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The harvest is now, and it is ready, and it has been ready. If you are born again, you are ready to go to the field. Do not say, “I will wait a few more months.” The harvest is for now! Religion wants to prepare man, but God wants to come out of men! There is no Bible school, no theology degree that you need to obtain. You just need to be ready to work with Him! Work in Him through the Holy Spirit. Just abide in Him. He in us. Us in Him! We know that in the Bible, Luke 24:49 says, “Wait until you receive power from on high.” Yes! That is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. Now let us lay the foundation to keep the religious and the devil from snatching this Word from you. It says in Romans 12:6-9, let us wait on our ministering. Yes. Wait for God to lead the Body parts into its function, and, if he has been called to it, into a fivefold office. The Holy Spirit will raise you up and He will set you in. But this word is not about raising up those who have been harvested. This word is about you who have been harvested going into all the world and preaching the Gospel and living the Gospel.

In John 4, Jesus said that His meat is to do the will of the Father. My meat should be to do the will of the Holy Spirit that sends us, equips us, and tells us to pick up our cross! We have a destination at the cross. This should be our daily meat! As God moves around the world, I see God drawing all men unto Himself. As the Spirit does His works, we work with Him. We do not start walking in the Spirit after going to a school of ministry. We start walking in the Spirit after being born again to become soul winners! So, we grow in maturity of what we know and what we have. Let that be our need: to know and to love Him even more.

Do not say, “When the building is built…” Do not say, “When the virus is gone…” Do not say, “When the law allows me…” Do not say, “When we have outreach next month, I will win souls,” because the devil will use our own flesh to tell us, “Wait, until all is gone.” I tell you this: darkness is getting greater and the field whiter, but we are taking steps backward. We need to finish the works that He has started!

Lift up your eyes! The harvest is now. All the circumstances around us do not diminish the harvest, they only increase it! How much more we should be preaching and winning hearts for Him. Men are focusing on the things that are happening. These are the wrong things to focus on. We need to ask God our Father for His eyes. Even when He sees all the darkness and evil, He sees harvest.

There are two types of rain: the former and the latter! Upon all flesh, God will pour His Spirit like rain! There is a latter rain outpouring because the harvest is ready! When the Spirit speaks, He will draw all men unto Himself! Jesus is saying, “I am passing My mantle unto My bride, those who have My name. They are priests and kings unto Me.” His table is set and He is telling His messengers, go to the highway and byways! Their feet are shod! God is stretching out His hands. His hands are part of His Body – the Body of Christ. His preparation is done. This is already happening. His messengers will have His spirit in full measure. He will pour His spirit out once again over His own body for miracles, signs, and wonders. “Religion is trying to stop it, but nothing can stop ME! Your meat must be to do the will of Me that sent you!” Just like Jesus went to the woman at the well. Do not say, “When I am ready…” You are already ready! The Body is already ready for burial. Just like Mary poured her oil out over Jesus, God is doing it over His Body. We are equipped and quickened to be dead in the flesh and alive in the Spirit, just as Paul was trying to tell the Body, but the theologians want to complicate things. They want to take away the mysteries in the Word and the revelations and change them into man as dirt again. This quenched and grieves the Holy Spirit and denies the power.

On the table of the devil, there is fear. At the table of the Lord, there is faith. So, meditate on things above. We should NOT care what the enemy is planning. God’s plan will prevail. Why? We are endued with power to move in the Spirit of God being led by God.

Jesus always ate the meat that the Father gave to Him. The newborn man has his feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel, with unction. The seal of the Holy Spirit certifies you, but He has not certified you to do your own ministry, but to do His ministry! By His blood, we are now priests and kings with full access to Jesus as the open door. Not by the blood of things created but by His blood. We all have the ability to be a priest at the altar of God, to bring them to Him when they repent, but God’s job is to do the drawing and the saving as we are one with Jesus, the mediator. We will see mighty works.

Don’t say, “In four months the harvest is ready!” It is ready now!

Put Ephesians 6 on and do not fear anything. Fear only the one that can give you eternal life. We must know our purpose, and we must believe that we are already ordained! The woman at the well did not say, “One more year and I will tell my city what happened to me.” NO! She ran to the harvest field. She met the rabbi of the rabbis. She allowed her encounter to be her testimony. “I met a man…” How much do you need to know if you know Him?

I must eat the will of Him who sent me. Not my will but HIS WILL BE DONE. What was Jesus’ will? In the garden, when He was sweating so thick that it was as drops of blood, thick sweat, what was His thought? O Father, let me go back and spend some time with my mother. O Father, let me go back to this and that city and preach to the others. NOOOOO! Am I ready to drink this cup? Are you ready to drink this cup? Am I ready for this? What was He thinking? Nobody knows, but He was giving up His will to do the will of Him who sent Him. God is passing out cups to all who are willing to drink them.

My will, my purpose, is to do His will. Do the “right now” now. Faith is NOW not tomorrow! Everyone born again is so ready for the harvest, but they are caught up between two wills! God only backs oracles and not orators! He only backs the One who was, who is, and who is to come. Oracles! We have too many orators but very few oracles! The only thing that you are ordained to speak is His oracles.

We cannot bring the harvest in by force or flesh, or by theology, but only by the Spirit of God that will draw all men unto Himself! To live is to eat the meat that He gives you. Jesus Christ kept eating that meat – the will of the Father – and never stopped! We must do the same, daily eat that meat! Communion is not just “eat the bread and drink the blood.” It is to eat His meat!

Revelation brings humility! Jesus knew exactly what to do. His purpose had nothing to do with Him. It was not to obtain treasure here on Earth but to put treasure in man. To get as many souls as possible into the Father’s house.

Why was Jesus humble? Because he knew who He was. The religious are prideful because they don’t know who they are. When you really know who you are, that humbles you! Because you always think about the blood that was shed to make you who you are! They go by what they know and what they do that brings and exalts man.

Jesus Christ made an indirect relationship between man and God, direct! Religiosity tries to make what is indirect, direct. It will not work. Take your place in Christ and go out to take the harvest. Do not try to do it in the flesh. You cannot fight the devil in the flesh. Have power over your flesh, and in that, you will have power over satan, the father of all flesh. Dress for battle to bring the harvest in through the Gospel of peace! Put on Christ and make no provision for the flesh. He is our armor.

Salvation is not a work of the flesh. Why do we try to gather the harvest by the flesh? Just because God spoke something to me does not mean that I am authorized to speak it. Are your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Christ Jesus? It is unless you are not in Christ. So, the preparation of the Gospel of Christ is not done in school, or months after being born again, but as soon as you put on Christ! The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God! In the beginning, was the Word and the Word is inside of us! God sent His Spirit to activate all the seeds that Jesus spread in the word. That Spirit causes us to be born again, in Christ. We are His hands and feet, and He is drawing all men unto Himself! 

We are the ones representing Him now! We are not from this world anymore. We are seated in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus. Born again, the old man died on the cross and it came back alive looking like Christ. Now, we go out and bring the harvest in! It is our time! When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire, that is your ordination day. Do not end up in a dead seminary school run by men. Denominations were only in the Bible as divisive and a warning of what not to do. Are there divisions among you? Are they not carnal? This is a holy way to say division.

Just like the woman at the well, we are ambassadors, taking his anointing, His name, and doing greater works than He did! Do not be afraid of the times we are in. If we die, we will live. Eternal life was not given to satan but to us! To us who eat, who drink from the well that never runs dry, from the meat that comes down from above. We will see this harvest! Every member fitly joined together, with His Spirit being poured out! The harvest is ready! Do not worry when the religious deliver you up to their social media councils or try to flog and scourge you in their synagogues and the councils of their denominations, their sects. “I will give you the words to speak in that moment of time. Go! Your feet are shod!”

We will see the manifestation of the sons of God. The husband is looking for His wife, and His wife is looking for her husband! We will see this reconciliation between man and God once and for all. Before the Son of the man comes, increase faith. For this is what the Spirit of Elijah is here to do. As many are falling away, many will be following the lamb. 

Shane Roessiger

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