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Enough feeding ourselves and just trying to be filled at home. We need to be around the Body of Christ. We need to be around the corporate setting. In the corporate setting is the corporate anointing. 

Each has been given an anointing and that is Christ! To each is given a measure of grace. Yet there is a greater anointing to be had when we come around the corporate body. The corporate anointing. Corporate? No, we’re not talking about a business or an organization. We’re talking about everybody, part of the body coming together and bringing the fullness of Christ. The gathering together of the saints in one unit in the unity of the Spirit. 

I am part of the body and you are a part. Some are the eyes, some are a toe, and some are an ear, some are apostles, some are prophets, and some are others parts. Yet we all are a part, although we see in part and come in part, when we assemble together all the parts come together. The body starts moving. The wrist gets connected to the hand and the arm and they start working together. The shoulder starts to connect to the neck and they start working together, and as soon as you know it, the whole body is fitly joined together. Each part supplying another, all formed for each other.

Many mavericks will hate this message because all they want is to be seen and for it to be all about them. God is done with that stuff. It’s time for body ministry to arise. The bride arising is the body arising. It’s not a one-man show. It’s a body connection and perfection of Christ in us, the hope of glory. He writes the story and this is His story: Father, I pray that you make them one as you and I are one. 

Why would He pray that? He was praying for His body to be one. He was praying for Himself to be one because now we are in Him and we are the representation of Him on earth. He was praying For His body parts to come together and form one unit, to form one body! That the mind that controls the body would move us all in unity and in sync. Unity is important because in unity is His body in operation when we are in full cooperation.

We need the full corporate cooperation from the body for the full corporate anointing. We need the body of Christ no matter how big or small we think our gift is. It is needed, and we need to use our gift to serve the body. Not to serve our ministry platform, not to build our social media platform, not to build our kingdom but to feed the weak and the hungry in the Spirit. To pay attention to every body part that is in need that the whole body would rise back up in full capacity with no man left behind. 

There are different levels of corporate anointing. There is the level that we directly take part locally with the hubs that we are personally a part of. Then there are parts that we are indirectly a part ofe regionally, nationwide, and worldwide. Each nation, each region, each hub has a different feel to the atmosphere depending on how far the people in the region have taken the corporate anointing and that depends on the corporate body. 

Corporate prayer brought the corporate anointing and broke Peter out of jail. The corporate anointing brought the biggest move of God we have ever heard of in the upper room. Many examples like this we see, even in the New Testament where the corporate body played a part in the corporate release of the anointing. This is the way God does it because He wants His body in sync. What we get when we are with the true body of Christ we can never get at home. I don’t care how high you say you have gone personally by yourself, there are greater levels of the power and anointing in the assembling of the body of Christ, the assembling of the saints.

In Jesus dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and now we are His body. In the gathering of the body is the fullness of God! That’s why He prayed for us to be one because He was praying for the fullness of Himself on earth. He was praying for the corporate manifestation. He said when two or more gather together there I am! There He is! And it will be done for them whatever they agree upon! This is the power of the corporate body. That is why the Bible puts so much emphasis on the assembling of the saints because the assembling of the saints is the assembling of His body. His body parts are formed together when we come together corporately in Spirit and in Truth under the unction of the Holy Spirit. Yes, He is in you even when you are alone but the fullness of Him is to be had when we are all together in Him. In one accord, one mind, one spirit, one truth, one baptism, and one God overall!

Do you know that when you were baptized into Christ you were baptized into His Body? Do you know that the minute you were born again, you and I were bonded together? Because each of us is a body part. Our spiritual DNA was tangled together. The body is your body, too! You’re just a part! Jesus is the head but you are a part. We see in part but together comes all the parts. Everybody wants to be connected to the head because they want to be the head but we need to find our place in the body and do what we are called to do. That way we are always in tune with the head.

If the eyes try to be a toe, that would be ugly. If the toe tried to be the nose that would be even more ugly. Yet when each one is in its place doing its part by the unction of the Holy Spirit, it will be beautiful! The fullness of Christ, the full beauty of Christ through the whole body of Christ!

We need the full corporate cooperation from the body for the full corporate anointing. Each one of us has the anointing of Christ, which means when two or more of us come together in agreement. The anointing increases because each of us has a level of anointing, and the more of us together in the Spirit, the more the anointing increases corporately. When two or more come together, He said there I am! There is the fullness of God in the body! The fullness of Christ is in the fullness of the body!

We need to start letting out the anointing in us. The Kingdom of God is not by observation. It’s not to your left or right or up, it is within you. The anointing is within you! When we let it out, increase comes to the whole body! When we keep it in, we stay stagnant and it’s one less increase that the body misses out on. The higher we go is the more the body is willing and will move. The more the body speaks, the more the body seeks. The more we press in, collectively and together, we all increase and go higher. How high do we go? Is as high as we together will allow ourselves to go. 

What you do under the corporate setting affects me and what I do affects you. Even if what you are doing is nothing, that still affects me because then our result together is nothing! We need every body part moving. Every bell and whistle chirping. Every gift and calling in operation. We’re waiting for God to pour out revival. The truth is God is waiting on us to let out the revival that is already within us, The Kingdom of God is within us! This great move of God is not going to be a one-man ministry. It's going to be body ministry. To each is given a major of grace, and when each move in the grace given to them, the fullness of grace is amongst us. The fullness of His power, the fullness of Christ, the fullness of the anointing which supplies all in all.

Just like when they gave up all to the apostles. The all that they all gave up filled all. They divided it among everyone and everyone left with more than enough. When we empty our cup, when we give all that’s in our spirit, God will divide all that we offer from our gifts and divide it amongst us all and no one will go home hungry because as we all give it is all given. All will be fed and it will be more than enough. Don’t use your gift to advance your ministry, use it to advance the body. To feed the body. To lead the body. The body is the inhabitants of His Kingdom, and when the body goes forth His kingdom comes forth! 

Body ministry is His ministry. When the body rises up all over the globe, Jesus Himself is rising up all over the world. Jesus is the anointing. Yet Jesus is also His body! When His body rises, the anointing rises! We pray for the saints because we are actually praying for Jesus! Because it’s His body! Global revival is going to come when the body comes together in the unity of the faith under the worship of spirit and truth. This is what we’re being raised up for, the unity of the faith and the full stature of Christ unto a perfect man. 

When Jesus is perfecting us, He is perfecting His own body! He is the head but we are the body, but the body is still His. We give up our life to live His life so that we can live for His body and be His body on earth as it is in heaven. He said be perfect as I am perfect. As we connect with the perfection of the head, the whole body starts to become perfect. What’s in the head? The mind! The mind controls the body! When the body starts to submit fully to the head, to the brain, the mind will start to move every part in unison and will start to move and move fast because every joint will supply for another. The joints help our body parts move. Every bone is connected to the other, and the advancement happens faster and heightens and heightens. 

People say, “Well, I don’t need any man. I got all of Jesus right in me.” Yet Jesus is telling you, “I have food to eat that you know not of.” He has sheep of another fold that we know not of that have the food to eat that we know not of. I have body parts of me that you haven’t even touched yet or known yet or experienced because you don’t want to be around my body. You want to have the fullness but you’re just a hand, but without the body, you will never have two hands or two feet. You won’t have the fullness of the body. We need the rest of the body to be the body. Right now, many parts of the body are off on their own doing their own thing or doing nothing. Yet God is bringing them all together, and when all the body is together, in one place, in one accord, like the book of Acts, He is going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and it will be a corporate anointing, the whole body fitly joined together, like the world has never seen!

By Joe Pinto

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