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They say to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Beloved, do you know what you’re accepting? You’re accepting and asking for God to literally invade your life and lord over it. You’re asking God to literally take control. This is not just a prayer. This is not just a soul count so you can tout about how you accepted Jesus. This means war. This now means that God is going to invade your life and war against everything that is carnal in your life.

This means now you no longer do what you want but you let your Lord be a lord and have you do whatever He wants you to do. Anything outside of that is just words. To have a lord is to have a master. To have a savior is to have a deliverer. 

He might save you from things you don’t want to be saved from, and you wonder why you are fighting with God for years after accepting Him as savior. It’s because you didn’t ask for a cliché savior that you just talk about. You accepted and asked for an invasion. When you said Jesus I give my life, you told God to do whatever you want with it. Yet now you're fighting Him. You told God to be my master, and I’ll be a slave to you. Don’t be religious. You either utter those words and mean it or it’s all in vain.

Don’t get it twisted- to be a slave to Christ is a glorious thing. Yet for some, not so glorious, because for some, when they said, “Jesus, I accept you as Lord and Savior,” they didn’t know it meant literally. When they said, “Jesus I give my life,” they didn’t know that they had to give up their will. Now they sit condemned because they believed a false gospel. Now they feel like the world again because all they did was say a prayer. Saying, “I accept you,” “I give you my life,” doesn't give you eternal life. Doing it does. Actually letting Him be your Lord and actually letting Him save you with your full surrender is the key. Actually giving your life and going where He’s going and saying what He’s saying is where the promises sit.

Your life is not your own, you were bought with a price. Jesus bought you, you’re His now. You are not your own. Is this the gospel you thought you signed up for? If not, then you were fooled, you were deceived. 

Is He your Lord or are you His Lord? Are you telling Him what to do or is He telling you what to? Many say He’s my Lord, but what they are really saying is I’m the Lord and God serves. He gives me what I want, He lets me do what I want, and still forgives me. He’s here to make me rich. He’s here to make me successful. He’s here to help me fulfill my dreams. He does His own thing and He helps me do mine. He does what I want. He just wants me to be happy. 

No wonder why you are poor, blind, and naked. No wonder why you struggle day in and day out- because you expected God to serve you without you serving Him. Your definition of Lord was that you would be His Lord and your definition of savior was that He would save you out of depression but not save you out of the things that make you depressed. You wanted Him to save you from how you were feeling but not from what you are doing. And you wonder why you feel the same as before you gave your life. It’s because you didn’t give your life. God doesn’t want us to say, “I give my life.” He wants us to actually do it.

Surrender our will, our ways, our purpose, our thinking, everything that is of our own, give it to Him that He would give us all of Him. That He would actually get our life and give His life to us. So that we can truthfully say, “He is my Lord and Savior.” 

By Joe Pinto

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