad roots. Roots that defile you! There is the beautiful thing about grace. You can always repent. Habitual repentance. Living sacrifice means living in obedience. Day to day, He is so good that His mercies are new every morning. We thank Him for He has given us His Holy Spirit to keep us on track, on the narrow way, so as long as we are willing and seek His kingdom and His righteousness, we are in it to win it!

Who has corrupted you – His temple? Men or demons? Or both? I believe that I cannot do anything, but I believe I can do all things with Him. If we are together, we are invincible. To some, He will say: “Depart from me; you have corruption inside of My temple.” You must forgive every single person, or He won’t forgive you. Jesus separated himself from His flesh because He was a spiritual man. That made Him a pure lamb ready to be sacrificed. Perfect sacrifice!

Now we have the chance to live a miracle! We see a miracle of being born again! A miracle of being and looking like Him. A miracle of acting like Him. A miracle of loving like Him! But don’t be deceived. If you sow corruption in your temple, you will reap corruption. We need to practice it. Love is not a suggestion. It is a commandment, but God’s love is a denial of our will for His. It is making our ways pleasing in His sight. So, the legalists have one thing correct, which is to keep His commandments. He specifically said to love our neighbor and God. Let’s break it down. It is pretty simple. Love does not sin! Love does not allow iniquity to live in a vessel. So simple, but we sometimes want to make it all so hard when all we need to do is to abide in Him and let His word abide in us!

Read Hebrews 12:11-17. Obey the Word and you will overcome. Why do we need to preach the same things all the time? Because of all the rebellious children!

Keeping the Sabbath does not keep you next to God. Keeping your heart pure will keep you next to God. Seek holiness. Seek holy seeds. Let no man fall out of His grace. If you defile the temple, God will destroy you! Listen to His word! First, you need to be saved to become a temple of God. As a temple of God, if you defile it, God will destroy you! How can you be once saved always saved? Don’t be deceived. Don’t be destroyed by God by eating from the table of the devils. Many go from table to table. Well, we hope one day you may get up from the table of the devil once and for all, but if not, that’s when reprobation can happen. It is written.

See, what happens in our life is that we get stuck between intentions and doing! Underneath all the pain, there is a good heart! It’s when we allow our wounds to dictate our actions that we no longer are controlled by the word of God, but our circumstances dictate what we say and do and how we live! What we keep in our hearts and our actions walk hand and hand! When you forgive someone, you are actually unplucking the seed that defiles you. Let this kind of grace help you to uproot any unclean seed. We have the power not to be defiled, to walk in holiness, to love our enemies, not to take offense. The cross is the power! The Gospel is the power! You have the power to pluck out every seed that corrupts you. Do not let any roots that defile grow. You are His temple! Destroy these seeds before these seeds destroy you!

“Father, we pray that Your ways be my ways. Write your Words upon my heart. So, we won’t give place to any offense, to any uncorrupted seeds. God, make me like you! Even if the devil has condemned me, let that seed be plucked out once and for all. Let it never come back to this temple. Who is of Apollos or Cephas? I am of Christ. We will be living way above this false Gospel. Let the man of righteousness water these heavenly seeds, bring life, and take us to the promised land. I will only allow the water of the Word to water pure seeds. We will eat all of the Lamb, every part of You, Father. We deny every other Gospel. We deny every false grace, every false love. Father, keep exposing every other Gospel, every other seed that is not of you! I will bow down to Your way and Your will! We thank you; I may not be perfect today, but I will walk in your perfection! Thank you, Father!”

Shane W Roessiger




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