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Jesus is my rock, Jesus is my salvation, He is my fortress. We are in times of instability. We are in times where many storms are upon us. Many winds, many rains, many waves are shaking the nations, but when the nations shake, we are not supposed to be shaken!
When the nations rumble, we are not supposed to tumble. When the nations are unstable, we are to be stable! The sand is not stable, the hay, wood, and stubble are not stable. Only the Rock. When the storms come, the Rock does not move. When the waves crash, the Rock does not waver.
We are called to stand on the Rock. Every other foundation will fall, every other foundation will be taken with the waves back into the sea. Every other rock that is not Christ will be split. Man’s foundation will fall, religious foundations will fall. We can longer rely on our own thoughts anymore. Our own mindsets. Our own desires and ways. We must be set upon the Rock.
Upon God’s ways, God’s word, God’s vision! This is the rock that cannot be moved! Even when a storm comes to shake the rock, God will uphold it and make sure it stands. You shall not be moved! If you are being shaken right now, if you are being moved, it means that God is moving you and shaking you off every other foundation that is not founded on the Rock! If you are being shaken, you are being awakened! God cannot be shaken. When we are not being shaken, then you know that you are standing on God, the Rock.
God’s love is so great that when we make our abode on the sand or the hay, He will send a storm to sweep it away, that we may realize that what we’re trusting in, what we’re leaning on, is not of Him!
This is mercy, this is the goodness of God! That He would move everything out from under you that is not firm! That when the real storm comes, you will not be swept away with the wicked and the waves of delusion. You will not be cast into the sea. God will not let that happen! That’s why He puts us through fiery trials. That He may purge everything in us that is not Christ. That is not founded on the Rock. Tribulation and trials that test our faith to show us if our faith is true faith!
Some of us are leaning on the Rock in some areas of our life, and in other areas, we are leaning on our own self-made foundation. Some of us get discouraged, and we try to encourage and comfort ourselves. Meanwhile, the Bible says that He is our comforter! He is the encourager! The Rock is among us! The Holy Spirit, Jesus in the Spirit is within us. The cornerstone! The strong foundation is within us!
We need to lean on that Rock in our spirit! Not in our carnal mind! Not in our own strength! Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit! This is our Rock! This is our strong tower! We need to lean on our beloved. Fall upon the Rock or the Rock will fall upon you! Lean on every word that comes out of the mouth of God, not out of the mouth of the flesh. Every word out of His mouth is your rock!
Many are trying to move God by their works and their goody-two-shoes “Christianese,” trying to do works to get God to move. He said strive no more but strive for this one thing. To rest! To learn to receive, to learn to wait on the Lord and let Him do a work in you instead of you trying to do dead works. To lean not your own understanding but to receive from the Spirit of understanding.
We don’t have to hit the rock anymore to get it to move! We don’t have to hit the rock to get life-giving water. We don’t have to draw from the well anymore, the well is now inside of us. Woman, if you knew who was before you, you would ask for a drink and never thirst again!
He said if we ask for a fish, He will not give us a serpent. If we ask for a drink of water, we would not thirst again. Now we have the authority to speak to the rock! God told Moses to speak to the rock!
Jesus is the Rock and now we can ask and it shall be given! Moses couldn’t move on to the Promised Land because he didn’t speak to the rock the second time. The first time, when God told him to hit the rock, it was a picture of the old covenant. In the old, man had to work and do things for God to move, but now He says all those who cry out unto the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved!
Anybody who asks, it shall be given! Anybody who lacks wisdom, ask and the Spirit shall give it liberally and without reproach! This is the new wineskin. This is the new way! And it is given freely! Speak to the Rock! Speak to God, He desires to fill you more than you want to be filled.
Isaiah 51:1 says that God will make our desert like a garden. Even in the midst of dry places! Even in the midst of famine. Even in the midst of spiritually dry atmospheres! It’s the Rock! It’s the rock that holds the water like in the days of Moses! The water is in the rock, and the rock is in you!
The word is in you! Rivers of living water are in your belly! The manna is in you! The quail is in you! Speak to the Rock and you will never thirst! Be founded on the Rock because in it dwells everlasting heavenly resource. You shall never have spiritual hunger again! You shall never thirst again. Because the Rock always pours out and never runs dry.
Don’t be like the Israelites who forgot their foundation, their Rock, and because of their forgetfulness, they turned to idols. Are you turning to idols? Are you being shaken? Are you thirsty? Turn to the Rock! It will keep you. You will be stable and you will never thirst again!
This is the key to stability. When Peter looked at the wind he lost faith, but when he looked at Jesus, he walked on water. Don’t look to the left or the right. Don’t look to a nation, don’t look to a party, don’t look to a man. Look to Jesus Christ! Your salvation, Your fortress, Your safe place. My hope is not in the world, and God is stripping us from all hopelessness. My hope is in Jesus. Today is the day of salvation. Make this day the day of the Lord. Make Him your foundation, your Rock!
By Joe Pinto

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