“Dead flies putrefy the perfumer’s ointment, and cause it to give off a foul odor; So does a little folly to one respected for wisdom and honor.” Ecclesiastes 10:1

So you say you have the anointing? So what? The devil doesn’t care. His prime targets are those with the anointing. Everywhere Jesus went, the devil went to try and destroy. He is the face behind Beelzebub, the lord of flies, and he is looking to speak lies every time Jesus speaks truth. When Jesus was casting out a blind and dumb spirit, the Pharisees said that He was doing it by Beelzebub, but really the spirit that they were speaking from was Beelzebub, speaking lies with their accusing voices, bringing flies around the anointing. Trying to muddy up the water. Trying to contaminate the living water. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. It was the flesh in their heart where the flies came from to try to irritate the anointing and ruin the awe of Jesus’s works. There was garbage in their hearts. Flies love garbage. Flies love flesh; flesh stinks. Anything that stinks and is from below that is unpleasing to God brings flies, brings irritation in the Spirit.

We will try to enjoy the anointing, the precious manifestation of Christ in us and around us, and here come the flies, here come the religious people trying to spoil the oil, irritating the Holy Spirit and the atmosphere. Trying to lay their eggs in the oil and make it stink. To make it rancid. They will come in and say why are you doing this? What about that? They try to demonize, they try to “un-justify” what God has justified. They will try to soil your spotless white garments and show you unapproved.

Study to show yourself approved, let your righteousness exceed that of the Pharisees. Keep your conscience clear with man and with God. These things were said because the religious people of that day, and even in this day, will come to have a sword fight with you, but you need to disarm them. Jesus didn’t argue with them, He disarmed them. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” “Satan cannot cast out satan.” These are things Jesus said that always confounded the wise, that always disarmed the devil from catching Him on anything, that no one would repent and believe on what was being presented to all the land from God.

Even today they will do it. The devil will send his wolves to bite and devour. To disprove what is approved by God. Do you want to be anointed? Well, you better be made perfect for every good work or they will trample on your work so that they stop little ones from receiving from you. You better be in the Spirit because if they catch you in the flesh, they will try to spoil the anointing in the Spirit. They will try to turn the multitudes away from the body of Christ just like they tried to do to Christ. We need to be ready in season and out of season, girding our loins, ready to trample on the serpent.

Flies are attracted to the flesh if we do not remove the flesh from our lives that God is killing in season. Just like flies show up in the garbage, our flesh creates an aroma that quenches the anointing. If a certain person that deals with pride doesn’t eventually mortify the pride by the Spirit, eventually that pride will create a bad aroma in the Spirit, and every time they minister, their pride will get in the way of their ministry. We cannot minister through our own emotions and strength. Flesh stinks before God. We need to let God move on us and pour His Spirit out and let ourselves be carried on by the Holy Spirit. Anything else is a bad aroma and a hindrance to the anointing.

People say, “Just eat the meat and spit out the bones.” We have too much mixed-preaching in the church, too much leaven in the bread. Just a little leaven leavens the whole lump. We cannot mix holy and profane things. We cannot mix the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the Tree of Life. We cannot mix flesh and Spirit. These are flies in the anointing. Many preach with so much power and backing from God and some get stuck on old wine or their own interpretation and they dirty up the living water coming out of them. They mold up the bread. They don’t cut the fat off the sacrifice.

The anointing is there, but eventually, if they do not toss out the leaven and the old skins, they spoil the wine and waste the bread. Some preach and move in the Spirit and do everything right but because they can’t say Jesus and can only say Yeshua, they spoil the anointing, they quench the Holy Spirit, and He stops moving. More flesh, more flies. You may love what a certain person speaks or preaches but this one thing they preach that is from another table is a snare to everything else they preach. When we mix the fire of God with the fire of our lusts, it is strange fire. Holy and profane things do not mix or else it will all be profane and spoiled; 10% lies spoils 90% truth.

The living water flows from our bellies, but if our heart is impure, the pure water from within will be filtered out of the impure heart of man making the water mixed. The material and revelation may be pure, but the heart behind it spoils the oil and irritates those receiving it. Some young ministers can preach with oil but if they have some of man's teaching mixed in or old wine because they were taught it by others, they bring irritation to the atmosphere. And even though the anointing is there, the flies are there. The flies are there because the flesh is. The fleshly irritations or carnal teachings are there. The flies are the little folly, the little carnality, flesh that we allow in our stream. The fox that spoils the vine. The gray area that grows the more it is not addressed. The little compromise that we allow and never purge. If you don’t get rid of the flies, the flesh, the irritations in the Spirit, they will seep into the oil and ruin the smell of the anointing. This will bring a bad aroma. Our heart gives off an aroma in the Spirit, and if it’s not pleasing to God, it is rancid with flies. Offense, jealousy, unbelief, sin, bitterness – all flies in the anointing. Even many didn’t want to speak openly about Jesus because they feared the Jews. The fear of man is a snare! Don't let them take your boldness! Pick up a fly swatter and protect the anointing! 

We need to remove the spots in our feast. We need to stop celebrating the feast, and we need to eat the feast. Some preach the sabbath so much that their oil has become rancid. When they come around those that can discern, they stink with the spirit of religion. They are spots and wrinkles in the body and they irritate the simple. They come and speak their traditions and they make the gospel of no effect. They quench the Holy Spirit and they mix the oil with their essentials oils. The Sabbath didn’t die for you, Jesus did.

Many of these people that are into Hebrew roots and sabbaths are people who really just love religion. And if they love religion, they love the world. The world tells you to clean the cup on the outside but not within. That’s what the Pharisees did. Do this, go there, serve on this day, say five prayers and you’re good before God. You can do whatever else as long you honor these things, days, months, years, and feasts. People love it! It’s easier! All I have to do is a formula and not have to be a living sacrifice? Just like in the Catholic church, they all show up and do what they need to do and go home and live like the world.

This is pure religion, to go unto the orphans and the widow, the poor and the needy. To lay down your life and be a living sacrifice. To feed the Lord when He is hungry, to give Him a drink when He is thirsty, and to clothe Him when He is naked. Yet we just want to clothe ourselves with religious garments on a holy day and live unholy every other day. These messengers are stumbling blocks to the children of God. They put new wine in old skins and knit new cloth with the old garments. They strain at gnats and swallow a camel. They frustrate the grace of God and they deny the power of God with their form of godliness. These are the spots, these are the blemishes, and these are the flies in the anointing.

By Joe Pinto

Mark 3:22, Matthew 10:25, 1 Kings 22:51-53, 2 Kings 1, Ezekiel 22:23-30, Matthew 9:14-17

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