Are you dancing like David? Or are you dancing like Saul? Saul never danced before God because he was afraid of what people thought about him. David danced naked before the Lord and could care less who was watching or what they were thinking of Him. Which one are you? When you do whatever you do, do you do it unto the Lord or are you still concerned about man's opinion?

We say we know who are in Christ, yet we still look for affirmation in man. We still look for man's approval. We still look for men to be pleased with us and what we do. Are you willing to preach to a bunch of chairs or do you need a crowd to affirm that you are who you are in Christ or that you’re in the Spirit? We cannot be crowd-pleasers. Every time we preach according to what the people want to hear and what the people think, we quench the Holy Spirit. We dry out the oil. If the crowd comes, the fire burns; if the crowd doesn't come, the fire still burns!

We have many so-called prophets that travel from church to church acting like shapeshifters and chameleons, always adjusting their approach and what they preach according to the crowd. They get around a false grace church and they preach about love. They get around more sharp believers and they bring the sharp sword. This is all man-pleasing. We need to speak what God wants us to speak no matter what anyone thinks or says. As long as it’s from God! Saul displeased God because he was a people pleaser. David could care less about the people's opinion and actually pleased God and man. The true people of God will be pleased with you if you are pleasing to God.

Michal was not pleased with David, yet David danced before the Lord nonetheless. She judged him and spoke of him as if he was vile and David replied, “I will be even viler than this!” We cannot let what people think to quench our spirit and bind our freedom. If they judge, dance all the more, preach louder! Be who you are called to be with even more boldness. The devil will judge you through people to quench your boldness. This is the Kingdom of God. Some people will love it and some people will hate it. Woe to you if men speak well of you. The people of God will love you if you are truly walking in God but the world will hate you nonetheless. Michal had a religious spirit. Many times, the ones who are not free will judge those who are free because they are jealous of your freedom. We cannot let other people's bondage bind us. 

Even many of the Pharisees and Nicodemus himself could not follow Jesus because they were concerned about the thoughts and opinions of the other Pharisees. The thoughts of men are a destiny killer. Some are so bound in a perfectionist spirit and a man-pleasing spirit that everywhere they go they seek to be liked because they live through every other man's mind. Some people are always adjusting who they are and how they preach, what they believe, and how they do things based on what everyone else thinks. This is bondage. We need to be who He created us to be and that's what it means to be free. To think and do only how He wants us to think and do. For freedom, we are set free. I want to be who He created me to be, not who man tries to conform me to be. 

Consider the spirit of the age and how the majority of people do what the latest trend and fads are so they can fit in with each other and the world. We are all looking for love in all the wrong places. Love is standing right at the door of our hearts saying, “Be yourself in Me.” “Dance like David before me.” “Stop trying to be someone else.” Stop trying to act like all the preachers you see on TV just because you think that’s what people like or that’s how you will become popular. Well, guess what? God can use anyone to do miracles, signs, and wonders, but the truth is not popular. In this generation, truth is hate speech. 

“If they hate you, they hated me first,” Jesus said. The world hated Jesus because He spoke the truth, they hate the truth. He told them their deeds were bad. The truth was even a hate speech in Jesus’ time. The world loves the gifts of the Spirit but hates truth from the Spirit. So, what will it be? Will you sell out for popularity to be liked and censor the truth from your mouth? Or will you do all the same things Jesus did and speak truth and win real disciples and not proselytes. The voice of a stranger the remnant will not hear. Don’t expect to win over goats and wolves. They will bite and devour you if you are from God. 

The religious will bite and devour you because religion is not a separate thing from the world. They are the world pretending to be like us. Religion is just another system in the world created by man. It is man-centered. The only way you can climb the ladder of that system is by pleasing man. Saul’s kingdom will always be at war with David’s kingdom until Jesus comes back. There are Sauls in the church, those who do things based on what people think and what the people want. Man pleasing pastors who let the highest tithers in the church and the will of the people determine what is preached and what is done, and then you have the Davids that will do all things unto the Lord no matter who says what or who thinks what. They do all unto the Lord as if no one is looking. Even if they are judged, reviled, and ridiculed, they are servants of God. Paul said if he were trying to please people, he would not be considered a servant of Christ. Do you serve Christ or do you serve man? If you can’t go up to the altar and dance before the Lord like David because you’re worried about what everyone will think of you, you are dancing like Saul. 

We need to be delivered from the thoughts of men, the approval of men. We need only to worry about God’s approval. He created all things and all men. Those who judge you will be judged. David was willing to humiliate himself and be small in his own eyes according to man. Yet he knew he was a giant killer to God. When Saul was small in his own eyes, he was made king. When Saul made an image of himself a golden calf for the people to worship, he lost it all and David killed 10,000. David was liked by the people but David wasn’t looking to be liked by the people. That's the difference. It’s all about the heart. David’s heart was a heart that God loved because David was a man after God’s own heart. 

Be free today! Be the fool for Christ like the Bible says. You are called to be the foolish things of the world that confound the wise. The wise speak with enticing words of man, to win man. Yet you move in power and demonstration. The power of God saves souls. Like David’s maidservants, they give honor to you if they are servants of God. The one who looks for honor will have no honor. Yet the one who honors God will be honored by God. To the kingdom, you will be honored; to the world, to Michal, to Saul’s kingdom, you will be dishonorable because they savor the things of men. His people savor the things of God. Will you be hated and dance like David? Or will you be loved by men but rejected by God like Saul? If any man denies me before men, I will deny him before my father. When we reject the freedom of the Holy Spirit in us because of men, we are denying Him before men. Don’t deny Him, deny yourself. Take off the fig leaves, take off the religious garments, and dance like David. 

By Joe Pinto




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