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If God is love and God is His word, then His word is love. If the sword is the sword of the word of God, then the sword is love! God is love, His Word is love, the sword is love.

The sword cuts my flesh, the sword cuts out the old man. The sword delivers me, the sword makes way for healing. The sword tears up all the fig leaves that are wounds that would be exposed for the sake of healing! Our cuts, our wounds, need healing. They need to be uncovered so that they can receive oxygen to heal! The sword cuts out all the false coverings. The sword rips off the bandaid. We don’t need any kind of aid when we have a healer. We don’t need to aid God in healing us. We just need to let God do it. The sword tears down all my resistance that prevents God from doing it.

Our always wanting to be perfect, our pride, our false humility, our human ability. The sword cuts it all out that it would not be a hindrance to me. That none of those things would be a stumbling block to me. The sword removes the stumbling blocks. The sword removes the hard rock of my heart. The sword breaks the hard heart, the hard ground. The sword is a tiller. The sword looks like a killer but it’s here to kill the enemy our flesh.

Even though it looks like it’s directed right at our soul, it is directed at everything that I hate inside of me. It’s not here to destroy me. It’s not here’s kill me. It’s here to till me that God would fill me. The sword is love. Love never fails. The sword never fails. It aims at its target and never misses. Its target is the flesh. Its target is darkness. Its target is unrighteousness. 

O how great this sword is that tears this unrighteousness out of me that I would bear the fruit of righteousness. The sword cuts the thorns, the sword cuts the thistles. The sword cuts the enemy out of my life. Cuts the fat off the lamb. Cuts the fear out of my faith. Cuts the hate out of my love. Cuts the holy from the profane. Cuts the cancer from my body. The sword is love. It’s not hard love, it is love. 

The truth will set you free! The sword will set you free! Don’t be afraid of the sword because the sword is here to save you. The sword is here to fight for you. The sword is here, have no fear. It’s here to cut out the lies. It’s here to separate the flies from the anointing. It’s here to separate. Sheep from goats. Godly from ungodly. Joint from marrow. Spirit from flesh. The old you from the new you. The old life from the new life. Depression from intercession. The sword is love. The Son sets free. The Son is the word of God, and out of His mouth comes a sword. Out of His mouth comes freedom. Out of his mouth comes separation from light and darkness. Out of His mouth comes love, because out of His mouth comes a sword. 

The sword is love. Love is truth. Help us endure the truth, Father. Help us endure the sword. Help us not to dull the sword because in the pain is gain. The sharper the sword, the easier the cut. The faster the cut. The faster I’m delivered. I want you, Father, but I know that I have to let the sword cut me, deliver me, and circumcise my heart. Rebuke is love, correction is mercy. It hurts, but in the end, the love of God is manifest and the sword is a testimony of my freedom. The sword makes me free. The sword helps me see. 

The sword loves me so much that it is willing to come and separate me from everything in me that tries to separate me from the love of God. Open your mouth, Father, and let out all the swords, but help me endure the sword! Help me not run from it. If I run from the sword, I'm running from love! The sword brings death and the sword brings life. I shall live by the sword and die by the sword. To receive His sword is to receive His love. To reject the sword is to reject His love. Next time you cry out for the love of God, be ready to receive a sword. The truth is freedom, the sword is freedom. His word is love, the truth is love. The sword is love.

By. Joe Pinto

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