Father, we ask for the oracles of heaven. Help us to understand your ways, Truth during this time of many voices speaking. We only want to bow down to Your voice; we want to have ears to hear the voice of the first love. Open our ears to hear the voice of heaven, the voice of the Holy Spirit. Open our hearts to receive the only true love: your love! The love that came down from heaven and dwelt among us. He is coming back for a spotless bride, a holy nation. Abide in us today, God! Shut down every other voice, the voice of unbelief, of false teaching, of fear, and open up the windows of heaven and pour out the voice of the authority of Truth and revelation. The voice that holds the seven stars in His hands, the voice that holds the future, the voice of one that cannot be ignored, the voice that can build up and tear down. The voice that cannot be shaken. You are the first and the last voice. 

We will understand today what is true love, what is to walk in the first love. Can we really understand what God meant when He said, “Return to your first love”? To know Him is to know love, and to know love is to know Him. We must know the one that was mentioned in Revelation 2:1-17, nothing that exists is out of His hands. We must know the one that walks among us, the one who was, who is and is to come. He is our first love. 

To live in the place of the fear of the Lord, of believing all things can happen, of fearing nothing but God, of walking in total peace and joy is to walk in the first love. Remember when love was actually birthed in the world for the first time. Love never exists and never existed before Jesus came. When Jesus came, love came. Satan perverted and tried to come up with its own versions of love. To be one with Jesus is to be one with love. The question is not what is love but who is love? His name is Jesus, is Christ. He is the head of the church, the head of love, the great apostle, His name is Truth. You can never separate Truth and love because they are one. The only way to love is to know Him. To be in love is to be in Him. To be out of Him is to be in lust. The only way to be in love is to be in Christ. The only way to love rightly is to love through Him. When I got born again was the first time that I understood love. I was full of lust because I had not met love: Christ Jesus. But on that day, I met love! Love found me in lust, and I became born again. Now lust is not my God, but love is. 

In the system of religion, we lust for things with the stamp of Jesus. We call that love, but it is not love. They think because it has its name, it is sanctified, but the only way to have anything sanctified is through His blood. Unless we let it rip off our hearts, that lust will never come out. If they do not love the Truth, the devil will deceive them. 

Love is not even emotion, is not action, love is more a decision. Love is a man: Jesus. Love is a spirit: God. God became flesh and dwelt among us through the man Jesus by the Spirit of God. Before that, love was only written and talked about, but love had not been manifested until Jesus Christ came in. The only man that manifested love was Jesus Christ. Only through Him, we can always become love and love as He loves. 

God so loved that He gave. Love gives, love gave, love does not hold anything back. If you hold back from Jesus or from one another, you don’t really love. If you hold back Truth, you don’t really love. There is no way to preach love if you are not in love, in Christ. Return to the Word of God. That is what love is. The Word became flesh. Love became flesh and dwelt among us. Why in the world would Jesus say “first love”? Have you ever wondered why He always says “first love”? Most people meet Jesus later in life! 

For me, it was 33 years old when I truly had a love covenant, when my heart was open to Him when all that mattered was Him! When love was birthed inside of me was when I first began to see, and love was awakened. God is love, then He sent His son in flesh meaning He sent love in flesh! He sent HIMSELF! Spirit made flesh but flesh was just a body because He was always in the Spirit! Love is the Holy Spirit, without flaw, without perversion. 

Love is always in control, always in patience, always in confidence, always in faith, always in trust, always in truth, always in the father and the father in Him! Love never fails. Jesus never failed! Many think that love has to do with what we do, but love has to do with who we are. Greater is His love inside of us than lust that is inside of the world. 

Religion is always looking for a definition. What do I have to do to prove something? Show me what to do so I can show other people that I am a lovely person. But in Mark 12:28-34, Jesus said: “The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” What is He saying? You have to become love. All that you are has to become love! All the strength that you have has to go to love God. The head of love is Christ. God is love. Without God everything else is perverted. In the beginning, there was love, there was the Word, and the Word came and dwelt among us. The word is love! People try to twist the word in order to show more love, but the Word is the clear picture of love. Because the word became flesh, the word is Jesus, Jesus is the manifestation of pure love. False love is from our soul. Real love is from the Spirit of God. When you mix the two, love becomes compromised. 

Many call truth lies and lies truth. They will call hate love and love hate. But only those that have the mind of Christ, that walk in the full stature of Christ, walk in the full measure of love. Love is right here. Love has been manifested. If we love, we are not far from the kingdom of God. We are in it!  Sin is the evidence of failure! He is love and it is impossible to love without God! 

Every other love is just lust! Lust can never be satisfied! Lust forms idols. Love came and satisfied what could never be fulfilled in people, in places, and things. If you are not satisfied today, you are not in love with Jesus. That is why He is first. Jesus was the first lover!  So many said, I love this, I love that, but they don’t unless they are in Him! Only then, you can love in truth and in power. This is why He came. Real love is shown on the cross! There is no way to love in truth if you don’t lay down your life. 

“Fall in love with Me, again, Church, and you will be satisfied again. Return to your first love again,” says God. 

Only those who have been perfected in love can love rightly. So many in the carnal churches have perverted His love through their own understanding of love. They deny Jesus today in the flesh, and we know they are denying Him in the Word. He looked like Elijah, or we must say Elijah looked like Him. 

The point of life is to know Him and to know Him is to love Him and love your neighbor! Real love in truth and in Spirit! Because there no real love in this world because God is love! Those who love can only be made perfect in love! Love cannot deny love. 

Love overcomes everything. 1 John 4:4-21 inspires us to say greater is love inside of His people than lust inside of the world. Why are we speaking like the world? Maybe because you may be in love with the world. If you love not, you know not God, it says in 1 John 4:8! If God is love, and if I am in God, I am in love, too! 

“If you in love with Me, you will hear rightly, you will see beyond the veil of humanity. Love is sitting at the right hand of the Father,” says the Spirit. Our minds must be washed to understand true love. Before we met Jesus, we had many lovers, but now, we must go back to one lover again! We must be and become and manifest love towards God and towards one another. We are written in the Word. If we are in Him, we must love one another. 

Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t. When I see Christ, I will believe that you truly love me. Because you can’t love me without Christ in you! 

We love Him because of this one reason: He loved us first. Because He first loved us, we must give all of us back to Him. The covenant of love is not what you have been taught, but the real Gospel is going to be manifested.

So, let Christ be manifested in us, then we won’t see our brothers and sisters in the flesh but through Christ. Those who love Christ, love Him in obedience, saturated in the true love of God. God is love. 

Love is only made perfect in you. Let it sink in, God. Give us the mind of love. Let us put our eyes on love and our hearts on love. God is love. He is eternity. He holds the future in His hands. Flee Babylon. Flee from the World. Lean on true love. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. If they try to shut down the voice of love, in the system of Babylon inside of the religion system, God will prevail, love never fails. Because God cannot fail. There are phony ministers of the soul, but to know Him is to know love. How deep can the revelation of Jesus Christ go and be our appetite? Father, we draw near to you again, God. Come, Lord Jesus, and come quickly. Do not let our hearts grow cold. Let it burn with desire, blazing sons of thunders. We can do nothing apart from you, that includes love. We are coming back to love you first!  Shane Roessiger




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