This phrase is being used all over the world when someone dies. But really, is there any rest if we do not know Christ? Never, never, never! The biggest illusion is speaking and lying about a rest that is not real! Can you imagine how many people are trying to make others feel good? It seems so honorable, but what that brings is false security. Jesus never did that, and we must be like Jesus. We must do what He did and say what He said. He says, “Let the dead bury their dead!” Those who are in Christ are told to die daily so that we can have peace.

The only way to R.I.P. is to pick up your cross. The only way to R.I.P. is through Jesus Christ. Only with Jesus, we can R.I.P when we physically die, and when we die to ourselves and to the world we can really live. There is no R.I.P. in hell! Your peace does not come after you are dead. If you want to live in peace later, you must have peace now. If you are going to speak the truth, you will not be invited to any funeral. If you conform to society, you cannot be transformed into Christ.

Read Matthew 8:19-22 and Luke 9:57-62 and see the depth He was standing in: How insulting that must be, wow what lack of compassion?” People may have thought. Today people would proclaim him as selfish and very un-reasonable! But in the art of His ways, He did it with compassion; He did it with composure, He did it with understanding! He did it with fruits of the Spirit every single time! You would never see Jesus going to a funeral and lying or telling everyone, " He is a better place now" just make people feel better! Fleshly words will deceive you, making you feel better about your loss, but there is no truth in these words! These words are birthed out of man-pleasing. If you live in the system of religion or in the world, you expect that! We have such a skewed mindset about how Jesus would role!

When Jesus was called to the dead (Lazarus), they thought it was too late. They were upset at Him, thinking if He were there a little sooner, He could have healed Lazarus but God got more Glory His way. When Jesus got there, Lazarus was dead and He did raise him from the dead because it was not his time yet. We cannot go around raising all from the dead if it is their time. But there is another type of resurrection that is done by the fire of God. When we get people burning again for Him and when people get really saved, they pass from death to life. We are raising them from the dead, and only then they can begin to rest in peace. Before, we were dead in sin, but He has quickened us together with Christ, and by grace, we are saved (Ephesians 2:5). The Spirit of God has quickened our mortal self, He has raised us up together, now we are alive, and rest in peace! Read Luke 24:1-6 and John 6:38-71.

Peace comes from eating His flesh and drinking from His blood. Why do you seek the living among the dead? Religion cannot save us! Works cannot save us! False hope cannot save us! Only being born again! This why He want us separated Holy as He is Holy! But in Christ we can Rest in Peace! Even now! R.I.P. is for those who are living for the prince of peace. You cannot R.I.P., without Jesus, even after you die. There is no rest in hell, there is no rest in torment. There is no rest without the prince of peace. There were eating the law of Moses and they still died in the wilderness. They never R.I.P. Man turned away from Jesus and they were never able to experience the rest in Jesus. In the flesh, there is no peace. Without peace you cannot rest.“Will you also go away from the prince of peace? “The world will promise you a false peace, but it is an illusion. If you rely on that promise, the world will steal the only peace that is real. There is only one prince of peace. His name if Jesus!

One day, I had this vision of myself. All my flesh was off of my body. I was holding my heart in my hands. I was at peace and had a big smile on my face. It looked painful and very real. I could see all my organs but no flesh. I was handing my heart to Jesus. Then the vision was over. Then the Holy Spirit told me this: “Die to yourself and give me all of your heart and you will be at peace and will have joy.”

Who is the prince of peace? Read Isaiah 9:2-7. When you find Him, you can R.I.P. Who is the prince of the air? Satan. Who is the prince of the airwaves? Satan. Read Ephesians 2. The spirit of the anti-peace that works on the children of disobedience. Outside of Him, there is no peace. Therefore, we cast down lies, arguments, every thought that tries to exalt its way above God’s ways – the Word of God. The Word of God is very offensive. The cross is very offensive to those who want to walk the broadway. That is the anti-peace devil comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy your peace. Peace is stolen in the atmosphere! We must become one with the prince of peace! Only when we become one with the prince of peace, we can R.I.P. The reconciliation with the peace happens at the cross. But if your dead, you are in Psalms 91.

Read Galatians 2:16-21. Living in the Spirit is living in Christ. Living in Christ is living in peace. Read Luke 9:23-25. Peace is found only at the CROSS! If you try to save your peace, you will never have it. False security, false hope, lies cause many to have the same attitude in John 6:66 when Jesus told them to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Many were confounded, many could not understand, and because of lack of trust towards Jesus, they departed, and walked no more with Him. We will see this happening even more in the end days. He said, “His words are life, and I am the bread of peace. When you eat from My peace that you will be satisfied and at rest.” Read Matthew 11:20-30. There is no R.I.P. if you try to save your life. Read Hebrews 4. God left that promise of entering into His rest. Only because of that promise in God, through Christ Jesus we all will be able to R.I.P., now and after our departure. If you are losing your peace, you are losing the prince of peace. Today, if you listen to Him, if you rebel against Jesus, His way, you are rebelling against your own rest. So, I say, believe in Him, believe in His resurrection, and enter into His rest - now and forever - you will be able to R.I.P!

Shane W Roessiger

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/17U5fC7xWXQ

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