Holy Spirit, we need strength and wisdom to walk on your word and not a dead letter only. Open the doors of utterance. I do not want to live by the faith of Abraham. I want fresh faith for now. People on the boat were afraid of seeing something they never saw. When they saw Jesus, they automatically said it must be a ghost. The problem is that they did not recognize His voice. Peter said, "If it is really you, bid me to come.” What he was saying was, Jesus if you say it, then I know I can do it. That is what it is all about – faith comes by hearing and hearing God’s word…So, so, so much deeper than just reciting scripture over yourself. It is the voice of the creator telling me I can. You tell me what to do. Jesus said: Come! He did not only walk on water, but he also walked on His word! Peter knew His voice just like Abraham knew His voice. If we know His voice, walking on the water will be nothing. I do not care what other voices say, God, I need to hear your voice. I need to hear it. I cannot go by just reading the word. I need to recognize your voice. We tear down the wall that stops us from hearing, from walking on the water, on the Word! Your sheep hear your voice, not my voice reading scripture. You said your voice. No matter how boisterous the storms of life are raging, God, if I hear you, I can do and go anywhere. I can do anything if it is your voice alone, your word. Speak however you want, through dreams, through visions, through a still small voice, audibly or appear to me. Because your voice is all I need. All these were written, so we shut the voice of the religious skeptics, the voice of unbelief. We only want to listen to the voice that brings faith. We were created to have a conversation with God whenever He wills.

We renounce every voice of fear and voice of confusion. When we began to hear the other voices, we start sinking. To hear God’s voice will save us from many storms. God is stretching out His hands and saving many as He speaks right now! God will do anything to help people recognize His voice among thousands of faces and voices.

Faith comes not by reading the Word but by hearing every word that comes straight from the mouth of God, whichever way he decides to speak. Those words from his mouth do something. It activates faith. Abraham had few encounters with God but because he heard His voice, that marked him for life and his calling forever. Mary heard God’s voice through how God decided and within she knew. Nothing changed her mind. Peter, Mary, Abraham, all walked upon the Word.

God, open the door of utterance. Many are speaking out of the flesh using scriptures, the written word, but that produces nothing. We must speak the oracles of God. Hear only His voice. Many who are dead want you to follow their dead god but My God is alive. He speaks through dreams, angels, visions, and still small voices. Who are you to tell God how to do what He does when what he does is written?

Many worship the dead and try to kill the living ones, pointing to find a living God among the dead letter. Abraham did not have the written word. If they make you believe you cannot hear God, that makes God dead. God appeared to Abraham and spoke to him. That word spoken to Abraham caused him to walk in faith. When we encounter the voice of God, our feet start getting off the boat. That is why His name is I AM. “I am who I want to be at any time I want to be!” Do not let an old generation stop a new generation. We have our minds stuck in the natural instead of going to supernatural places in God.

Satan asked Eve: Did God really say that? Of course, He did. But they heard a strange voice. Too many strange voices are trying to make us believe that we did not hear Him. That is why the whole of humanity sank! Everything that exalts itself above the voice of God must be brought down, just like the slimy serpent. The Spirit is always saying something, but do you have ears to hear? If you get out of the Spirit and start listening to strange voices, you will get into confusion. We do not live by bread alone. We are now spiritual beings. We live by faith in hearing His every word, not by the Bible only, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, always flowing so that He says my words are life, are rivers always flowing. So, if you are feeling dead, you just might be hearing the wrong voice. No matter what, God is always speaking, but are we always listening? There is one voice crying out. It never stops.

The voice of God in a vessel caused John to be killed. It still is killing many others today. The voice of God, the Holy Spirit in John. Anyone birthed out of the Spirit of God is greater than John. According to Jesus, the kingdom of God is hearing Him.

The Lord came to Abraham... it does not say how. Is it not all about intimacy? What is justice? Believe in God, in every word that came out of his voice. It is all about having a conversation with God. He speaks. We listen. The gift is to hear Him, to know Him, to be one with the voice of ONE!

The hearing of faith comes by the hearing of His voice. Because it is written in the Bible, religious people move by it, not by the voice that we hear. The voice of God creates something, does something. In the beginning, there was a voice creating all things, this voice has not stopped. You must hear to believe, believing comes by hearing. It is written, no matter if you saw it or not!

In the last days, in Joel and in Acts, God said I will speak to my sons and daughters and they will prophesy. When God prophesies, He activates faith, and when the devil prophesies, it activates fear. God wants to inject faith and satan wants fear.

The kingdom of God consists of hearing His voice and obeying it. Walking in the Spirit is walking on the water! Peter was walking on the water, but he was really walking on His word. To be born again is to be born of His Spirit. The word of the Lord endures forever. Abraham’s word remains up to this day. The word and the voice of God will never return void! God did not bind Himself in a book. He gave the book so we can hear Him.

Why are you losing your faith? Because you are listening to others’ voices. Why are you not walking on water? Because you are not walking on His word. Why are you not walking on his word? Because you are not walking in the Spirit.

From Genesis all the way to Revelation, God said: Let there be! He did not have to say the same thing repeatedly. He said it once, and it was! The Spirit is the voice! Let us make man in our image! Do not let your flesh be ahead of your spirit! Let them have dominion, authority, over everything, over every creeping thing! The devil stole this, but Jesus took it back and gave it to us. He gave us His image. His voice. The voice of God is not controlled by radios and media. It is inside of you and me. That is why satan wants to shut us down.

Peter could walk on water because he could recognize His voice. Throw your nets to the other side. Peter questioned His voice. Nevertheless, at your voice, at your word, I will do it. Because you said it, I will do it. He caught such a drought of fish, even though he was toiling all night. Religious will toil all night, all their life, but sons and daughters will walk on water. At His words, he did it! His words created a harvest of fish. It created wine out of water, and His voice created light. Let this voice guide us into all truth and shut down every other lying spirit! Do not doubt!

Nothing can stop Him. According to your voice… I read all about it, but above anything else, I can hear your voice. Once you hear His voice, you will forsake all! Peter left all when he heard Him. What are you ready to forsake for the VOICE of life.

Father open our spiritual ears. We must know your voice and be led by your voice, by faith. We are your church! Blessed are those who hear your voice! Take us to different places in you where faith comes by hearing your voice. Speak to us, God. Your servants are listening. Increase our faith in hearing the one that holds His voice inside of us all! Give us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us, the church. Get rid of all the voices that toss us to and fro. Shane Roessiger

Read Matthew 14:22-33, Romans 10:17, Genesis 12:1-2, 12:7, 13:14-15, 15:1-13, Galatians 3:5-9, 1 Peter 1:23-25, Genesis 1, Luke 5:1-11.

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