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One day, God will fully hand over the systems of this world to the enemy, and there will be no praying for those systems and nations so that all who are His and will be His can endure the time! Endure the time of TESTING! 

Pray for the church! Pray that they would endure the times. These are the most important prayers we have until Jesus comes back. The world will be deceived regardless because their father is the father of lies! The Bible says GOD puts a strong delusion over them because they love not the truth. This is their judgment! 

Pray for those who are not deceived that they may not be deceived for the times are being cut short for their sake, for the elect’s sake, lest no one would be saved! The more we go on, the more deception. Pray for the lost and the ones that have a chance that they would see. Many are already turned over. Don’t pray for more time, pray that you would endure the time. That all His lost sheep would return home in time. Pray that, even in the end, you would be found doing, and that you would not grow weary in well-doing! 

“And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” Matthew 24:22

For the elect’s sake! It’s going to be a blessing for us when Jesus comes back and cuts the times short, because we may not be able even to endure the times after that. Because greater will the influences of the world be as we continue. And the more the world has its influence, the more it's trying and testing the saints, to get the saints to bow to the golden image like in Daniel’s day.

We keep praying for nations and trusting in nations, but we need to pray for our own hearts, that we would trust in Christ. That we would lean on the rock. No matter how big the storm and tribulations.

Jesus didn’t say He was praying for systems or lands. He’s not praying for the world, He is praying for His Church. He said it Himself! Jesus is praying for all those His Father has given Him! Why are we praying for a beast that is given power by the dragon? We need to be praying for God’s people to come out from among them! Come out of her, my people! To come out of the harlot, Babylon, because Babylon will fall and everyone in it will fall with it.

“I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.

And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.” John 17:9-10

Pray for the church, because the prayer bowls of the saints are going to be poured out for the saints. The church is the hope of the nations because Christ in them is the hope of the nations, and as we speak, He speaks. As we walk, He walks. Where we go, He goes, because where He goes, we go! Christ is the hope of the church and the church is going to bring the hope of the nations, Christ to the nations. The land of God is the hearts of His people. That’s the land He is trying to make great again. He’s not trying to make a land great again, He’s trying to make His church great again.

Let God’s people be the salt of the earth again! Let them be the light in the darkness! The hope of the nations. If America be great, then the people will rejoice over a nation, but no nation will be proven to be great in the end game. It all will be under the power of the beast, and all we will have left is to trust in the power of God. Let the nations rejoice over Him! If the nations be great, nothing will shake. Yet when things shake, people awake. 

No land will be good in the end, but there will always be one that is good, that is great. That will be the only foundation standing in the end. Let the nations look upon Him and find no hope but in Him! Trust in Him, be founded in Him and on Him, and in this time and in that time, you will endure the times.

By Joe Pinto

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