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Many that profess Christ today are pretenders! 

They know deep down someone is not delivered but yet they act as if they are free. They know a church is religious but yet they will say it's powerful. They know deep down that they themselves have many demons but yet they will say Christians can't have demons! This is a generation of pretenders that don’t want to render their heart. That has let Satan pervert their imagination. That has let Satan give them false visions, false hope, and false dreams. The Bible called them filthy dreamers. Dreaming up according to their own desires and not the desires of God, yet they call it the

Desires of God. Pretenders because they are wrapped by the devil’s splendor. 

God is sending His messengers to cut out the false realities that we have made a reality. Our super spirituality. He is sending His messengers to cut out the pretending. He’s bringing in the “realists” that have real faith! Real truth! That are not going to take a shortcut! That are not going to go through the back door. A people that get to the root of things! A people that are honest with God and themselves and the people! That will not lie to themselves! That will not lie to the bride! That will not let the bride live in a fantasy, a pretend reality with a pretend kingdom and a pretend king, a pretend god. 

The Israelites wanted a king, so God gave them Saul. The deeper reason is that they didn’t want God to be their king. They wanted a man that would please their lusts. That would man please them. That wouldn’t speak the truth that hurt, and they rejected God and got a man in Saul that would ultimately work against the people.

Read 1 Samuel 8. All because they love not the truth and they were willing to have a bad king to protect their flesh. Yet just like the king betrayed them, the flesh will always betray you. The flesh will always sell you out and turn you into the devil. 

We need to be honest about the real and the fake for our own sake. Most of us haven’t really accepted the way He is. The way God really is. We are the generation that is super sensitive so we make a god in our image that fits our sensitivity, that won’t touch our wounds, that softens every blow. That is gentle and loving in a worldly way. 

The God in the Bible calls chastising love. The God in the Bible says open rebuke is even love. We’re so worried about what people think. God doesn’t care about what they think, He cares about how you think. We’re called to think as He thinks but yet we call His message hard and unloving. They hated Jesus because He had the truth and He was truth. 

They loved the miracles, signs, and wonders but they hated truth. Even the Pharisees could not say much about His miracles but they hated the truth because it exposed them! Jesus said the world hates me because I testify that its works are evil. They hate you because they hate Jesus but they hate Jesus because they hate the truth. They hate the truth about themselves because they know their ways are bad. 

The truth reveals, pride conceals, but God heals. We’re so afraid of the truth but the truth sets us free. Yet we choose to be free to be bound. Our freedom is bondage because even the freedom in the flesh, the world, and sin, we can’t control. It starts to take over us and pull when we don’t want to go as far as it wants. If you choose to go one mile in the flesh, the flesh will take you two miles. So how is that free? How is it free when the flesh pulls you to do things you don’t want to do? When it takes you farther than you want to go? 

So instead of facing the truth and asking God for help, we act like everything is under control. I can stop when I want. I can control myself from being angry but deep down the monster of self is hijacking our spirit man. Fighting the flesh in the flesh is always a losing battle. We need to be honest with ourselves and stop pretending. We need to be honest with our real feelings and real heart no matter how hard it is, and then comes freedom. In confession is possession of freedom. Repentance is in our confession. 

Honesty comes before reality! 

We need to stop acting like things are okay creating our own false reality! I say “our” because even at times I myself will try to act like things are okay! But no! That’s my old nature trying to kick in back under the spirit of the age to pretend again. See no evil, hear no evil, that is the motto of the strong delusion. 

We must see what is the truth and trust God that He will change a thing! The truth will see you free. When you see the truth no matter how deep, how wide, how good, how bad, it will set you free. When everything is uncovered, you won’t feel smothered. You will feel good. It will feel good when nothing is hidden. 

The false church is going to take garbage, wrap a bow around it, and say FREEDOM! They will say healed! But they are still in pain. They say delivered! But possessed the next day. 

The real church is going to see the filth and let God really set them free! It feels good to really be free. It feels good to walk in truth. It feels terrible to pretend you’re free and not be free. It feels terrible to walk in lies! 

Lies leave an unsettling in our spirit. Then we think everything is good when we throw our pretending on it, that it’s not there, or pretending that something is something that it’s not. Yet our spirit is uneasy. The spirit is freed by truth, the flesh is fed by lies. We cannot call darkness light and light darkness. Sure, your flesh will feel good but the spirit man is in pain. Your spirit is connected to the spirit of truth, so when your spirit comes out of the truth, you start to feel a painful separation from the Spirit of Truth. 

We need to wake up to the reality of ourselves and it will cause revival. Make your ways straight for the Lord to walk upon. He will come when the way is narrow because narrow is the way. John the Baptist prepared the way for the Lord, and he said make your ways straight. God is bringing back that John the Baptist type spirit that will baptize people in truth and will say make your ways straight! Stop pretending! Stop living in your own delusion that you created! Repent and be glad! Turn away from that part of you that runs away from the things that are really there and turn to God, turn to truth! They hate Jesus because He tells them their ways are bad. You hate the truth because it shows you your ways are bad. You hate the messenger because you hate the truth. Makes us lovers of the truth, God!

We will accept the truth about everybody else but ourselves. We need to get as real as we can and face reality. Face the facts and God will keep you intact. Stop pretending and stop defending. Start mending your relationship with God, the Truth, because He is the Spirit of Truth! This generation is trapped by the delusion of the spirit of this age that has taught them to pretend and live their dream and live out the reality that they want and choose. 

God is breaking out captives that want to be free and want to live in real reality. Everybody else will live in illusions and delusions. That is the curse of not being reconciled to the truth. We lost truth when the devil led Adam and Eve to think that they could be like God. Yet really, he was telling them they can be their own god. Yet God released a new Adam, Jesus. 

This Adam said no to the devil when the devil offered Him to let His likeness of sinful flesh to be God. The devil tempted Jesus to be king over the kingdoms of this world. The devil wanted Jesus to be king of the world but not king over the inhabitants of the world. He could have been king in the flesh but if He did not spill His blood, He could not be king over us in the Spirit, in His spiritual Kingdom. 

He was God and all authority over the earth was already going to be His and was His. Yet the devil didn’t want Him to die on that cross and make us like God, in the image of God. The devil knew he could not take dominion over God, but when he tempted Jesus, he was trying to stop Him from saving us. “Here, Jesus, just take dominion over the world but don’t save them!” When the devil spoke through Peter to Jesus to not go the cross, it wasn't about stopping God from being God. It was about stopping God from being our God and making us His children. When He died, we lived and as He lives, and we now live with Him. 

This last generation of true believers, of the remnant, are not going to give in to the spirit of this age and pretend anymore and are not going to give in to the illusions of grandeur. They are going to be a generation that’s all about the truth. They are going to be lovers of the truth. Those that love the truth shall no strong delusion come upon. This last day revival is going to be a truth revival because when the Spirit of Truth is the center, He will lead us into all truth. When we are led unto the fullness of truth, we will be led unto the fullness of freedom because the truth sets us free.

By Joe Pinto

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