There are two power tillers of our heart: repentance and forgiveness. Two different things try to bind our hearts: sin and unforgiveness. These are the two things that make our heart hard towards man and towards God. We need to be clean from both. 

God has a way, a will, a heart, a mind, a plan, things He loves, and things He hates. When we come against any of those things, it is considered sin, and naturally, our heart becomes hard towards God and His Kingdom because inside we know we are at enmity with God. Out of the heart flows the issues of life. When we have issues in our hearts with God, the life of God stops flowing through us. When it doesn’t rain, the ground gets hard. When God stops showing up in our life, we grow weary and dry and our heart grows cold. We need to till the heart through repentance of whatever it is in our heart that is keeping our heart hard. You need to till the heart for the rain to come back. If the ground of our heart is not tilled and it rains, the rain will not be effective in our lives. The power of God will come and we will not even feel it because our heart is hard. The ground is hard and rain cannot seep in. Whatever it is that is at enmity with God in our heart needs to go. Repentance is what will till it out.

Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us. If we do not forgive one another, we are actually now at enmity with God and with man. He is saying, He will not forgive us our sins if we don’t forgive others theirs. The Bible says if it be possible, be at peace with all. Does that mean do not tell man truth to keep the peace? No. Does that mean change the gospel so that people will be at peace? No. Rather, preach the gospel with the intention of reconciling man and God and God and man. 

The Spirit of Elijah has come to bring the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers. He has come to bring the bride to the bridegroom. Our ministry is reconciliation. Our ministry is to bring, not the peace that the world gives, but the peace of God that passes all understanding. So, if our goal is to bring all men to God and peace with God and God at peace with them, how can we do that if we ourselves are not at peace with them? If we are too busy being offended with someone, or at enmity with someone, we will be too busy to reconcile them with God. 

Now our heart is hard towards man, and the life of God in our heart is gone, and now we cannot win them by the power of God. You can try to win them with your hard heart towards them but they will not feel peace. They will not feel the power of God. They feel your anger and vengeance. Vengeance is the Lord’s. They don’t see Christ now, they see you. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, why? Because the world is waiting to see the image of God that will war against the image of the beast. 

All the world sees right now is the devil's character, the devil's ways, heart, and plan. Yet the world is waiting for a people that will present God’s Kingdom and heart that they may choose this day whom they shall serve. They will serve the devil if all they see is the devil. Yet if they see Christ, they will have a chance to be found by God. Why are some of us mad at the lost? The lost are lost and don’t even know that they are lost! We need to show them the way, not our own way. If they see the hard ground in our heart, how will they ever till the hard ground in their own heart? 

We need to till our offended hearts so that they would not be offended when He comes. We need to do it for God, for the lost, and for ourselves. The one suffering the most from unforgiveness is ourselves. Unforgiveness is a bitter root. A root of anger and offense. The key to tilling the angry and bitter heart is to forgive. Forgive those that offend you, forgive those that hurt you, forgive those that hate you, and forgive those that trespass against you. You don’t need to excuse their sin but you need to be free. The Kingdom of God is joy, peace, and righteousness. Do not rob yourself of those three precious things. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The peace of God shall guard your heart. His righteousness shall last forever, and we will last forever under His righteousness. So, we need to do what’s righteous. We need to do what sets the heart free and keeps the heart free. Forgiveness tills our hearts of every bitter root.

Bear fruit in keeping with repentance and forgive others as He forgives. These are the two power tillers. These are the two machines in the Spirit, the two power tools from heaven that keep our hearts plowed. When the heart is plowed, the seeds of the Word are planted and the rain and sun come and make it grow. Hosea said, “Plow up your fallow ground.” Make the hard heart a soft heart of flesh. Make the ground pure because only the pure in our heart can see God. Till the ground, keep it tilled! It gets hard if you don’t till it for a while! Make preparations for the sowers. For the rainmaker. It’s going to rain! Is your heart ready? Is the ground of your heart tilled and ready for seed? Till the heart, repent daily, forgive daily, and you will be forgiven and blessed daily. 

By Joe Pinto

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