We are called to be manifesting the power of God. Jesus did not come to do His own will, but to do the will of the Father. God is raising up the church that will not be kissing Baal. His church will not appear or look as it is now, but it will have the seal of God! The seal of power! God is like a lion. When He speaks, ears hear. Many will hear the roar of the lion. Without the power, there is no kingdom of God. If He is the king, we must have His seal of approval on our works or He will not back them whether they are good or great ideas. God only seals what comes from Him.  

Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. The church in Corinthians started adopting the ways of Baal and of mixture unto idolatry. Paul said I do not come to you with enticing words of man’s wisdom but in power and demonstration!?Everything that Jesus did was with power so their faith should not be in man, or their excitement should not be in man, but in the power of God. Only the Word of God with the power of God transforms people. Many don’t believe anymore because we believe in another way, but there is a way that seems right to a man but brings destruction. Motivation does not bring transformation. The power does. My thoughts, my emotions, are all focusing on the kingdom. When things change, all hell breaks loose. Your tradition makes the Gospel of no effect! When Truth and power are present, kingdoms will collide, and satan will be after it, using people and things to make you want to compromise.  Paul was not only talking about healing, miracles, and signs and wonders. ?He was talking about the power of the cross, the power unto holiness, of separation, of demonstration, and of change!? So, this means God wants out:  

- All dead works - Works without power are dead 


-Step programs 

Why? Because: 

-Resisting change is resisting the power. 

-Resisting truth is resisting God - who is the power. 

-Resisting God is resisting love. 

We shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make us free. Today’s religion is looking really godly on the outside, trying to dress cool so you can be accepted by all generations. What draws men to God is not the style in which you do church, but His power! Many want to build a church starting from the middle, but we need to use the cornerstone. Many like to build upon their passion or upon things that move them, but there is only one way to build. It is called the cross, His cross, your cross.  

Power unto salvation is the same power unto sanctification. The Truth moves heaven!?Only the righteous are as bold as a lion. Boldness moves heaven. Jesus knew who He was, His purpose, the Father, and the way.  When you know these things, power is imminent. He said, “You shall know the Truth.” Many know a form of Truth or what a man has told them. Jesus was and is THE TRUTH. It is clearly written. Many are denying the power and exchanging it for human wisdom or their own ideas, not realizing that love is not what they have identified if that love comes against the Word. 

Many face the cross, rejection, hate, and persecution, because of what? Of the Truth. If you don’t know the real Jesus, you will resist what you are about to face in these last days. Everybody says they want to hear Jesus, but when He speaks, they ignore it. Your crazy cherry-picking only satisfies the soul and will not unify?the spiritual in the church. Many people are part of the soulish church.  

The TRUTH?divides unto unification, so it separates to unify in Spirit but it cuts off flesh. It divides before it unifies. If we want to live in the flesh, that carnal-minded intellectual man’s wisdom will be circumcised… The Bible says: The TRUTH?sets us free! Period. It is not about a process of freedom because there is only one necessary process: the process of renewing the mind.  

We must fall in love with Truth. Before Abraham was, Christ Jesus was.  Why is there division among you? Because there is heresy! If we burn the works of the flesh and say, “God I want to work with you,” we will see great power. Jesus is love but everything was backed by power. The Holy Spirit will bring profit to the church again. Paul said if I do all the works without power, it is all with no profit. The power is love, God is love, the cross is love, the Truth is love. So, if God is love, then Paul is speaking in 1 Corinthians 13 about anything we do without God (love) will profit nothing.  Man tried to tell you what love is but God says love is Him and it is Truth. It does certain things but love is HIM.  

God never fails. Love never fails. Love will release the power! Power is coming back! Power is coming back to His church. I see it. God is exposing the merchandising, the selling of Jesus, and the prophets that are for profits! God's profit is treasure in heaven. 

But today, let’s really look at this. What did he say to do, just ignore Paul? Well, many only want messengers when the message fits their own agenda and own ways!?But the Truth always: 

  • Disperses crowds? 


  • Severs relationships? 


  • Stops man-pleasing? 


  • Exposes religious spirits? 


  • Makes fake people manifest? 


  • Exposes hidden agendas 


  • Makes known true unity in the Spirit? 

Before He comes, He will send the spirit of Elijah. It’s like a sickle in the hand of a farmer.?The Spirit of Elijah brings rejection from those who do not want the new wine!?The sword that cuts away the flesh from the bone. It is a sharp tool for separating.  It exposes fake doctrines, fake brethren, and fake spirits!? 

The Truth is what identifies the real?Holy Spirit!?Not by the observations of man, but by the testing of the spirits and by the power and the gifts of the Spirit. Interesting that people say they are testing the spirits without even having the Spirit of God. So, what they are really doing is testing it with their own knowledge and theology. Testing the written Word without the Spirit is impossible. The Bible never said, “Test the spirits by the Bible.” It says that our spirits will always bear witness! 

You see that many think they have and know the truth, but the truth moves the SPIRIT OF GOD!?The watered-down or distorted or humanized word stirs the soul and puts out the real fire and a strange fire comes in!? 

Read John 16:1-13 – Remember: people got offended at Jesus who is love.  The church is killing Truth thinking they are doing God a favor. Jesus brings Truth to the church and their flesh gets sorrow. Peter tried to motivate Jesus, stopping Him from going to the cross. Our flesh may have sorrow with the Truth. The spirit of Truth won't force you; it will guide you. There is and must be a submission, daily. This is why the Word says to you: “Pick up your cross daily.” This is a decision. This is a great thing about the kingdom. It is all about always submitting to the King and His ways. This is the only way to live in peace and in the inward blessing. Submission to Him is the final solution.  

The Truth brings rejection. It helps to crucify you!?Wow, what crucified Jesus will crucify you! He was love and He was killed!? Jesus was killed not because He was loving and kind. It was not because of the miracles, healing, works of justice, or compassion, but because of THE WAY. He was TRUTH. That was a very different case! Jesus was killed for the Truth that He spoke and lived. He would not bend. Daniel was killed because he would not bend, the Jewish man that the Bible said had no fault in Him. 

Read John 18:33-40. Pilate asked Jesus: What did you do? Jesus did nothing wrong. Our kingdom is not from heaven. We must live as pilgrims down here or we will be snatched by satan. For the same reason Jesus was born, you are born; for this cause, you are born: to bear witness. Of what? The Truth. Most want to be popular. You think love will do that? My friend, you have been deceived!?Love without Truth is not love but is carnal and selfish and opposite of the cross.  

Pilate was asking Jesus what is Truth. Truth was in front of him, but he did not have eyes to see it. When you deny Truth, you deny the power. There is a difference between hearing the truth and knowing.  

The Word is before us so why are so many today asking what the Truth is? Truth is a man, a bread, and the way! Real love gets one killed. It does not fail. It does not boast. It does not have selfish intentions! The false love we are seeing is full of soulish intentions and desires. False love loves like love but not like the kingdom, but worldly love. 

If they crucify Him, they crucify you!?If they hate you, it’s because they hated Him first!?The world hears them but the remnant hears the truth, and that truth is power! To be set free!?Truth activates the blood!?There is a way that seems right to a man but brings destruction. The cross means nothing to them who perishing or the carnal-minded Christian by title or religious sect! By dead works! O but us ...O the cross! ? 

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-21. Even inside the church, the cross became foolish. Man has another way to reach man. But God made the wise as a fool. In 2 Timothy 3, we read about a godly form. Having a form meaning facade, something that looks and sounds like the truth but denies the power. FROM SUCH TURN AWAY. Sometimes, to turn away is the best form of love. Puffed up with knowledge but never getting anywhere. They resist the Truth. This is something scary. Just as they revolted against Moses, so do men and women against the Truth. 

What is the seal of God? His power. God wants to approve us in everything we say and do. To back us by the power. 

Read Luke 9:22-24 - People try to follow Jesus without doing what He did and said. Every time Jesus said something, people had to make some choice. The cross became the altar of the living sacrifice. Read Luke 14:25-27. We have been given to Jesus. God wants to see God in you, not you. No man can come to Him unless the spirit of the Father draws them. Not man drawing men, not programs drawing them. To eat His flesh is to eat His word.  

Many disciples said, “This is too hard.” Jesus did not make His word sound easy. Where they come and go, the power will be manifested. Have I offended you again? Should I deny the Truth? If I do, I am denying the power. John 6:66 said they walked with him no more. Why, because of His love? No, because of the Truth.  

God is bringing back His power to His church. This is not a doctrine of man. This is the bread from heaven. It does not matter what you do, the power will be with you. Projects of the flesh and carnality won't matter anymore. The world will know again that His church has been with Jesus.  

Read John 6:38-71 and Matthew 4:4. Every word that comes out of the mouth of God is the Truth. God still breaths. God not only left us the book of Acts but left us the Spirit that did the acts. That Spirit is moved by the Truth and not by opinions of men. 

Because of the cross, we have power. Without the cross, we are powerless. I speak to the bones in every continent of the world. I speak power! By the simplicity of the house of God. God will take care of us. Never seen the righteous being forsaken. The power of the altar of the cross, for the bride of Christ, is the power unto salvation. Shane Roessiger  

FULL MESSAGE Denying The Power, By Shane W Roessiger - English & Portuguese Version



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