“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1

The righteous are bold as a lion. Who are the righteous? We are. God is waiting on the boldness of the righteous. In the world, what rules is the majority; in the kingdom, what rules is the Truth, is to know Him and the power of His resurrection.

We are in the King of all Kings. This so important and so on time! The prophets with the Spirit of Elijah must have boldness and must be bold or will be eaten up by Jezebel. The lion is a remarkably diverse symbol. Its most common traits are majesty, strength, courage, justice, and military might. ... Commonly referred to as "The KING of the beasts." Lions are immensely powerful. It is not our righteousness but His, and if when we are in sin or in unbelief or in the flesh, we lose that boldness that makes us strong! The devil comes like a lion, but he is not it. He is all talk. He is not the king. He does not have authority over the blood washed. So, he comes and tries to deceive you, to make your garments dirty. He comes to take out your boldness, to make you look at your own self, to make you look at all your flaws, and he comes to tempt you to sin, so he may seem as if he is right.

Boldness is not: cockiness, prideful, arrogant, haughty, sarcastic, argumentative. Boldness in Christ is inward peace, inward strength, confidence, security, courage, knowing without resolution, and no second-guessing! Let us be covered with boldness as we put on the full armor of God, which is Christ and His righteousness. Read Ephesians 6. Without the full armor of God, we cannot be bold. Get your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel. Boldly we should open our mouth! Not just a matter of opening your mouth but boldly! We must make known the mystery of Christ.

This is how religious people operate: in false humility! We ought to always speak boldly! To act humble is a fruit of false humility. Boldness will bring freedom of the Lord. Being humble and acting humble are two different fruits. Only one is real. In the religious system, they say the bold are prideful, but they are the ones with a high level of pride. They are not righteous, so they act humble. A lot of time, the lack of boldness is because of compromise and sin so they want to demonize those walking in the truth, those who want to stand for the real Gospel and for the real love of God, those who are doing the will that is written.

In the book of Acts, they always pray boldness to talk about Jesus fervently and passionately!

Preaching with power takes boldness! So, if satan cannot take your salvation, he will try to take your boldness, your word, your testimony, your courage, your fire! That is what he is trying to do, to make you apathetic and weak! This is what compromise will do: it will take your boldness because the righteous are bold as a lion, but even if it is His righteousness and we are in sin or in disobedience we end up not bold because of what we are doing! Why do we see so many with the anti-Christ spirit being so bold? Because they believe a lie! They are deceived BUT ALL IN! So, in other words, they are taken over by a reprobate mind! Because if they are empty of Christ, then their boldness is full of pride and the lust of the flesh! Their boldness is in themselves; our boldness is in Christ. They are the ones who are like that person that believes in their product they are selling. We know the difference between those trying to sell something and those who believe in their products and passionate it makes them want it. We must believe in the King we serve. We must know that He will back us! What good Father does not back up His son or daughter? Jesus always represents the Father and the Father always represents the Son. The Father always backed the Son Jesus because He was full of boldness. He walked the talk and God always backed what He said.

TRUTH and FAITH MANIFEST BOLDNESS. Only those all in For CHRIST ARE AS BOLD AS A LION! Look at the book of Acts scriptures. They were put to death! There was no trial. That was a final sentence all they had to say was death there was no longer death row wait it was fast and furious. They faced death every day, but they were still bold as a lion. Imagine what they were facing for their boldness! Read Acts 4. They asked them “by what power” and “by what name” they were doing amazing things. Many take the name of God in vain; they use His name without showing any power. His name and His power go hand and hand! His church is not trying to go back to the apostolic. His church is apostolic. We are never supposed to be a system. We are the Body of Christ. There is a real systematic problem going on and God is going to make crooked straight.

When they saw the boldness, not the apathy, not the false humility, when they saw the boldness in them, they saw they were unlearned and ignorant men! They acknowledged that they have been with Jesus! Only those who have been with Jesus can walk in boldness. Those who know their God will do exploits, say Daniel 11:32.

“What shall we do with these men? Notable miracles have been done by them?” They were confounded. You must be bold! Do not be bold and stupid. Be bold and wise. They told them not to preach or speak in the name of Jesus! But the disciples were bold enough to keep doing with boldness what God told them to do. And all men glorified God for what was done, not said, but done! With all boldness, they spoke God’s word.

Read Acts 9:26-29. Barabbas was telling the other disciples how Paul had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus and how he spoke boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus and disputed against the people, but they attempted to kill him. His boldness was proof that Paul had been with Jesus Christ. Read Acts 14:2-4. The apostles were speaking boldly in the Lord, who was bearing witness to the Word of His grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands.

The lion of the tribe of Judah is not Judah, it is Christ Jesus, the lamb of God. Read Revelation 5.

Let us start to move in boldness! He will stretch forth His hands and He will back our boldness up! He is the King of kings, and we are priests and kings! We are in Him! We are as He is: bold as a lion! All power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessings, all unto Him and now be manifested through us, through our boldness. His righteousness is ours! We are bold as You are! Your throne of grace is our place. We are believing in the Truth. Through His boldness we move, we speak, we preach, we move! God is waiting on our boldness to move mightily. Just as He is, let His church be as well: bold as a lion.

Shane Roessiger





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