Cracks in your armor are like cracks and leaks on the roof of your home! Sometimes everything looks fine on the outside but inside it is decaying and becoming moldy! Like cancer in a human body that spreads! Sin is like cancer in a spiritual man! Sometimes it takes too much effort to fix it. Sometimes it costs a lot, but we think it is not worth it to take the time and to pay the price. In the kingdom, nothing is for nothing. If you counted the cost, it would not have been such an issue, but many did not count the cost when they said yes.

Many of us do not allow God to do a reconstruction in our life. We have cracks in our armor, but we do not want Him to fix them. Do you realize what sin does? It is the cause of iniquity! What man cannot see; God sees all! Jesus called out the attention of many who work iniquity! They did all the right things on the outside, but what they did on the outside never sanctified the inside. We must allow Him to come into a broken house, a broken roof, and rebuild us, and seal us, and make us a living fortress.

Read Luke 13:27, Matthew 23:27-28, and Matthew 23:25-26. Inside of us can be just a pile of bones and a lot of uncleanness. We can be looking like we are all set, but He sees the cracks. We must not care how we look from the outside. It is very important how we are on the inside. We must keep seeing from within. People like to live their lives from the outside, but Jesus says we must live from the inside out.

Titus 2:14, it tells us, “Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good work.” God is overly concerned about our cracks, the leaks in our lives. We can even call them gates. As Jesus said we are the temple of God, but He promises His church will have no gates of hell prevailing when He comes.

David knew that God could remove any iniquity in his life (Psalm 51). The Bible never said he was a perfect man, but it says he was a man after God’s heart.

Every hidden part inside of us must be searched by God. Purge us. Wash us. We must ask God to create in us a right spirit. The blood of Jesus does that for us. But can iniquity get in? Of course. Judas was chosen as one of the twelve, but he did not remain chosen. Why? Because iniquity entered inside of him. Iniquity is satan’s kingdom. There was no salvation before Jesus, but David was prophesying of the coming of the Messiah. There is a savior! There is a repairer of breaches.

Ask the Spirit of God to fill in the cracks. A little crack can cause such damage in our lives. One crack in the roof and the whole inside can be ruined. Water damage, mildew, bad smells. We always justify ourselves by the works of the flesh! Jesus even said a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Structures are only as strong as the

foundation and the frame! You may have a beautiful building but if there are termites, that building will fall!

Read 1 Samuel 16:7. Don’t look at the outside. He looks at the inside. Cracks in the shield. Cracks in our lives. We must run to the throne of grace, especially when the Word starts coming in. Boldness comes with confidence. In Him. His blood. His word. His power. But workers of iniquity rely on what they do! They rely on the outside, not on the cleaning on the inside! Therefore, Satan wants to keep us in habitual sin, so he can destroy us from the inside out, keeping cracks in your armor.

Read Luke 17:11-24. There is so much leprosy from the inside. The light must shine through and you must see clearly again. There was one leper that wanted to be clean, not just from the outside but from the inside. Through repentance and humility, we can be made whole both within and without! Go show yourself to the priest. See, in the law, it was outside, but in the Kingdom of God, it is the inside. This man was not satisfied with man’s approval. He wanted God’s. “Where are the other nine?” Jesus asked. There will always and only be a remnant. Religion is a big industry, but the Kingdom is for the few.

Why do we suffer our house to be broken down? “Oh well, nobody sees it.” But God sees it. Satan comes as a Trojan horse in your life! Workers of righteousness do not rely on what He has done! When we rely on what He did, we do what He does, not dead works but works of faith! The Word says in James 4:7, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee!”

Whatever we do, do all for the Glory of God! It is not about what you do. It is about what you do for the glory of God. We are the temple of His glory. Many do not rely on the power of God and Grace; in that, perverting sound doctrine… “You are not really the righteousness of God.” “You are not really who He says.” Satan is trying to disqualify you by cracking your armor!

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-2. Divisions are cracks among us. Carnalities are cracks in us. Cracks may be unseen, but the fruits show it. We are God’s building. God’s building cannot have any cracks! How glorious the house of God must be! Everything is overlaid with the glory of God. Everything shall be manifested. We are His temple. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

So many of us are just putting up with cracks! I believe that everybody that is listening to this Word and reading will have a new heart created by God. If the kingdom of darkness enters into us, we must get it out! God wants to purity our heart

and minds. We don’t want to glorify man, but we want to see the glory in men. Big difference! He is called carpenter for a reason. He can fix the house.

Read Colossians 1:26-29. Who is the mystery? Christ in you! Christ in the dead man! Christ in the born-again man. We must present every man perfect in Christ! If we ignore Him and His words, there is no way to fill the cracks. “I chose you to choose Me,” God is saying. Keep choosing Him! Father, put a new roof in our house. Fill every crevasse, every crack, fill it all out! We are in communion with you today! Make us strong. We are willing. We have become religious, okay from the outside and not okay from the inside. God, you did not say, “Fix yourself.” You said, “Come to Me, and I will give you ME! I will give you and fill your house with My Glory! Whatever I said I shall do, and whatever I do it is because I have already said it. This is My kingdom within you. Not by observation. Allow My kingdom to operate in you, the mind of My son in you! It is about doing it from the inside out. Are you tired of being righteous on your own? This is My burden on me, not on you, to change you.” Come to Him, all who have cracks in your armor, and He will fill them all up!

Shane Roessiger




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