Through this prophetic word called P$MPS, PR0ST$TUTES, AND J0HNS, God will be exposing the doctrine of Balaam and the merchandising spirit. Give ears to hear what the Spirit is really saying to the church. God has promised to send the Spirit of Elijah in the days prior to Christ’s return. What did Elijah do? He confronted Ahab, God’s anointed and the chosen king, and, of course, his wife Jezebel. What does the Bible say? He will restore the sons back to the fathers. Those are the fathers of the faith. Those stewards of the Word of God and the Father and Word are one. The Bible also says that He makes every crooked way straight. He has a heart for people, the poor and the widow, and the house of God.

Let us see what the P$MPS are in this, what it is referring to. In the world, they have control and take from the ones they own. They own the ones they use to make money, to get platforms, jobs, and tricks, and are a covering or a protector. Then I heard the word: Do not get P$MPED out. Then PR0ST$TUTES, what do they do? They sell their bodies, sell themselves for money. If God has given beauty to them and made them attractive, they usually get more money the more gifted they are. 

Then you have the J0HNS. These are the ones who pay for that and their services, who are bound by lust and perversion and the devil. They are the ones enticed by the PR0ST$TUTES to buy their services or body for money. Then the pimps get a big cut. Now do not get upset. This is exactly how God wants it said. You see this large in media and news sects as well. This is what is in the church or religious system we call church. I do not want to say kingdom because they do not operate in the Kingdom but are carnal and worldly-minded. I have been wrestling with the Holy Spirit for an exceptionally long time not wanting to release this, but He will not relent. I must obey. I will lose my anointing just like them if I disobey. I certainly do not want to become one of those three above. I will try not to use any names as much as possible, hoping that the Holy Spirit will highlight them. He is quite able to show the church.

So, the P$MPS are the big ministry television stations now. In general, it is not all of them, so I want to make this clear. I am not saying all, but if the shoe fits, the shoe fits. Some started in the 70’s. You realize that most times things start out well. Also, God is using all these things in the Bible, so the means never justify the ways. Just because they have fruitful results does not mean it is God’s perfect way or that He is pleased. Remember, God uses all things together for His good. Yes, people were saved. Yes, people got help. Yes, these were all good people caught up in the system, charismatic or evangelical or just mainstream Christianity. This affected every single denomination, and no one is perfect. People calling Jezebels Elijah’s, making a list of false prophets but never ever letting real prophets near the platforms or shows. How do you keep the business going and thriving and mega? Simple. Just do like in the world. How do you keep a business going? You cater to the customer and give them what they want and like.

Real prophets are not entertaining or producing for the needs of man. The P$MPS use talk shows, radio shows, TV shows, platforms with gifts, hitting and missing constantly, finding (PR0ST$TUTES) – popular ministers or people in the church with amazing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Dreams and visions, great book sales, a popularity contest a lot of times to entice the (J0HNS), among the sheep. Please do not get offended by God. This is how He wants to bring this parable to you so you can see it as He does. This goes with what platform they have. Megachurches do the same things. Then they come and sell their product, music, teachings, and books (anointings) at conferences, and on and on. It is a big moneymaker. Especially now, with the shaking and many churches shutting down, they are scrambling for a buck as God is trying to drain their resources and shake everything that can be. They are plotting how to make up for the losses and how to recoup. Oblivious because of God's shaking - He is looking for repentance. Can you see how grotesque this has become to sell tickets to yourself? Defiling their own body. Are they not the body of Christ? They are so prideful. They made some (J0HNS) addicted to them.

If we are a body, how can we sell something that is someone else’s already, theirs, too, and not yours only! That would be like saying to your hand, if you want to know what my eyes are seeing, I need 30 bucks to show you! Until we start to see things as God sees them, we will never change. Some need to read the book of Jude for a clear example of this and a warning.

Have you ever noticed that before the popularity comes, it came because of the anointing and the gift? Have you ever realized how preachers lose that edge because of this system that sucks it out because of compromise? Have you ever noticed with musicians and worship singers that they need to sing all their older songs because those are the ones that God was on back in the beginning? Have you not seen, Beloved, how when a man or woman becomes so popular, suddenly, things change? Because God was on it that talent is still the voice, the gift, but something changes? See, those that are in the Spirit are sensitive to the anointing! Like many moves of God that stop! Have you ever asked or thought why? Because God is the difference. He will not back the glory of man nor those who want to become like the world, selling out. That is all the radio artist wanted from the get-go. They have great soulish songs but there is that one thing missing – the Spirit! You see these ones want to compromise once they want to change some words, shorten this or that. You become a man-pleaser, and you cannot please God and man. Do not be angry because I tell you the truth!

God speaks about Janis and Jambres, about resisting the truth! Do you know why Jesus was so anointed! Yes, because He is the Christ, but He did not give a rip about pleasing man! He loved the man but sacrificed everything for truth and for the cross! The anointing does not come from singing about the cross but from singers singing who are willing to pick up the cross! Worship e-courses, what in the world is that? Training how to cheerlead? No man can make you anointed like them. Only God has made us specifically different that we may be unique and a make a melody a symphony! It says in the Bible, Isaiah 55:1: “Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”

Jesus chased out the money changers and those who were selling in the temple. He said God's house is a house of prayer. I have heard so many using scriptures to justify their sin. I have written many books. Our ministry has so many big books published, and we give them all away for free in paperback as well as PDF, so do not say that it cannot be done. You know God always has a forerunner. This merchandising means God has not written them or you do not have faith that He can multiply your bread. He said to throw the bread out on the water, and it comes back to you. If God writes a book, it is His job to get it out. This goes for training schools to conferences to worship seminars, and on and on. God is putting His foot down on this slimy snake. You pray His kingdom come, His will be done, and then shut the door on worldly operations.

This system I have spoken about above, where is it from? The world! The church is not a business. Sheep are not J0hns. This industry you are making of God's house is over. A laborer is worthy of his hire, but we are not employed by man. Also, do not muzzle the oz that treads out the corn (1 Timothy 5:18). In other words, ministers – if you are led to take a free-will offering, do it, and be thankful that God will supply all that you need to get His kingdom advancing unless you are trying to advance yours. Those receiving gifts bless and give freely to those ministers. Stop being cheap. Also, if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly, so God is not the problem, it is you. He has written what He will do, O ye of little faith. So, what is the problem? Well, I am showing you the problem. It is this system we call “organized religion”. In the Kingdom, there is no lack. Do not come on here and tell me that things cost this and that. God is our boss, and He gives to us in three ways: He gives us the power to get wealth; He opens the heavens and pours out blessings; or he uses the hands of man, NOT manipulation and witchcraft. As soon as you put a price on it, God is off of it, then you are on your own. No wonder you are struggling. The kingdom does not change because the church system does.

We need to get these wrinkles out once and for all. Most of those PR0ST$TUT$NG their gifts are doing it on their own leading. If you have lustful J0hns, you will empower and feed the covetousness of the pr0st$tute’s lust, then they have this problem of producing out of their own will. Gifts are for the edifying of the body of Christ, not P$MP out, not for making money, but they find scripture to make excuses.

Mark my words, these people in this system will carry on. They look like they are of God, but they will be found naked. Signing your book to sell more of them… Get over yourself! Man, it is time you sit down or find some feet to wash because you are toast! All these things are of the world. Influential? We do not need influential! We need the anointing that breaks the yoke. If the cross does not motivate you enough, it is time to find another livelihood. You are selling something that belongs to the body. You are self-centered, leading the sheep away. Some are only straight-up hirelings; some are just a little off; some want to write a book and sell it, but no one wants to buy it, so they are forced to give them away and sell them to family and friends. Guys, it is time to move into Kingdom mode.

Let me tell you what God is doing in this season. He is putting a lying spirit in their mouths because their heads are in the pink clouds. They have been planting Jezebel (spider) eggs all over the place, saying peace and safety when it is time to rend our hearts. Never pointing to or getting ready for the biggest tribulation that is coming on the earth. When their words hit the ground, they want to blame it on your lack of prayer. Give me a break. This what I am hearing:

“I had to put a lying spirit in the mouth of so many because they are in error to Truth and in the old wine system that I have commanded to be shifted and to be now. I have been speaking this end-time move to the apostolic church! The old structure must come down. I can only expose it by the vessels who are not under it! Elijah cannot be bought or sold! Many false prophets have built their name and fame, claiming to be influencers or above others when I have said and have shown an example of what is to be the greatest: It is to be the servant of all (Matthew 23:11-15). It is not to be an influential person selling books and conference tickets! I am over it, and I had to allow exposure, but I know many J0hns will seek out pr0st$tutes and they will still be pimped out and taken advantage of because many still want to believe a lie!”

“Mark my words. Some of these P$MPS and PR0ST$TUTES will die as they are doing their tricks. If you remember Ananias and Sapphira, what happened when I did what I did through Peter? Fear fell on the church.” God is bringing the fear of the Lord back on His Bride because it is time to wise up. It is time for the harvest.

“I will not bring my sheep into a den of thieves or house of Dagon or to hirelings and doctrines of Balaam. What I once winked at, now judgment starts in my House. Many are yelling for judgment in the world, but justice is coming to My house first. I have used many of My apostles under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to call out merchandisers in the written word in the present day. Who has been bewitching you? They are seducing spirits making sheep lust for ministry, using Me and My gifts to promote their names, and wanting to be put on pedestals. That is why I had to expose them. I am still doing it. Then again you say in your heart but ‘God is using them and the system’. Yes. Gifts and the calling are without repentance but I will say to some, ‘Well done,’ and to others, ‘Depart from Me, you who work iniquity.’ See. I used both, did I not? Do not look at what I am using but look at their fruit.”

We have a few types of mainstream prophets today that allowed you to believe many lies! For God's purpose of exposing and humbling, will they bend? None truly repenting. One type is using false humility, trying to be so spiritual but at the same time filled with buts and excuses! One is saying that God changed his mind, blaming it on the lack of prayer or the bride! Then there are the ones that are acting like they never said it, doing business as usual and trying to bring so many words so fast that it is mixed in all the verbiage! The other is straight standing on their false words of packed sand! Not relenting! What is worse? I do not know. All are wrong! The ones who truly repent will be honored by God and restored! He did not say anything to so many real messengers because they are not trying to be famous and special, not trying to be better than all the rest. “I am also coming against the prophets that steal words from others. I set them up. I am also coming against this spirit of competition. I will make them humble because pride is what comes before a fall.” Get up, it is not over, but get down first! God is showing all the idols in the church and in the land! We have idolatry in the land of two nations, the USA and Israel! 

“Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbor.” Jeremiah 23:30

This is the problem we face when we believe in false words and false structures! The Word says that there will be peace-peace prophets (1 Thessalonians 5:3). They will say everything is good, all is going awesome. “They say there is going to be peace when there is not going to be, this is what My words say!” (Jeremiah 6:10-17) So you will have false hope! What does false hope do? It will make you sick (Proverbs 13:12). False hope will make you not believe the real messengers. It will make you not believe anymore!

How much better it is to hear the truth and live! Know what is really going to happen! God never teases His bride!

It’s totally different when we are led by false hope! It is the opposite of the boy who cried wolf! It is the watchman that never sees any wolf coming or any bad times up ahead! We do love and need to have hope and encouragement! But it says in Jeremiah 27:9: “But as for you, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners,your dreamers, your soothsayers or your sorcerers who speak to you, saying, ‘You will not serve the king of Babylon.” Also, it says in Jeremiah 23:25: “I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy falsely in My name, saying, ‘I had a dream, I had a dream!”. “Many are saying things that they have seen in false visions and saying that ‘I said’ when I never did.” “Behold, I am against those who have prophesied false dreams, declares the Lord, and related them and led My people astray by their falsehoods and reckless boasting; yet I did not send them or command them, nor do they furnish this person the slightest benefit, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 23:32

Here some more scriptures! “For the teraphim speak iniquity, And the diviners see lying visions. And tell false dreams; They comfort in vain. Therefore, the people wander like sheep, they are afflicted because there is no shepherd.” Zechariah 10:2

There are so many saying, “How can you say you are right, and they are wrong?” It is called the WORD OF GOD! You cannot stop the beast! “My word never depends on a man’s prayer!” Prophecy is seeing the future. If it is not in the future, then it was not prophecy. It could not have been seen because it never existed. So many need to be taught properly on the prophetic and the PROPHET. 

It is divination! Period! A seer sees and they do not make up a dream or a vision. So, some have a dream. It is a word of knowledge. We can get interpretations wrong sometimes. It takes a Body. God never backtracks! If it changes tracks then it was never in the future, so we do get deceived by our heart’s desire or by what we would like to hear. “I give warnings. If repentance comes then I can and will relent, but I never say or show a lie when spoken of in Psalms and in Isaiah about My Son. It was already done. There are things I have spoken about that are still to come but what is written there has no time limit on them. Your words have come and gone. But I have done this now so you will know. I never teased My people with the promise of righteousness then gave them evil.” 

“When Esther was led by Me and called a fast, they did do what I pleased. My ways are higher than yours, so stop trying to be Me, presenting My heart in your carnality and what you would like it to be. Giving My heart and righteousness is prophetic but only what you see in the future is prophecy. It always must be. I do not lie. I, to this day, will stand on every word that comes out of My mouth,” says God.

No itching ears can bear what God is saying. As much as we all like to pretend that the church is in her right place, it has been lukewarm, and some parts are a disgrace. “I am here to chasten, to heal, and to deliver. What I do and did are for bigger reasons!” Do you know prophets do not need to prophesy every meeting, every year, or every month? They were silent most of the time in the Bible. It was years and years before one would speak, “Thus saith the Lord,” but PR0ST$TUTES must produce the goods so they can continue scamming and scheming. Sorry, but this is what God is saying; this is His heart. Come out from among them who fornicate with Jezebel and Babylon.

Do you want to know why God is using me to bring this word? It is simple – because I am clean of it. With thousands of conference meetings all over the world, I never charged a penny and paid for all of them. God took care of it all. That is the God I serve, the God who put a coin in the mouth of the fish. Do you all just read the Word as a fairytale or do you believe it? Also, I never sell my books. If you want a free download, just go to the website https://www.hothouseoftruth.com/free-book-download as you’re reading this. So, you are asking why others are not saying this? Because so many are tainted. God does not send out hypocrites. He uses the Elijah Spirit. Yes, no one is perfect, but some are willing to do it right. I stood and I watched. That is why many become performers for J0hns, wanting something they began to speak, giving over to the desires of man’s hearts! We must allow God’s prophets to prophesy not only edifying gifts for encouragement, but the direction, correction, and making those crooks and crooked places straight. Let me tell you something: Some are just caught up in the system and that’s all they have ever seen and have known, so I will give grace to the humble and resist the proud, so let’s start to repent so God can take us all under His wing.

With all the things happening now, this is what God is saying: “Am I mad? No, because your intentions were good and are good, and you wanted a righteous thing! I am just exposing all error and hype, all the merchandising, and showing how damaging it is, so I am sifting! Do not worry about those voices! Would I punish you, My Children, when you had so much faith? But having faith in something that does not exist cannot make it be. The beast must rise. It is written. What is written is written, and it cannot be rewritten! I will have no other idols before Me, not a nation, not a man of the world, or a man in the church. While you focused on draining a swamp, the devil was draining your oil! Go BUY oil now. Get in touch with Me. Be filled with Me. I know what I am doing, and what I do will bring more souls into paradise with you.”

Many men have called themselves fathers, men saying they are influential, putting themselves on a pedestal, gripped with the pride of false humility! If their head were a balloon and the air was helium, it would be so puffed up, they would fly away. The system of religion that we have in this nation is carnal and loves to have idols. “Now that I have your attention,” God says, “you will begin to have an ear to hear the true prophets that I have set apart, that I have raised up, and that have not sold out for a shekel and a shirt!” 

God’s true prophets have been pushed in a cave for a long time because everyone craves the good news! Well, the Gospel is good news, but in it, there is a lot of bad news! Persecution is bad news! Brother turning against brother is bad news! Picking up your cross and living sacrificially is also the real news! Let’s use the platforms that God is giving us righteously.

“Too many have made illusions of their own making! Judgment always starts in my House! But I have put a lying spirit in some of the mouths of these prophets (2

Chronicles 18:21-23). 

“I have also taken some home! Did I not say, I would clean the swamp of religion and tradition where leviathan lives? I have seen doctrines that I have never spoken of such as escaping persecution and the tribulations of my birth pangs! I have heard ‘prosperity only’ perverts that made Babylonian gods when I am always and only the one who will prosper the righteous, no matter how many decrees you make or claims to inheritances you make, you will never acquire anything by trying to make me like a genie in a bottle. I am who I am. I will always be so. Stop trying to make a mockery out of me like I do not see. I have heard many that call themselves pastors or prophets, but they have a reprobate mind, using My house to promote their own agendas and their own hearts, focusing on color and on the manmade culture! Have I not called you to be a soldier, but you would rather entangle yourself in the affairs of Babylon? But many have been in the fire and they about to burn for the whole world to see!”

Many are deceiving and being deceived by others. The seven-mountains doctrine that has been spewed out! (Watch the video: on Babylon and the Seven-Headed Beast on YouTube: https://youtu.be/XQ8J). These false teachers are Babylonian-minded more than kingdom-minded. They are carnal and worldly. The Bible says we are in the world and not of it, so it is time to start to live like ambassadors and saints. What did Jesus and Paul say? To be carnally minded is to be at enmity with God.

“Have you not heard, have you not seen it? It is written! I have given these mountains to the beast and the beast will use them to deceive the whole world! But not My remnant. Satan tempted me in the wilderness. I did not listen to Him! Because of that, I have him under My feet. When I decide to crush him, I will! I took the keys back. I am the head of every head and I will smash every other head, but things must happen first! There is still a harvest that thirsts. I am coming for you! Before I can judge that which is without Me, I must judge that which is within Me: My Church!”

The p$mps in the Body of Christ also suppress Elijah’s voice - the voice of one crying in the wilderness! Just as in the world, the system, the same is happening in the Babylonian church system! They are pr0st$tut$ng the gifts and deciding what truths they want to release just like what is seen in the world! These p$mps have large platforms that have been set up in this system that runs just like a business!

Soothsayers have mixed in some good with some bad. The Word says the tares would grow up with the wheat until the harvest (Matthew 13:24-30)! But what you did not realize is that God is saying this concerning this verse: “I was speaking of the world, not My Church. My Church will be without spot or wrinkle! This is false hope and making man idols and my sheep seeking the lust of ministry. When I, not man, call people, there is a price they pay. They cannot see the price that is paid by men and women even of the world for standing up for Truth! This system of P$mps, Pr0st$tutes, and J0hns is coming down. I am drying up every finance from this wickedness and giving to my anointed vessels, my end-time messengers, to those seven thousand that that did and have not bowed their knee to Baal (1 Kings 19:18)! Many p$mps and pr0st$tutes will repent, and many J0hns will see that they cannot buy My kingdom!”

Stop p$mp$ng out the gifts of the Holy Spirit now. “I put a lying spirit in the mouth of these to expose the whole system that runs like the world! They use their platform to raise money, to sell books, CDs, and entertainment, clothes, trinkets, and oils, selling schools and worship e-courses. They are Pr0st$tut$ng Me, my anointing, my treasures when I have said, ‘Freely we receive, freely give’ (Matthew 10:5-8). Is it not written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a den of thieves (Matthew 21:13)? 

Is it not written about merchandising in My house? I said eight years ago that I winked at this, but I will wink no more. I began to raise forerunners who roll in a different way, but you have kicked against My way, so this is what is being done! They want to sell to the J0hns (among My sheep). This how the world runs, like a business. But I have raised up a people who will give all My treasures away for free! My Church is a living sanctuary run by me, made in the secret place, structured by me. All perverts (twisters of me), listen to me, repent, now is the time or I will come, and it will not be as thee.”

God says, “Unfortunately, the J0hns are always going the exist because many have formed soul ties with the spirit of this age and harlot ministers. This is what I am after: to break any other love affair. But there is so much grace upon the J0hns because once I set them free from depending on a man out of me, once they start buying oil for free, they once again will hunger solely after Me! Yes, Yes, Yes! I will use my fivefold ministers to raise up My sheep into the full stature of Me, but with no witchcraft, no divination, and they will be the servants of all. Those who want to be on the cover of a magazine have missed the essence of what a minister is to be. Show business has never been my business. Those who want to be served will fade away, those who have been steadfast in the Kingdom will get the transfer! Those who have been trusted and have passed the test! To minister is to go low. Do you not see that it’s harvest time? Tares do not bow but wheat fall to the ground.

Shane Roessiger

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