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Just because God doesn’t show you things, doesn’t mean He doesn’t speak things to you. Just because He doesn’t give you a dream, doesn’t mean He’s not giving you a vision. Just because He’s not giving you a vision, doesn’t mean He’s not giving you dreams.

Just because He’s not giving you any of that, doesn’t mean He’s not speaking to you through other people. Or a word of knowledge. Or a revelation, or an understanding, or a word of wisdom. Or even just the presence of His Spirit. Or the movement of His power. Or the revealing of His glory.

Either way, God speaks. God doesn’t just speak in audible voices. He doesn’t just speak in a still small voice. Sometimes He roars like a lion! Either way, God speaks! Even when He is silent, He speaks. Even when He doesn’t show up, He speaks. Whatever God does or doesn’t do is a voice! Sometimes its righteous anger, sometimes its soft and gentle. Sometimes He corrects and sometimes He rebukes.

He is a voice of many waters. He can speak through your spirit or to your spirit. He can use a prophet to speak or He can use a donkey to speak. We need to start to learn how to discern the voice of God, however it comes. He doesn’t always speak one way.

Sometimes through signs and wonders, sometimes through miracles. How is God speaking to you? It may not be the same for your neighbor, and He may not speak to you the same all the time.

One day God may speak in an audible voice, and one day in a dream. One day in a vision and one day through your brother. Discern the voice of God. If you feel God is restricted to one way to speak to you, you will never discern or see Him speaking in other ways because you only see your way.

His way may look like many ways, but it’s still one way, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. How is the Holy Spirit doing something? It may not be the same every time. He does different things with different people. How can we know how the Spirit of God is going to move? How can we predict? We have to know Him! We can’t just know words on a paper! We have to know the author! Because He’s still writing and now that template is the hearts of men. Now we are living epistles. Now He writes His word on the tablet of our heart. No longer on stone but a heart of flesh! Now our heart has become a voice, because our heart has now become the word of God, and out of the mouth the heart speaks. When the heart speaks that has the word written on it, God speaks. Out of YOUR belly shall flow rivers of living water. You need to discern when your words are His words. You speaking can be Him speaking!

Which way is He speaking to you? Or is He speaking when you speak? How will He speak to you tomorrow? Who will learn to discern the Lord among you or even in you and through you? It’s the one who has a wide-open heart and does not put God in a box! Break your boxes open or God will never expand your territory!

The more open we are, the more God can expand His territory in us! The territory of His Kingdom. His kingdom is within. Is His kingdom expanding in you? Is the word expanding in you? When God speaks, He creates. When we allow Him to speak in us, He expands us and He creates. The Kingdom of God expands in us.

Is God speaking in you? It doesn’t matter how He speaks. It just matters if He is! Many only want God to speak a certain way and they are limiting God. We need to allow the voice of God in its many forms to be unlimited in us. Discernment is His voice. Words of Knowledge, wisdom, revelation, and understanding are His voice. When Jesus rose from the dead, His own disciples couldn’t even recognize Him until He opened their eyes by His power.

God is speaking, but are your eyes open, are your ears open? Those that have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying. Who cares how He says it? When God spoke to Belshazzar, He wrote His word to Him on the wall. Yet He still couldn’t discern. He was blind, but God sent Daniel as another voice to open His eyes.

Some don’t want to hear the word of the Lord through others. They only want God to speak directly to them. Then you start to see with some that because of their heart, God won’t even speak to them unless through someone else because of their pride. Don’t limit God or He will break the box. Break your pride. God can grab a random person to speak to you, and if it be possible again, He will speak through an animal like He did in the old days. Stop looking at the vessel. Don’t tell the donkey it is not worthy to speak the word of the Lord. Who said you get to choose how God speaks to you and who He speaks through?

Who said you can choose in what form God speaks to you? If God speaks to you through a brother and He tells you to “repent”, and you ignore it and say, “Well, God didn’t tell me that,” you are resisting the word of God. All because you feel like God has to tell you first. Well, maybe He hasn’t told you personally because your pride keeps resisting!

Don’t say to a man that is speaking from God, “I don’t listen to men.” If the man spoke from God, you just resisted God! Yet you're too focused on the flesh and not discerning the Spirit. Know no man by the flesh! If you keep knowing flesh, you won’t know Spirit! Discern the Spirit. Discern the Voice. Make the choice to humble yourself however God speaks, because God speaks... but the question is: Are you listening?

By Joe Pinto

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